Former deputy talking sense on runway

AT LAST, someone talking sense about the airport runway. Well done Yvonne Burford. As an engineer I had the pleasure of attending a lecture organised by CIGPE and given by the Lagan project manager at the airport, where we were also given a tour of the works. It was quite clear that the upgrading of the runway meant that heavier planes could take off, but in addition it was also clear that there was absolutely no need for a runway extension, as the existing length was more than adequate for the type of planes ever likely to come here.

So all this talk by people who know not what they are talking about should be ignored – a runway extension is totally unnecessary.

I also have been advised by a member of the previous States that the real reason easyJet did not choose to fly here and terminated their discussions, putting the blame on the States’ intransigence, was in fact that they were insisting on a monopoly and of course the States couldn’t possibly agree to that. No this is not ‘fake news’, but the real reason they pulled out of negotiations.

Mind you, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had also concluded that there was very little profit in the route anyway – and let’s face it, the people running easyJet are not fools. They probably realised that the sums would not add up, which would be why they wanted a monopoly in the first place.


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