Off-season months have beauty and charm

AUTUMN is a beautiful time to be on Herm.

A walk around the island reveals spectacular views and sunsets.
A walk around the island reveals spectacular views and sunsets.

AUTUMN is a beautiful time to be on Herm.

As the hotel closes and summer staff begin to leave, we have more time to regroup as a community and look ahead to winter celebrations.

After the rush and crowds of the warmer months, it is nice to slow down and get back to the natural island pace.

Although this could arguably be remembered as the summer that never happened, autumn has arrived with mild weather, warm rain and spectacular views.

A walk around the island in October is a tranquil treat. Bouncy pine needles provide soft paths underfoot, bright scarlet and gold leaves blow lazily around you and the sea breezes are still fresh and warm.

Hardier visitors take the opportunity for a few last dips in the sea before it loses any warmth it had, while others are picking blackberries for pies and sloes for gin, all to be enjoyed before a roaring fire as the nights draw in.

Although things are noticeably more relaxed and slower paced, in some ways the winter season has a lot to offer.

This is where the community really comes together and the Mermaid Tavern becomes the heart of the island. There is a sense of it being ‘just us’ now and that extends to locals and regular guests who find themselves caught up in many of the residents’ winter events.

Over the upcoming months, the island has a lot to offer. Half-term is a lovely sociable time, with many families coming back year after year for special themed evenings at the Mermaid. Bonfire Night weekend is also a busy time, with a bonfire, fireworks and guy competition.

After that we begin the countdown to Christmas and the special weekend shopping trips that bring over the crowds for a spot of lunch and retail therapy.

Herm isn’t only about beautiful beaches and ice cream. The off-season months have a beauty and charm of their own.

There is still much fun to be had before 2013.