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Cher Eugene

My dear Spenser,

There is, and has been for some time, a majority of deputies who are either acolytes of Engles and Marx or spineless mugwumps who have been brainwashed by the former. Result, a dumbing down of education as no child can be allowed to be better than his or her fellows if the State is paying. Of course some will rise above this and succeed but it not with any help from the education politicians or civil servants.

This state of affairs will continue until the Electorate wakes up and elects some deputies with spines and a willingness to listen to, and act on behalf of, the majority rather than those who shout loudest


I had high hopes that maybe Deputy Inder may have been one of those with a back bone but judging by recent outings it appears that he has already been sucked up and spat out by the education office.


Should have also said that the 11+ is no longer an issue for most, that is done and dusted so we move on. It is the idea that a seperate sixth form can be staffed on a small island that is the problem. The Committee for Ed have focussed on 11-16 education and have not even considered this, even though they have been told ad nauseum that there will be severe staffing problems and that it will have a negative impact on students both academically and pastorally. Unfortunately the deputies and the education civil servants whom are advising them have no knowledge of how a school would be effectively staffed or of the problems of pastoral care when splitting sixth form from a high school on a small island. Even Deputy le Pelley, whom I have a lot of respect for, has no knowledge of this coming as he does from an 11-16 background.



Current Twitter thread shows that your view is supported by others.

I sincerely hope that more can be persuaded to consider the views of those who have the most relevant recent experience.

We all want the same thing, which is, the best possible outcomes for our students.

We must do more than pay lip service to consultation, and actively listen, to the experts.

CS, ESC, or chalk face. I know where my money would go!



Once again I find that your depth of understanding and clear knowledge of education makes a compelling argument.

That said, I think that your conclusion regarding Deputy Inder is quite wrong.

May I respectfully suggest that you meet with Neil, and possibly Milly, who are both new to their Deputy roles, and make your case directly to them.

I think that you will find them both receptive and keen to produce the very best that they can for our students future.

Bear in mind, they have been guided by our Education Civil Servants and have produce a plan very much in line with their (Eds) views.

I may add, that at this stage, I think we have missed an opportunity to do so much better.

Currently we are looking at the worst of Comprehensive Education without any innovation or fresh thinking.

I fear for our future.



I fear for our future too and realise that the plan is totally influenced by the Ed civil servants. The committee met with Grammar staff as a whole shortly after the plans were anounced. They listened to the many concerns but clearly did not understand them. Deputy Inder said he was listening but then went on to say that they were still full square behind option 1 for 3 High Schools and a seperate Sixth Form, even though staff had spent the past hour explaining the damage that would be done to post 16 education if this option was adopted. The leaflet sent to the public did not even mention the option of one of the schools being 11-18. Deputy Dudley Owen seemed only interested in pre school. A number of staff have spoken to both Neil and Milly, amongst others, but are not best impressed. Quite honestly the lack of knowledge as to how a school runs both academicaly and pastorally from people who are tasked with restructuring it was staggering. They had no information to give other than about costs and buildings - apparently the rest is just 'detail' which will be worked out later.

Well, as we all know the devil is often in the detail.

I really believe that when this comes up for debate we will be in a situation similar to the waste fiasco - that things have been talked about and dragged on for so long that a large number of deputies will feel obliged to go with it in order to be seen to be doing something.

This is far too important to be rushed through, the committee should be given more time to consult with staff who have experience of post 16 education. And with all due respect, those High School heads and staff who approve of this plan do not seem to understand the problems of seperating the sixth form on an island as small as this either.

Le Goubert

The only certainty in life is change.

Those who deal with it most effectively end up at the top of the evolutionary tree.

There's a lot of people who have successfully dealt with far more hardship than negotiating a new education system.