Greetings card firm moves into former Post Office HQ

A FULFILMENT centre more than three times the size of its former premises will enable Funky Pigeon to plan and grow in the island, its founder and its business partners have said.

Funky Pigeon founder Richard Pepper said that the additional space at their new fulfilment centre provides an opportunity for the business to expand. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 19020303)

Funky Pigeon’s new base at Sir John Leale House, the former Guernsey Post office, was opened yesterday at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony by Guernsey Post chief executive Boley Smillie, States’ Trading Supervisory Board president Charles Parkinson and representatives from the online greetings card business.

Funky Pigeon founder and business unit director Richard Pepper said the 36,000sq. ft., base, would provide the additional space to expand its range and grow the business.

‘It is very exciting for us to go from a 11,000sq. ft. facility to one that is much bigger,’ he said.

‘It means we are be able to take the staff we have currently with us on our journey, which would have been almost impossible to do had we moved elsewhere. This way we get to keep all of their knowledge and experience.’

Mr Pepper said they had ‘a number of items in our warehouse in Bristol’ that would be brought here in September, and there were plans to increase the range of products in the future.

Funky Pigeon employs up to 100 people in Guernsey at peak periods in the year.

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