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Victor Meldrew

During WW2 Guernsey was in no worse situation than any other occupied territory. In many ways, it was in a more fortunate position, especially as Hitler intended the occupation of the islands to be a stepping stone to his ultimate goal, mainland Britain. The commanders were ordered to be especially cordial to the local authorities to pave the way forward.

No-one was to foresee the outcome of the war in 1940, so what may have been labelled collaboration in 1945 may well have been previously viewed in a different light. Only those people who had to live through those days really knew the true meaning of being occupied; to judge in hindsight is unfair.

But nonetheless, to protect or hide the truth is even more short-sighted. To maintain that the population was more anti-Nazi than any other country under occupation is to do a disservice to history, and to every person who requires knowledge of this period. Only by knowing the true facts can the mistakes of the past be taught to the children of the future.