Election 2016


Election law review ‘would bring clarity’

ONE of the six unsuccessful male candidates who complained the general election was ‘illegal’ has backed a potential review of the legislation to ensure the rules are ‘black and white’ for all.

The big issues tackled before the end of term


As the States started moving into its final few months there was a noticeable upturn both in the number and importance of the issues that were being debated. In the penultimate article looking at key States votes of this term, Nick Mann goes through a period which included same-sex marriage

‘With no island vote, be careful with yours’

AT LAST. The race is on to select our next government. I, for one, cannot wait to cast my votes, but it is such a shame that we still do not have island-wide voting. Looking back to the 2012 election, the electorate voted for change. Well, we certainly got that.

From debt to La Mare via paid parking and car duty


Nick Mann continues his guide to the key votes in the last States. Here he takes a look at a period where borrowing is approved, the transport strategy begins to hit the rocks, the story of La Mare and the future of secondary education begins and the Assembly debates the future of tax, pensions and benefits system, including a GST

Public dissatisfaction starts to rear its head...

Primary school closures, paid parking and first registration duty were some of the first issues to galvanise islanders into protests against this Assembly.

In the second part of a series looking at the key votes taken by this States, Nick Mann looks at a period where public campaigning came to the fore. He also considers some previous votes on the hot topics of education – in this case the closure of two primary schools – and the transport strategy, when the Assembly approved proposals for paid parking...

At-a-glance guide to key votes of this Assembly

Back in October 2012 members rejected a requete that called for a trial period of Sunday trading. But the debate did lead to a promise from Commerce and Employment that it would prepare a full report into the issue, which subsequently saw the Assembly discussing it again at the end of 2015 and voting for full deregulation.

As nominations open in the 2016 General Election, Nick Mann begins a series looking back on the key votes of this term. This week he looks at the 2012 vote on States members’ pay, an early (failed) attempt to move towards Sunday trading, the Strategic Plan, residential qualifications and managing the States’ property portfolio