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Seriously GP why have you handed over your paper to left wing mouthpiece deputies? I can see what's in it for them with salaries to protect so why wouldn't they start electioneering early....but your readers? Why don't you just give them a supplement titled "Reasons to leave Guernsey"..... and you wonder why your readership figures are falling so dramatically.

guern abroad

Can someone stop this Deputy spending. Risk management is about qualifying what the risk is what the impact would be and what the probability of it occurring is. We know what the risk is. We know what the impact would be and now we know the probability of the risk occurring is low. We do not have the money to throw at mitigating this risk with such a low probability of occurring. Even if the regulations changed I would be very surprised if they happened overnight!

Island Wide Voting

Loved that photo.Talk about eye of the needle


Can someone explain how the British government can impose a ban on discharges in St Sampsons? And even the EU, we have to adopt EU law its not automatic, so just say no. And this isn't going to happen soon, and then we'll be out of the EU anyway!

Cher Eugene

Can another Jurisdiction ban St Sampson's Harbour from unloading ships lying on the harbour floor? Surely this is a matter exclusively for the Guernsey Authorities?

Would it not be cheaper to build two new bottom-resting ships when the current pair are fit only for the breaker's yard than build a new off-shore terminal?


Deputy Paint is furious about this totally unnecessary spending.

But Deputy Brehaut does love a project where he can splash the cash, whether we need it or not! & it will just cost what it will cost!

We'll done Deputy Paint lets hope common sense prevails:)



I total agree with you

Deputy Paint is our man on marine matters

You will notice he does not have strings like half the puppets we look to for advice


I have huge respect for Deputy Paint, he is a highly qualified Master Mariner & not only studied for his varied qualifications, he also has many years of hands on experience in maritime matters. It is Deputy Paint who should be used as a consultant on the matter, local waters he knows like the back of his hand, he probably is the local authority on the subject. One thing for sure is, we all agree, we know who is not!


Well done Deputy Paint!

The underlying problem is that Deputies want guidance from their (our) civil servants.

But the civil servants refuse to make decisions, insisting consultants be instructed so that the civil servants do not carry the can.

These civil servants are being paid management wages without any of the responsibilities of managing.

Civil servants at management level are no more than administrators, and should be paid accordingly, if we have to pay consultants to make the decisions for them.


Brehaut is just making sure his last season in office is going to be an expensive one.

Rupert Walthumstow

So because the UK / EU have given no assurances that they won't do something (but equally have given no hint that they will) we should spend millions making the change just in case?

Utter nonsense. I was beginning to come to agree with Deputy Brehaut on the sea wall (and only that, mind) thinking perhaps he wasn't so bonkers after all. This has just confirmed that he is in fact utterly mad.


There is mere chance of the UK/EU forcing us to stop pumping sewage in to the sea



Do we have a name of the civil servants who pretend to know more about marine matters that Barry Paint who after all was a Marine Pilot.

We are paying imported civil servants a large fortune to get involved in projects that they have no knowledge base.

How many imported civil servants do we now have on our pay roll and what are there relevant qualifications for the jobs they undertake.

We voted Deputy Paint in to his position now perhaps we should stand by him and perhaps when discussing Marine matters we should use his all expertise

Not some mouth pieced with no knowledge who just likes to spend money

And not some off Island expert who will recommend what the fools want him/her to say.

Lets face fact we have money to waste the remaining of the unneeded loan that can only be justified when it is spent no matter how wastefully.

Children in a sweet shop with a stolen £50 note comes to mind.

Island Wide Voting

It does seem to be more and more apparent as time goes by that all you need in order to join Paul ten year Whitfield's burgeoning coterie of top CS earners is the ability to get your assistant to Google the appropriate bunch of consultants


Deputy Paint is right to question the thinking behind the Hydrocarbon Berth; as a captain and marine pilot, there's no one else I would trust more than him with knowledge of local waters and matters marine

For years we have been told that 'Europe will one day stop the drying out of fuel tankers' and the extension of that is 'fuel ports might not sell us any fuel because we dry out'. And now turns out to be complete tosh.

"Trust but verify" is something Ronald Regan, I believe, used to say. In the main Guernsey appears to hear something, gets repeated a couple of times and then it becomes a fact that all things are built from.

It really is quite worrying.


Q. Where would we be without certain self-important, know-it-all deputies who are intent on continually wasting and overspend what we haven't got?

A. A lot better off.

The electorate needs to wise-up well before the next election and regardless of whatever jumbled-up system we end up with, take far greater care in selecting the next bunch of deputies.

Q. Do we deserve the deputies we have got, or have we got the deputies we deserve?

A. The stupidity of many voters at the last election clearly put us into the latter category.

Let's not make the same mistakes next time!


The Problem is Dogwatch is that they put what you want to read in their manifestos then go the other way, or just sink out of sight. so if we can't hold them to their word then what can we do??


Any Deputy who talks about more tax feather that more savings should be escorted out of the chamber

We Do not want more Tax we want savings starting with cuts in civil servants and guess what the cost of civil servants is still going up

Who is insuring the Civil Servants increase in number and pay



Any Deputy who talks about more tax rather that more savings should be escorted out of the chamber

We Do not want more Tax we want savings starting with cuts in civil servants and guess what the cost of civil servants is still going up

Who is insuring the Civil Servants increase in number and pay

Yes you guest the civil servants

An AI Forever


Only real names are allowed ask ross le bum


Bryan Forbes-Hamilton OK for Mr Le Bum?


Sadly Dogwatch surely the voters would have known what Brehaut was about as he Burford's lapdog yet still got voted in. Maybe the people support his idiotic decisions. I can sleep soundly as I would never have voted for him (but I was unable to)

An AI Forever

Some really funny comments here,time to man up and grow a pair

markB and Dogwatch sounds like a Tricky Trevor name to me


Like Roger Berry has a plaque at the airport as ;his' project, Barry is obviously looking for a flagship project to put his name to as his 'legacy'.

Allegedly !

Island Wide Voting

That's already sorted .... Salerie Corner


All that's needed is a pipeline out to a connecting point outside St Sampsons harbour,no need for an expensive jetty.


Guernseymale - yes fully agree

Island Wide Voting

I would imagine that was the first thought of the consultants,but because Baz is happy to dish out almost a million of taxpayers dosh they will naturally continue to 'investigate thoroughly' on his behalf just in case something happens in the future

Baz' next project might as well be an investigation on what should be done if Aliens land at Pleinmont Point. It won't be cheap as it will cost what it will cost

Jeeps are we really still only one year into this term?



But we need to spend the remainder of there loan otherwise we look foolish !!!!!!!!!!!


I just hope Gav keeps back £20 million or so to pay for arranging the next bond - you know, the one we will need to meet the annual interest payments of £11 million plus the £330 million capital from this one.

guern abroad

I think the driver by certain States Deputies is because of the growing mountain of building rubbish, hence another project to last x years to take x amount of building rubbish. We should be looking at how best to dispose of building rubbish as it is not always going to be possible to just keep reclaiming to dispose of this demolished building material.

The right solution for this project should not be driven by a bad solution to another.