Damp problem in St Sampson’s changing rooms

MOISTURE has been appearing under the concrete floor of changing rooms at St Sampson’s High School, much to the surprise of maintenance workers.

Chris Dyer, left, building and maintenance manager and Jason Alderton, Baubigny Schools premises manager, in the boys’ changing rooms at St Sampson’s High School, where moisture has been appearing under the concrete floor. (Pictures by Adrian Miller, 19017383)

The boys’ changing room in the nine-year-old school are being overhauled this summer.

Baubigny Schools premises manager Jason Alderton said the work was needed.

‘It was shabby,’ he said.

‘It really needed upgrading.’

The dimpled cream floor quickly became dirty and paint was peeling off the walls.

However, it was only once the vinyl floor was lifted and test holes drilled through the concrete slab, down to the gap where the underfloor heating and polystyrene insulation were, that more serious problems were found.

Very high levels of moisture were found and it is not clear where it is coming from.

The underfloor heating is operating at a normal pressure, meaning it is unlikely to be the cause.

Building and maintenance manager Chris Dyer said they were trying to determine the cause of the damp problem, but for now they were just trying to dry it out.

‘We are running air currents under the floor,’ he said.

‘It is quite a new idea in Guernsey.’

The damp problem has slowed the rest of the work, which includes new floors, walls and ceiling.

‘We can’t do anything until it’s dry,’ Mr Dyer said.

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