Painted pavements ‘reminder for drivers to be cautious’

PAINTED pavements ‘remind motorists to take caution’, but do not have the same legal standing as raised pavements, Traffic and Highway Services has clarified after concerns were raised.

A complaint was made after police vehicles were left parked on a painted pavement at Salerie Corner while officers were dealing with an incident. The status of the pavements has been clarified by Traffic and Highway Services, while the force said that the vehicles could have been moved in an emergency.

An islander contacted all deputies about the legal position of ‘advisory footpaths’ after seeing a number of police vehicles obstructing one at Salerie car park.

This question was echoed by Vale deputy Matt Fallaize, who wanted clarification from Environment & Infrastructure over what an advisory footpath is and who does the advising.

In a statement, Traffic and Highway Services said while the painted pavements were not legally-binding, there were other traffic laws that could be applied if an incident were to happen.

‘Painted pavements are designed to highlight the presence of pedestrians and provide motorists with an appropriate reminder to proceed with caution,’ they said.

‘While they do not have the same legal standing as a raised pavement, in that cyclists and motor vehicles can use the marked area, other legislation exists to ensure motorists have due regard for them.'

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