Treasury rebukes Alderney for spending without approval

ALDERNEY politicians have been admonished by Guernsey’s Treasury minister for committing money to development projects without prior approval from his department.


ALDERNEY politicians have been admonished by Guernsey’s Treasury minister for committing money to development projects without prior approval from his department.

The States of Alderney had applied for £205,000 from the Strategic Development Fund to modernise functions such as the States Works Department and its planning processes.

It was allocated before Treasury and Resources agreed to grant the cash.

The request was subsequently turned down.

Treasury minister Gavin St Pier said that ‘good corporate governance’ had not been followed.

Alderney representative Paul Arditti, pictured above left with Deputy St Pier, drew attention to the situation at the December meeting of the States of Guernsey when the spotlight was on the activities of the Finance Committee.

‘ “We have adhered to our budget plans....’ “  No we haven’t. Mr McDowall has presided over £205,000 of unapproved spending. Together with Mr Simonet and Mr Harvey they applied for Strategic Development funding in Guernsey but they spent the money without waiting for the result.

‘The application did not qualify and it was rejected. Worse, Alderney has been admonished for breaking the rules because this expenditure was not in the approved budget.’

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There is an old saying " It is easier to seek forgiveness that to seek permission". Admonishment is not going to bring the money back, it is just a verbal slap on the wrist, but it is another sum that we, the taxpayers, will have to stump up. T. & R. must Alderney to heel before they realize that they could try this again, perhaps with a far greater sum. We do, of course, have the more appropriate sanction of cutting the ropes that tie Alderney to the Bailiwick or, ultimately creating the eleventh parish. Time for the good Burghers of St. Anne to wake up and smell the coffee.

alderney settler

Alderney is actively seeking to find financial independence , as soon as we can base the servers from the gambling industry back in Alderney after the FAB link to France takes place, the £48 million per annum that flows through Guernseys coffers as a direct result of Alderneys gambling activity can go through Alderneys economy instead, your wish to remove the "burden" of taking care of Alderney may become a reality.


Alderney settler,

Where on earth did you get that figure from ? £48 million "flowing through our coffers" , how is this figure calculated? Companies in Guernsey pay no income tax and the only regular income that accrues from data bank activity is payments made to Guernsey Electricity for electricity consumed. I think the clue is in your use of the word "through", in other words none of this huge sum, assuming it does exist, sticks here but just passes electronically to the dubious entities throughout the world that control this odious industry.The whole e'gambling business is one that Guernsey States never had the opportunity to debate, it was just set up and the argument was that Guernsey was "merely hosting the servers for the Alderney based industry". If you believe the answer to Alderney's precarious financial situation lies in this business then please, take it away. I suggest most sensible Guernsey folk, assuming of course that they are aware of the facts, see the business as one that does not sit comfortably alongside our world leading finance industry, and would happily allow you to go it alone. Be careful what you wish for.

alderney settler

How loyal of Paul Arditti to bring this issue to the states of Guernseys attention before at least bringing it to the States of Alderneys attention, or even to the Alderney general publics, we have a traitor in our midst,

alderney settler

Paul Arditti is marvelous.

Neil Harvey

A very inaccurate report. The failure of the Guernsey Press to offer a right of reply to the 3 States Members attacked sets a new low in journalistic standards.

The facts are that a number of economic development plans were evolved by the States of Alderney over the early months of this year, and shared with Guernsey Senior Ministers through the Alderney Liaison Group, and received their support. These plans fully agreed in the States include marketing the island to UK residents, finding better ways to deal with waste and electricity generation, and expert examination of our air links, amongst other projects.

This summer when we tried to draw upon our OWN capital resources, funded by the Gambling Commission fees (not taxes) we were told by T & R that only 'physical' assets could be funded in this way. So buying some new trucks to rust away on the Butes would be OK, but using Alderney's own money to invest in the future of Alderney was not! T & R then suggested we apply to the Strategic Development Fund, which we did, only to receive an extremely ill-considered letter of rejection.

We continue next month in our dialogue with Guernsey to seek a better way to fund our ongoing development plans, without recourse to taxpayers in either island.

Readers in Alderney should be assured that 8 out of 10 States Members here are working hard to provide a better economy and more jobs for the future and we make no apology for spending Alderney's funds to that end.

Sadly the other two Members persist in personal political attacks and the occasional hare-brained, ill though out schemes rather than getting on with the job.

