Island prominent at major conference on cybercrime

GUERNSEY was represented at an international security conference in London last week that explored ways to combat terrorism and cybercrime.

IPC 2017

The five day International Parliamentary Conference saw delegations from 37 countries share ideas about cyber security, peacekeeping and international intervention.

Rob Prow, a member of Home Affairs, attended on behalf of the States.

‘Cybercrime, cyber security and information security management are three readily identified risks to Guernsey,’ he said.

‘We must continue to develop all the good work currently being undertaken in these areas. Partnerships and productive communication with the private sector is vital. This is particularly important for an island jurisdiction.’

Deputy Prow was invited to chair a session and delivered an overview of Guernsey’s position on these issues and its relationship with security entities.

‘The conference also looked at the role of parliamentarians in building partnerships to tackle cybercrime,’ he said.

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