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Fair enough I suppose, if that was the deal that was the deal. Still, it must be a little bit galling to watch the States throw money at vanity project and consultants and then not be prepared to supply a couple of wheelie bins to support a decent local facility.


To be fair about the 'vanity project' comment, it does give a lot of pleasure to its many regular users. I imagine the kiosk gets reasonable custom, too. Is it that much bother for the kiosk to recycle and clean up after itself?


I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't calling the skate park a vanity project; I used to be one of it's closest neighbours and have strongly supported it ever since it was built.

I meant it must be a bit galling for the skate park organisers to watch the States blow money on vanity projects and then stick to the letter of the law over the supply of a couple of wheely bins.


Great. We are now in to -that's not my bit of rubbish so I won't pay. A civilised society should see that waste removal is a benefit for all. I really worry that the future is fly tipping at 7 quid a bag. A business opportunity for the unscrupulous.

Le Goubert

Is this an example of the new joined up government and communication policy we have heard from the States recently?

Can't even arrange to empty a few bins on their own doorstep!

guern abroad

Sounds no different to how the other kiosks are managed just this one needs to do it as well.


Given that current users of the park seem incapable of disposing of rubbish into the many wheelie bins already available, I can't see them taking the trouble to cross the huge distance from one side of the enclosure to the other!!