Neil Harvey

Mr Simonet can speak for himself, but all my interests (little as they are, and they are much less than Arditti's or Jean's) are declared. I came into the States to do what I could to improve matters, not benefit personally. Despite the abuse and attacks I will continue to do that. Arditti lost the confidence of his committee - end of story! Open Government- try coming to the States Meeting if you want to see the truth! See who is working for Alderney and who is working for themselves.

I am not part of any gang - oh and by the way, voting in States Meetings this year has been less divided than for some years - you can check the record, as can anyone, on the States website.

My number is in the book if you want to know the truth about the States. Some of course prefer rumour and prejudice to facts.


I have been attending the States meetings & the one inparticular where Paul as you say "lost the confidence of the committee" was the biggest stitch up I have ever witnessed. Within a minute of Paul being ousted Mr Simonet was new chairman. Did you not hear the gasps and laughing from the gallery. It was actually embarrassing - end of story. Maybe Mr Simonet could answer the question on here? Do you know though? Could you answer if you wished to do so?


Mr Harvey, many people respect your efforts to do what you believe to be best for Alderney. But they would respect you a great deal more if you weren't to air your dirty washing in public. I understand you get enough from the other side. But if the rift between the two sides was not so public, perhaps more would be achieved? You won't see open warfare in Cabinet in the UK - for good reason, probably. People understand it's difficult to stop what's started but now it has... but bear it in mind.

alderney settler

Please read the latest Alderney press with the pronouncements of Paul Arditti and his glove puppet ! the raquette in Guernsey states is a useless piece of political mischief making, there is already a committee from the states of both Island looking into the options and future of Alderneys airport and runways of which Arditti is fully aware, a clever Politician would have waited for the outcome of this inter island report and then used the option of a raquette to challenge its outcome(if neeeded)rather that shoot his wad early, but when this report finds that the mooted improvements are much needed of course PA and Louis will announce their success, any person with a brain can see exactly what they are upto, denigrating every other politician in Alderney one by one, issue by issue of the Alderney press and then taking the credit for the good that comes out of others states members actions, i really hope that the electorate of Alderney are not as stupid as these two politicians think they are.


Well said Alderney Settler but Alderney politics can be full of surprises and votes aren't reserved only for those with more than half a brain.

I stopped reading the Alderney Press a long time ago."Balanced reporting" is not in its editor's vocabulary.

robert mcdowall


At least have the courtesy to spell my name correctly:

McDowall. I repeat McDowall.

As for Watccher - you sound like a member of the Soviet Politburo addressing one of its client states which has transgressed.


I apologise for not spelling your name correctly. Maybe you could answer the above questions? It would be a wonderful example of "open government" after all.



Good, I am pleased to note my message has been correctly interpreted.


Is it mcdowall or McDowall? Whatever it is you clearly have issues if you're that bothered about your name being spelt incorrectly.

Island Wide Voting

@ 8.03pm

You probably mean Watcher.I repeat Watcher

Keith Brookfield

The sooner Alderney is cast adrift from Guernsey the better and we as Guernsey taxpayers will not have to pay out huge sums to keep Alderney airport open and can run aurigny airline a lot better without having to fly to Alderney,the people of Alderney should be grateful with what they get out of the people of Guernsey,and at least we would not have Alderney states members voting on our affairs.


You do actually realize Aurigny is in existence to safeguard that route? Seeing as no boat goes etc. It is an actual life line to the island. You cannot guarantee a private operator will continue the route so that is why the States provide it. The States in a lot of areas are responsible for both islands and not everything is always about Guernsey.

Also the two Alderney members that come over only vote on matters which also impact on Alderney. Seeing as people in Alderney pay taxes to Guernsey this seems fair practice. Representation on matters that relate to them.

It's all well and good you think you pay huge sums to keep that airport open and running. Do you have these operating figures? Did you include the money people from Alderney pay in taxes? Do you consider how much they have paid towards Guernsey expenses such as your airport - not emergency grass runways but complete rebuilds and extensions? OR armored police vehicles or money lost through fraud? Other things they never see a direct return on? All their taxes pretty much come over here to the Guenrsey pot. Would you ever accept not having an open airport here or boat operator?

If only you paid your taxes to Jersey and could see someone there talking about you in contempt in the same way. Like second class citizens whose infrastructure that connects them to the outside world is a trivial matter, the existence of these life lines to be dismissed brazenly. Maybe you could see lots of people from Jersey talk about you this way and what's more - their government actually has the power to change things based on the popular sentiment of these people while you watch on.

