Teenage heroes jump in to save their friends

TWO 13-year-old boys have been hailed as heroes after they dived in after seeing their friends in difficulties when freak waves hit a group of young swimmers enjoying an early birthday party in the bathing pools at La Vallette on Saturday.

Taj Trench, left, and Rhys Melass, both 13, have been hailed as heroes after jumping into the water to save friends who were being bashed against the walls of the bathing pools when freak waves struck. (Picture by Tessa Le Gallez, 18765410)

Rhys Melass and Taj Trench helped bring the youngsters out of the water and their actions were hailed by bystanders and those they helped.

Five needed to be taken to hospital, including Rhys, but none were badly hurt.

It is not known what caused the waves, but one theory is that it was the departure of a cruise ship coinciding with the arrival of Condor Liberation.

Guernsey Harbours has been made aware of the incident and has requested a report from Condor. Once it has received the report, it will consider if any action is required.

Condor has said it will investigate and could have preliminary results today.

Taj said there were seven friends in the water when the waves hit at high tide. ‘It was so high it was over the railings,’ he said.

‘As they tried to get out waves were bashing them against the wall,’ he said. ‘The waves were huge.’

Rhys swam to help those in the water. ‘I went out about halfway into the pool and back and Taj and I lifted them onto the wall,’ he said.

He was sure that one would have drowned if he had not been there to help.

The two are students at Les Beaucamps High School, and had done some lifesaving training in Year 7.

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