Liberate’s new chair has been campaigning for 30 years

EQUALITY charity Liberate has announced a new chair – someone with three decades of campaigning for gay rights.


Markis Allen is a prominent member of the LGBTQ community in Guernsey and is known to many by his drag queen alter ego Magenta.

He has a long history of campaigning for LGBT and equality issues which stems back to the ’90s in London, where he worked with leading activist Peter Tatchell in the first gay rights campaign group Outrage.

In the past few years, his work has seen him with not only Liberate but also the Guernsey Round Table and Clic Sargent.

‘I feel very privileged to be taking on the role of chair for Liberate,’ he said.

‘After the success of last year’s first Pride event in Guernsey, and same-sex marriage legislation coming into law two months ago, you might think Liberate’s work is done.

‘However, they are the first of many stepping stones to creating a truly equal way of life for everybody across the islands.

‘There is still a lot to do as far as creating awareness through education and changing attitudes, ultimately with the aim of creating acceptance and equality for everyone.’

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Good luck Markis

Cher Eugene

I read that Markis Allen is now a chair. Is he comfortable to sit on?

Why is this story? given such prominence? The leaders of organisations are constantly changing but the Press does not normally take up half a page to announce this fact. I suppose that it is due to the huge noise made by this tiny minority.

Viscount Lover

If you take into account the HUGE amount of Bisexual men & women there are who live secret lives on this small rock you'd see how large your imagined 'tiny' minority actually is Eugene.

I kid you not.


Unlike many of their peers I have generally found the Liberate crew to be refreshingly civilised and respectful when engaging with people who hold different opinions. I hope Mr Allen is cut from the same cloth.

An AI Forever