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It doesn't matter what it costs.

The good people of Alderney have every right to be able to access the healthcare they need on Guernsey when ever it is needed.

Imagine if it was your family or loved one needing treatment and they couldn't get it because of poor transport links. It's simply wrong and will at some point result in fatalities that could be avoided.

If it's about costs then raise my tax rate - money is not the important thing - human lives are.

guern abroad

Have the Dorniers been fitted with the satellite navigation system that the Trislanders had? to quote from the article 'Mr Rice said the system meant "low visibility approaches to Alderney can be made that would perhaps not otherwise have been possible.'

Would think that would be pretty essential for medvac situations.


'Two Alderney patients had to travel by boat for chemotherapy' all because of Aurigny flight know, we all bow to the weather restrictions, but that is disgusting.

Isn't chemo treatment traumatic enough without this?....