Perhaps we should apply your attitude to other parishes in the Bailiwick, not just Alderney. We are a Bailiwick - one entity overall. But let's treat everyone the same you feel it's ok to talk about Alderney.

Why don't we analyse each Guernsey parish by tax revenue raised and figure how much each parish costs to fund. Then what we can do is allow the parishes in the best net position to cast off the poorer parishes and they can celebrate how much better off they are for it. How do you feel about that?

We can tell the parishes with the low income earners and high infrastructure costs they should be grateful for what us other islanders have been provided with to date. Perhaps we should wait until these poorer parishes are suffering a down turn so kicking the boot in feels even more satisfactory?

Keith Brookfield

Dani in reply Of course I am aware Aurigny WAS in existence to safeguard that route,but not any more,your private operator before also could not make the route pay and I don't see why we should keep it going for the Alderney residents that want to be independent of Guernsey .The money that Alderney people pay in taxes is nowhere near what it costs to keep Alderney afloat and the costs to keep Guernsey running is paid for by Guernsey residents.I would remind you that sark pays for itself without input.We are a bailiwick which I accept butI am fed up with Alderney wingers going on about Guernsey,and by the way Alderney states members do vote on Guernsey matters which have made a difference in the past to a vote,for instance sunday trading.As for the poorer parishes yes I do think we should charge per parish and as I live in the vale charge everyone in the other parishes four times as much to dump their rubbish in our parish.


Sark wasn't completed destoyed after WW2 like Alderney was and Guernsey did not recieve money from the UK government in regards to Sark or agree to govern Sark. May I remind you there is kind of a historical difference there. If you are truly interested in the history feel free to read how it was all set up in good spirits of partnership that they hoped would continue.

I actually think people should hear more from Alderney. You must have a low threshhold to ideas you don't agree with if you live in the Vale and this is your reaction. You are pretty well far removed from Alderney residents there. I'm sure people similar to you would label you a "whiner" as well instead of listen what you have to say. Have you considered that?

Anyhow let me know how that hypothetically works out for you. I look forward to hearing how much St Martins will charge you for healthcare at the hospital, various parishes for secondary education etc once they realise you want to charge them 4 times a much to dump rubbish. I'm sure it works out in your best interest as well as everyone elses.....


Until the airport "books" are published to the public I don't think you are in a position to say that Alderney airport is costing Guernsey anywhere near what the Guernsey States would have you believe. Guernsey keep saying that Alderney airport costs x amount each year to run but refuse to publish the figures, why would they do this unless they have something to hide.

As for bringing Aurigny into this do you even know what Aurigny stands for or where Aurigny started? Aurigny was making a profit flying in and out of ALDERNEY (where it all began no less) up until the mid 90s when Guernsey states decided to get involved and run the Gatwick route and now Aurigny is making a loss.

The biggest problem between Guernsey and Alderney is this 'us and them' mentality. The fact is the people of Alderney all pay tax just the same as the people of Guernsey there just happens to be less of us, (by the way we pay tax to Guernsey). Maybe if Guernsey didn't introduce TRP to Alderney thinking they could make a quick buck that the population here would still be high enough that our economy wasn't falling.

Either way Guernsey should be helping to improve Alderneys economy and population which would directly benefit Guernsey meaning more residents more tax's. Or is that to simple to understand?

Keith Brookfield

Pete yes I am in a position to say that Alderney airport is costing Guernsey a fortune,I do happen to know what Aurigny stands for and where it started and if it was not for the people of Guernsey would not be running now,I agree it is you and us syndrome but if the loud Alderney residents who shout about independence would shut up we Guernsey residents would let you get on with life in peace,you need to educate your fellow residents that Guernsey is here to support you or else cast your rope and drift away.


Keith, you claim to have the facts but this seems hazy. I'm the author of a book on the history and future of Aurigny (out next summer) and am unsure that your statement 'it was not for the people of Guernsey would not be running now' is true. All the evidence suggests that higher fixed costs came with more diversification out of Guernsey in the late 1990s. You seem all to ready to want Alderney to be 'cast adrift' from Guernsey. Often, Alderney referred to on here as just a rather large and eccentric parish of Guernsey. So just try amputating the Vale. It won't go well.

The thirty of so miles of sea between this rather large and eccentric parish and the rest of them does not entitle you to look forward to our being cast asunder. Because let me tell you - there are a goodly few wingers [sic] in the Vale as well. That doesn't mean you need to excommunicate them.


