Hyundai Veloster Turbo

TALK about looks that could stop traffic.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

TALK about looks that could stop traffic.

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo is so good-looking it can stop pedestrians in their tracks.

The model that I’m test driving is crystal white. Hyundai stopped making white cars for a few years but have just begun again, which means that the new models really make an impact.

The Veloster Turbo stands out against the gloom of late autumn’s shiny wet roads, drawing admiring glances from workmen, people at bus stops and even a guy in a hot hatch who hangs out of his window for a better look.

It quietly nips along. Even when accelerating, the sound is genteel.

And it has some great styling features, from the double exhaust pipe, the low-profile tyres with chrome inserts to the chunky front grille. It’s even possible to have a matt paint finish, though the model I am testing has a pearl finish.

There is one unusual feature. To get into the back of the Veloster passengers use the one rear door, which sits behind the passenger door. Clever – and safe – to put the rear door on the pavement side.

The front seats are black with a light grey trim and ‘turbo’ badging. The rear seats are separated by a huge central armrest complete with not one but two cupholders. Plenty of room for the biggest of elbows to share.

The seats have been especially sunken so the driver’s positioning is close to that of a racing driver. You might think that this would make getting in and out difficult, but not so, thanks to the brushed aluminium handles situated inside the door. Perfect for those elegant exits and entrances.

Hyundai Veloster TurboThe inside is pretty impressive-looking, too. The instruments on the dashboard are mounted into a V-shape while still accommodating all the expected features and it doesn’t come across as over-designed or contrived. It means that the air vents are tipped sideways to fit into the overall styling shape, but it works.

It has all the gizmos you would expect in a brand new car, from the electric fully adjustable seats to the screen mounted in the central console. Put the car into reverse and the screen comes to life, showing an image beamed in from the rear camera to help with parking and reversing safely.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to test-drive the car at night because one of the most striking interior features only becomes apparent when driving in the dark.

But going along Queen’s Road, the sudden gloom produced by the overhanging trees revealed the gorgeous blue dashboard illuminations.

The Veloster Turbo is a beautiful car – inside and out – and it’s a lot of fun to drive too.