Fuel safety at St Sampson’s harbour ‘must be addressed’

RISKS over the safety of fuel discharged at St Sampson’s Harbour and the long-term security of supply must be addressed, the Environment & Infrastructure president has said.


Deputy Barry Brehaut was responding to written Rule 14 questions from Castel Deputy Barry Paint, who asked E&I to scrap any proposals to build a new multi-million-pound discharge berth as part of its Hydrocarbon Supply Programme.

Deputy Paint said it would be a ‘pointless and expensive exercise’ as the British Government ‘has no intention of restricting fuel tankers from discharging their cargoes while lying on the bed of St Sampson’s harbour’ [as currently happens].

However, Deputy Brehaut said that the UK had not formally ruled out imposing such regulations, and that a deep water berth was just one of many options being explored. ‘It would be incorrect to assume the UK and EU have given some assurance in this regard,’ he said.

‘The consultants did express they had found no evidence of pending restrictions or a desire to place restrictions at the current time.’

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