"Pete yes I am in a position to say that Alderney airport is costing Guernsey a fortune"

if that is true Keith then do you have access to the figures because no one else in the public does. let me ask you this: how much of the air traffic controllers salary in Guernsey is paid through Alderney airport? how much of the Guernsey aiport admin charges are paid through Alderney Airport? The firefighters etc? You don't know do you, and I'm sure there is a lot more 'creative' acounting going on that makes Guernsey airport seem like its doing better than it is at the expense of Alderney airport.

Aurigny did used to be profitable but like I said Guernsey got greedy and decided to run the Gatwick route in competition with bigger airlines and now is not making a profit. That may change now they have the monopoly on that route but it shouldn't have taken nearly 20 years to get to that point.


One other thing to add, the income tax that Alderney residents pay to Guernsey is around the £6,000,000 mark which is quite a lot for such a small amount of people. Now what we don't know is how much tax Guernsey is collecting from us with regards to the tax on Alcohol/fuel/cigarettes etc which I'm sure is quite a considerable amount. From those figures do you not think it reasonable that we should be able ask for some of this money to help out our economy which in turn would directly benefit Guernsey from the extra tax if we had more residents. Why should we have to go cap in hand begging Guernsey like Oliver asking for more please?


Pete you are living in cloud cuckoo land ie Alderney. The money collected in taxes in your isle goes nowhere near the amount that you suck in from the general Guernsey exchequer each year. Your bleak island is a growing economic millstone around Guernsey's neck and for my money the sooner you gain 'financial independence' the better.

PS Gavin St Pier if you are reading this thread will you, in the interests of financial transparency, make a New year resolution to publish the Alderney accounts and show us all the true nature of the uneven financial relationship that is growing wider and wider all the time?



States accounts. Public Services Department accounts pages.

All the info you need! Looks like it's in the public domain to me...


Oh no, I'm rather enjoying my Guernsey Monopoly and landing on Alderney Railway and the lighthouse, beats Ct Plus any day :)


.... and this is not counting the £2M which is being paid in States salaries alone. Will Mr Simonet be reimbursing Guernsey States out of his own pocket? It is long past due that these people should be liable for the money being squandered without any permissions being obtained. The taxpayer should no longer be liable to pick up the bill for such profligacy.

Alderney Resident

I don't normally comment... just enjoy reading the 'debate' which follows any news relating to politics in Alderney.

Robert McDowall's response in which he said:

"At least have the courtesy to spell my name correctly:

McDowall. I repeat McDowall"

It seemed unneeded and like he is above himself.

Then went on to mention another commenter - spelling his name incorrectly! Mr McDowall, please at least have the courtesy to spell peoples names correctly.


alderney settler

In response to Watchers question about Alderneys gambling industry to Guernsey, the source is the house of Commons select committee on gambling on hansard jan 2012 and i am sorry i was incorrect the benefit to Guernsey is £50 million not £48 million as stated in my previous blog.

So lets put this into perspective you inject £5 million plus into our economy through transferred services etc and we give you all our taxes(several million-no figures exist) and then on top of this we inject through OUR industry £50 Million per anum into Guernseys economy.I notice that Jersey can not get white listing for offshore gambling, maybe we should be talking to them instead ?

Its not just the servers its the accountants and lawyers that get paid by these companies its their local representative offices its the profits on that revenue ,that includes IT engineers, electric company engineers,i am sure the electricity is not sold at cost.

But on a serious note to focus on the real issue- the states of Alderney are doing a very good job to market this Island which is something that Treasury should be encouraging not making us beg to spend our OWN money on projects that can only bring benefit back to Alderney and thus more tax to Guernsey-this is a win, win.


Alderney settler

I am not interested in a "guestimate" by a UK body, I would like to see where in Guernsey's accounts I can find this wonderful sum of £50 million. I believe it was suggested that Guernsey merely hosted the servers, I thought the back office workers, the accountants etc, were all in Alderney. I now have to question just how much of this mucky industry is actually based in Guernsey.

alderney settler

I thought it was important to point out a few facts, i took this from the courts of Guernsey website.

In July 1947 in the absence of tangible progress a Committee of the Privy Council was appointed to enquire into the state of Alderney particularly its government, its relationship with the neighbouring Islands, its financial position, its system of land tenure and its economic prospects. The enquiry was conducted as a matter of urgency.

