No one’s listening as the Education ‘juggernaut’ destroys our Grammar School

THE reason so few came to Education’s meetings is because deputies are not listening not because they got it right. The juggernaut that is destroying the Grammar School will not be stopped so why waste time? The deputies state they are staging two meetings a day to give islanders the opportunity to attend yet they are removing the opportunity of an excellent education from thousands of island children for generations to come, who will be ill equipped for the inevitable selections of life.

The States may save a few bob now but Guernsey will pay for decades as it fails to educate its children sufficiently for Guernsey’s needs.

Importing staff will be hard though as education tops a parent’s list when relocating.

A commitment to retaining the Grammar School would preserve choice (entry at 13 as well as earlier, so no defining moment at 11) and give brighter children the same dedicated attention that is given to other specialist needs.


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