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Roger Irrelevant

"Roads near schools and village centres, main roads without pavements and narrow roads where pavement surfing is an issue are the main focus."

Pretty much the whole island then.

Rupert Walthumstow

So a high priority - presumably costly - review aimed at improving road safety but before it's even started Deputy Brehaut says it's unlikely to see any changes? Money well spent as usual down at Environment.


To be fair he said it was unlikely to result in sweeping changes; I take that to mean it may result in some tinkering around certain areas but we're unlikely to see a change in the "national" limit.

Personally I'm wondering what huge changes to the island's traffic have happened over the last 11 years that justify a high priority - and presumably costly -

comprehensive review?


45 on coast roads please and other main roads

Devil's Advocate

Variable speed limits would be worthy of consideration, especially around schools where the presence of pedestrians during school times is the only reason for the lower limits.


Very sensible, dare I say it but Jersey adopt these around schools and it seems to work well. They also gain more respect as people see the flashing lights and can understand there is a very valid reason for a 25mph limit at that time of the day.


What about some increases?

These speed limits were set when it took the cars a lot longer to stop - there is no reason why we couldn't go up by 5 - 10 mph in some places.


what is needed is enforcing speed limits,in the narrow stretch by Capelles school people are driving cars etc at speeds well over 35 when it is meant to be 20

Donkey Boiler

Why not take up the kind and public sprited offer by the land owner who is willing to cede a slither of his land to the publc road. This is the best way to keep children safe in this area. Not even E&I's buses or large commercials would need to mount the pavement then. The only reason that this kind offer has not been taken up is that the petulant child in charge of E&I wants to keep the road in its present hazardous condition in order to support his anti car campaign.

Island Wide Voting

... OR there's not enough money in the pot to splash out 1M plus at L'Ancresse Bay AND carry out the minor works required on the gifted land at Capelles

Devil's Advocate

Rob Edwards land is only part of the narrow section, and isn't even the narrowest. It wouldn't really help.

Donkey Boiler

Yes, it would, any widening is an improvement. Future opportunities may also arise, and other land owners may then be encouraged, perhaps even shamed, into getting involved.


According to the states website map, Capelles School is still 25mph but I agree this narrow stretch should be changed to 20.


I agree some areas do need looking at but more importantly the width of some of the roads being used as 2 way should be top of the list.

How much is the review going to cost is more the issue.

I find it very confusing to drive over here especially coming up from L'eree to the airport, the road keeps jumping from 35 mph to 25 mph and back to 35 mph then back to 25 mph.

Now I understand that this is because of the 2 schools, but would it not be easier just to make it 25 mph.

Mind you it is ok to have these speed limits that we must not exceed, but can something be done about the amount of 15mph drivers that hold up all the traffic.

Island Wide Voting

Not forgetting the 5mph cyclists



I don't see many of the 5 mph cyclist I only see the racing ones that fly down the cycle lane along the front and when I say fly I mean absolutely flat out without a chance of stopping if a pedestrian happened to step out of their lane. Mind you these are probably on bikes as they cannot take a driving test because they cannot read to take the theory test, after all they cannot read the signs by the wall repairers telling them to dismount.


And if this is really about safety, how about making cycle helmets compulsory? Especially given the speed that many ride at.


Riding along the road at 20mph going the same speed as the traffic, i got abuse for not being on the cycle path - seems your hate of cyclists means we can't win.


5mph on a 'chang? I freewheel faster than that! Considering brisk walking pace is around 4mph I'd be surprised if anyone is going that slowly......

Devil's Advocate

This is a prime example where variable limits would help - the section outside the Hougette school could be 35mph after 4pm and before 8am. The top 25mph limit is for the St.Peters built up area and shouldn't change though.

Island Wide Voting

I remember reading something a few years back that with labour and materials each speed limit sign cost at that time about £155 to erect

It was that cost and the fact that it was believed during the last attempted survey that every road / lane would have to be signed with its individual limit ... even if that limit was the 'standard' 35mph ... that effectively stymied any further action


I was recently overtaken in a 20 mph area by a group of cyclists well over the speed limit as I was doing 20. Why are pushangs exempt from speed limits, red traffic lights, one way systems and illumination at night? The only thing I will say in their favour was that it was out of school time and the 20 mph limit was a complete and utter nonsense.


I don't think bicycles are exempted from obeying speed limits? Not sure how it would be enforced though given there is no requirement for a bicycle to have a calibrated speedometer on it.


I was overtaken by a car well over the speed limit in the 25mph zone at Cobo, i know they were well over the speed limit because i was doing 25mph on my bike.

I then took my proper turn at both filters and carried on around the coast obeying all the rules of the road as I went.


As always the REAL issue is the lack of enforcement of the existing rules, regardless of the official speed limit. People whether on bicycles or in cars go at the speed they want because they know they can get away with it. Social responsibility is almost dead, it has to be enforced.

Instead of wasting all this money on a review and new speed limit signs, why not spend it on speed cameras to catch the culprits, and send them a speeding ticket to be paid pronto or it doubles every month? This is the only effective option, and has the beneficial addition of filling the States somewhat empty coffers if breached.

It would also mean bicycles would need registration so they can be identified & fined too.


Whilst were at it, can the 25mph limit recently imposed on the Northside revert to 35.

One of the widest roads on the island, with good sight lines, was changed after an accident in nearby Summerfield road not relevant to this road, and used as justification for the change.

I realise this is a source of revenue for the local constabulary, as folk trundle along at 30, but this should be the case

Donkey Boiler


Agreed, and a further improvement would be to move the central white line two feet further north. The present east bound lane is needlessly wide, and the west bound lane is narrower than it need be alongside the cars parked atright angles to the road. There are lots of examples where the roads could be improved at minimal cost. The halfway junction is a prime example, the south bound lane is far wider than it need be, and the northbound and left turn lanes are needlessly narrow. The southbound lane should be narrowed, and the two other lanes widened and MOVED eastwards, taking traffic further away from the pedestrian area on the land side which could also be widened. This would also mean that traffic would not tend to clip the pedestrian area outside the cafe, as they would be entering Vale Road at a better angle. Perhaps the Inactive Travel Unit could use part of their manpower to investigate, or are they too busy fitting cycle hoops where we don't need them?


Can't understand why such a simple project is taking so long. However it will be interesting how they finally deal with major roads with no pavements. With the greater chance of pedestrian injury and the direct correlation between speed and deaths what will the speed limits be reduced to? 15mph? Thinking of routes such as Cappelles through Coutanchez to town. With schools, college and work places along the route the requirement for safety for pedestrians is high so will creating a walkway lead to the only safe way to do that to create a one way system?