What emerged from the Committee's enquiry was the proposal that Guernsey would take over responsibility for Alderney's most important public services. The States of Guernsey would assume financial, legislative and administrative responsibility for Alderney's airport, health, social and educational services, police and immigration, main roads, drains and water supply. These were termed "transferred services" because responsibility for them was transferred to Guernsey. By virtue of the Alderney (Application of Legislation) Law, 1948 Guernsey acquired the right to legislate in all matters necessary to discharge the duties conferred upon it to run the transferred services. The States of Alderney agreed despite the opposition of some in Alderney, to this loss of sovereignty over a large part of its civil affairs.

alderney settler

Please read below an article about the 1948 agreement, i would love to see the goodwill between the leading figures of both Islands remain, hopefully we will change our representatives to the states of Guernsey as sadly they do not currently represent the views and interests of this Island, there are 8 members doing all they can for the Island and two that wish to bring the Island and its states into disrepute.

"open and public debate about the agreements" but he said they were agreed by the local States and population with relative ease.

He explained: "It was due to the goodwill between leading figures in Guernsey, including Sir Ambrose Sherwill, and Alderney judge Sir Frank Wiltshire.

"The proposals for the law were not only drawn up effectively but, were at the time, overwhelmingly supported by the Alderney people who agreed that there should be a relationship between Alderney and Guernsey."

Keith Brookfield

Dani and Pete and any of the above comments,have you never heard of "tongue in cheek" remarks,as for being a winger,anyone who knows me will agree with that, and also a wind up merchant which seems to have worked well in the above cases.I wish you all well and long may Alderney and Guernsey work together.


Not for me to defend Arditti or Jean, but it is a nonsense to say that they wish to bring the Island and its States into disrepute. They certainly are at odds with the other 8, but there are faults on both sides - and Alderney loses out as a result.

As for the never-ending debate about who pays what, why does Guernsey not publish the figures? How much does Alderney contribute in so many different ways? And how much does Guernsey spend on supporting Alderney?

Publish the figures and we all know. Keep them a secret and lots of speculation. My own feeling is that to publish would be to Guernsey's disadvantage. Why not prove me wrong?

alderney settler



Towards an Economic Development Strategy for Guernsey

February 2012

Strongly linked to the ICT sector has been the growth of e-gaming in the

Channel Islands. This can be traced to the initiation of a forward-thinking

regulatory regime on Alderney in the late-1990s, initially focused on telephone

gambling but quickly recognising the pot

ential of the online market. Limited

server capacity in Alderney saw some companies moving back to London after

their initial relocation, but an agreement with Guernsey that allowed firms to use

servers based on the larger island while still being licensed and regulated by

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) quickly proved successful in

winning back business.

For Guernsey, the attractiveness of t

he business model is underpinned by the

relatively high rents e-gaming providers ar

e able to pay for server use. A total of

14 data centres are present on the Island, compared to 6 on Jersey, and it is

thought e-gaming has been the driving

force behind Guernsey’s total used

internet capacity rising to 10GB

/s compared to 2GB/s in Jersey


. A major new

development of server capacity and sup

porting business space, the Guernsey

Data Park, will soon come to market and may help to grow the Island’s e-gaming

presence further – though it could equally be used to support growth in other

ICT-based sectors.

Box 6.2: Company case study – Sportingbet

With two million customers in 30 markets around the world, Sportingbet is

one of the leading online gaming operat

ors. Founded in 1998, the company

has been listed on main market of

the London Stock Exchange since 2010,

and claims to offer 8,000 online sports betting opportunities each day.

Sportingbet employs around 100 people in Guernsey, working in activities

including odds calculation, administr

ation and marketing. Registered in

Alderney, the company has its main IT centre in London and its customer

call centre in Dublin. Only 50 of its Guernsey staff are locals, although a

scheme to develop young traders aims to change this for the future.

According to the company’s managing director:

’We started in Alderney in

1997 because it had an advanced regulatory framework and licensing

process in place. The massive growth of the internet generally and our

industry in particular meant the busine

ss outgrew the island

’s infrastructure,

so when the UK became geared up for online gambling, we had to move to



Lured back in 2007 by the agreement

between Alderney and Guernsey to

share resources, the Island’s telecoms capabilities, quality of life and

internationally competitive regulatory re

gime were all strong factors in the

decision to move, according to the company’s human resources director,

and provided an edge over other offshore

centres with equally low tax rates

such as Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

The company found the Guernsey housing market a potential barrier to

relocation, and with no prospect of receiving enough housing licences for its

employees, it decided to purchase open market properties for its traders to

share, and to support senior employees with their open market rental costs.

