New additions to Chief Pleas face 'big issues'

David Synnott voting in Wednesday’s Sark by-elections.

SARK’S four latest additions to Chief Pleas – all of whom have connections to the local government – have voiced their eagerness to tackle the ‘big issues’ facing islanders.

Voting begins in Sark


RESIDENTS of Sark began to arrive this morning to vote in four new local politicians to help ‘move the island into the future’.

Sark 'is not well-governed'

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LORD McNALLY has admitted he feels a ‘sense of failure’ with Sark and has spoken about it being the only Crown Dependency that is not well-governed.

Sun to shine on Sark festival

Left to right: Jessica Nash, Amy Blondel, Dave Langlois, Simon Harvey and Sarah Van Vlyman during yesterday’s damp conditions, which are expected to improve today. (1332857)

ORGANISERS battled through yesterday’s foggy and damp conditions to put the finishing touches to this year’s sell-out Sark Folk Festival.