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Makes no difference really as others park on pavements and outside of designated parking areas and seem to get away with it.

For instance the car and motor bike that park over night on the triangle at the halfway and the cars that park to the right of the slipway at the Red lion and the cars that park outside of the parking areas by the Co-op at the Longstore during the normal day.

I could go on but what is the point our police no longer do traffic policing unless it is with a speed gun in their hands.

How many vehicles are going around with faulty lights or missing brake lights or number plates missing or in their back windows or about their dash boards. I have passes me every day and has done so for the last month and he number plate is behind her steering wheel. These are mostly fixed penalty things so think of the revenue that they are missing.

John West

Surely a better use of money would be to re-paint (and properly this time) the seafront road markings.

They are an utter shambles, totally confusing and just makes things look a mess.


I completely agree. I was driving along there the other day facing the evening sun and ended up following the wrong line! The oncoming driver did not look at all impressed...


I wonder if an Ambulance or Fire Appliance was parked there the same person would have complained?

Roger Irrelevant

Remove all the real pavements and replace them with painted pavements - voila, the answer to pavement surfing!


Actually, that is quite a sensible idea and additionally, it would make road cleaning and maintenance easier and cheaper too.


Plus they are emergency vehicles, responding to an emergency and therefore can claim exemptions. As long as they are not parked in a dangerous position (which clearly they're not)

You wouldn't complain about an Ambulance parked on a pavement if they had no other choice........

Viscount Lover

People on this island nowadays are always quick to complain, especially where authority is concerned. . Maybe someone was being assaulted & the Police needed to react quickly - maybe the idiot complainant would have preferred they drive around looking for a suitable space?



There are always two police parked at La Salarie, rounderabout and back of Grange.

Bloke A

"always two"? So if I go there now I'd find two.......


Sunny day, 3 police cars.....yet when theKev's are terrorising the population every night as they treat every road as their personal racetrack where are they? Before someone says they can't be everywhere just open your ears you can hear them coming from miles away.

Donkey Boiler


So right. Myself and my neighbours have repeatedly informed police about the cretins that terrorise our neighbourhood 24 hours a day in clapped out pieces of junk that would probably fail any roadside test. Nothing is done, the usual response is "we don't have an officer available at the moment". If any of my neighbours said they were going to do something about it there would be no end of officers 'available', armed to the teeth too. Meanwhile, available officers police, for example, the Vazon coast road where these Kevs never are, because they know they can drive like lunatics around here with impunity. I can't understand why the police are so disinterested in doing their job, it can't be to serve and protect the public. Could it be the early retirement, gold plated pension and the prospect of a job at the border agency once retired that motivates?

Rupert Walthumstow

Nearer to base (and I appreciate much less of a nuisance to most) there are cars parked on Fountain Street - often picking up dinner from the chip shop! - every single weekday between 5.30 and 6pm when the unloading bays are explicit in saying that is not allowed. The tailbacks often then reach past Marks & Spencers (in fact on Friday they were past the Ship & Crown) yet nothing is ever done about it.

It's quite an easy ticket for a policeman who fancies flying past his targets. And a lot of commuters would appreciate it!

Island Wide Voting

It's all about to change dramatically but they obviously haven't had time yet to digest the new States service charter which promises that the States of Guernsey will strive to deliver services that are:

Courteous and fair: ‘Our service will be friendly and give fair and equal treatment to all our customers, whilst respecting their individual needs and expectations’.

Timely and efficient: ‘We will respond as quickly as we can and strive to get it right first time’.

Accessible and provide choice: ‘We will make sure that important information is available in a range of formats and is easy to understand’.

Accurate and relevant: ‘We will make sure that we provide up to date, correct information about our services and you can easily speak to staff with the knowledge and training to help you’.

Provide the opportunity to give feedback and be heard: ‘We will ask for islanders’ feedback on the service they receive and use this to help improve our services’.

170K plus p.a. Chief operating officer Jason Moriarty said: ‘The purpose of the charter is to make sure that all of our teams strive to continuously improve the customer service we deliver, whether that be by moving more of our services online for ease of use or changing our processes so we keep you informed at every stage.

‘The charter will sit alongside a complaints process that is being reworked, standardised and simplified.’


All though I probably spend less than 20 minutes a day on the road I spot at least a dozen or so bad or dangerous driving. However I rarely spot a Police car.

Only this week I was leaving the traffic lights on Green, turning left into le Friquet, when a lad on a bicycle came around the corner at speed, so fast that he came off the pavement and missed me by inches.

Had a mother with a pram been waiting to cross the road or turning left into Le Friquet then God forbid the consequences.

If all Police vehicles where fitted with camcorders ( not expensive to fit) this type of incident could be

recorded and used as evidence in Court.

On another note, it is becoming common practice for drivers approaching traffic lights on Green, at close to the speed limit in the selfish belief that it is their right..

Why not check the highway code and reconsider next time.


curly - feel better for that?? :)

I read only the other day that Guernsey has a different Highway Code to the UK, especially concerning bicycles 2 abreast. In theory if a car etc. is behind them and wants to pass they should go to single file, and let said vehicle pass ..... Chance would be a fine thing!!!


Yes thank's . Blood pressure back to normal in no time.