Sources: AP Group, Financial Times, Sportingbet

E-gaming is a clear growth industry, with disclosed global revenues forecast to

rise 42% to around £20 billion by 2012


. With many markets effectively

‘underground’ at present due to anti-gambling laws, the real total could be much

higher. During 2010, the number of licences held by the AGCC rose from 44 to

51, and research by KPMG estimated the sector’s combined economic

contribution to Alderney and Guernsey at some £50 million (when all licensees’

spending on hosting, telecoms, utilities, professional and other services are



. Within Europe, Alderney and Guernsey’s rivals for business include

the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Republic of Ireland and Austria.

The AGCC’s strategy for growing the e-gaming sector makes a clear

commitment to ensuring all activity takes place

‘honestly and from

criminal influence... [and] regulated so as

to protect the interests of the young

and the vulnerable’

. There is still some reputational risk associated with

providing ICT facilities to support t

he e-gaming industry on Alderney .

alderney settler


A report by KPMG three years ago found that for every pound the e-gambling firms contribute to the Alderney economy, they contribute almost £10 to Guernsey.

And yet we have to fight to spend the funds we created !


Alderney settler

Thanks for the detailed information but the current situation is that the much fabled Guernsey Data Park remains a piece of overgrown real estate at the end of a short strip of Tarmac, the Data Centre that was to be built in the former bus garage in the Bouet never happened and Sportingbet has ceased to exist on Guernsey. It would be nice if somebody actually confirmed what benefit the industry brings to Guernsey today rather than rely on selective quotes from two year old reports and that bastion of upper-class England, the Guardian. From your depth of knowledge I can only assume you are employed by this "industry" and willing to support it come what may. If this business benefits Alderney in the proportions your response suggests then why is the Alderney economy in such a parlous state? Ahh, penny drops, the vast majority of the money goes to Guernsey who then dole out pocket money when Alderney can make a good case.

The question that now rises is that if Guernsey hosts the servers, is the registered office of some of the regulated entities and benefits financially from the business why does the Guernsey government continue to pretend Guernsey is not involved in e'gambling? Former Deputy Graham Guille worried this bone for years and got nowhere, perhaps he was correct all along? The final paragraph of your 5.31 posting says it all for me and certainly sets the alarm bells ringing.

alderney settler

Watcher thank you for your response-i am not involved in the gambling idustry in any way shape and form but i am pleased of its benefit to the Bailwick, i thought you might like to know that its one of the most respected gambling jurisdictions in the world and you might not be aware amongst its commissioners is Lord Faulkner of Worcester i have taken this from their website – is a British parliamentarian with extensive knowledge of gambling regulation. He served on the joint scrutiny committee on the draft gambling bill 2003-04, and chaired a parliamentary inquiry into betting on sport 2004-05. He was a strategy adviser to Alderney Gambling Control Commission 2005-08. Prior to entering the House of Lords in 1999, he had for many years been an adviser to the football pool companies. He is a member of the Channel Islands all-party parliamentary group. From 2006-09 he was a member of FIFA Task Force “For the Good of the Game” (with special responsibilities for sports betting integrity) and is a former Gamcare trustee. Lord Faulkner served as a minister in the government whips’ office 2009-10, and is now a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. He was educated at Merchant Taylors’ School and Worcester College, Oxford, where he is an honorary fellow.

This is not some fly by night organisation as i am sure a man with this background would not want to expose himself to personal reputational risk.

The money that has been spent by the states of Alderney(the subject of the article) is the profit of money paid to the commission by way of licence fees over and above the cost of running the commision (not money from the states of Guernseys coffers or its tax payers) but sadly we have to ask Guernseys permission to spend it which seems bizarre !


I love Alderney and its people however I do not trust politicians whatsoever so its difficult to know the truth.


Yep. Above I did ask a question regarding trying to find out the truth from 2 states members about a certain matter but no answer. I'm not sure whether they know the truth to the question I asked or whether they do know the truth but just wont answer. I know what I'd put money on though. Maybe Im being punnished for spelling a name wrong.


Alderney are only following their neighbours[Guernsey]examples of spending and asking questions after.Letter of approval lost in the HUB e-mail post