Pride of Guernsey


Pride of Guernsey: Civil Protection

CIVIL PROTECTION ‘does an unrivalled amount of voluntary hours to keep the island safe’ and that is why it has been nominated for the Rossborough-sponsored Emergency Hero of the Year Award.

Pride of Guernsey: Louise McKane


A VALE PRIMARY teacher is a very caring person and is always smiling, according to one parent who has nominated her for Teacher of the Year.

Pride of Guernsey: St Andrew’s Floral Group


ST ANDREW’S FLORAL GROUP has had a busy year with revamping the Little Chapel gardens, clearing the Grammar School pond and the Blanchelande College Infants’ Walk, to name a few of their activities.

Pride of Guernsey: Aaron Bray


AS ALDERNEY’S States engineer, Aaron Bray’s efforts to ensure the States teams deliver to the people have been recognised by Louis Jean.

Pride of Guernsey: Lynn Breban


A CARER and helper to so many people, Lynn Breban offers her help across a huge range of charities and is always there to care for those in the community.

Pride of Guernsey: Jimmy Ozanne


JIMMY OZANNE’S dedication to his work as a carer at Guernsey Cheshire home and eagerness to help others through charity events is to being recognised in this year’s Pride of Guernsey Awards.

Pride of Guernsey: Bas Brehaut


BAS BREHAUT is a good neighbour in every sense to staff and residents at Blossom Fields Care Home at Les Nicolles, Forest, who have put him forward for the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of the Year Award.

Pride of Guernsey: Anne Gallagher


ANNE GALLAGHER’S help is very much appreciated by Barbara Ashwell and her husband, Stan, who have nominated her for the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of the Year Award.

Pride of Guernsey: Keith and Debbie Betts


THEIR likely embarrassment at their nomination will be testament to the type of people that Keith and Debbie Betts are, according to their neighbour who has nominated them for the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of the Year Award.

Pride of Guernsey: Nessi Gomes


BORN in Guernsey to a Portuguese family, singer-songwriter Nessi Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional Fado folk music (which has its origins in 19th-century Lisbon) with British contemporary inspiration.

Pride of Guernsey: Alex Crossan aka Mura Masa


GUERNSEY-BORN DJ, electronic music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Crossan, 21, also known as Mura Masa, is one of the most successful acts to come out of the island.

Pride of Guernsey: Colin Williams


COLIN WILLIAMS works ‘assiduously’ and ‘tirelessly’ in the words of the numerous members of his community who have all nominated him for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year Award.

Pride of Guernsey: La Piazza


WELCOMING customers with a smile, providing a first-class service and treating everyone equally are some of the reasons why La Piazza Restaurant has been nominated for Welcome of the Year.

Pride of Guernsey: Aaron Mahy


A DUKE OF RICHMOND HOTEL staff member is ready to assist with every guest requirement and is always keen to take on extra tasks, according to his proposer.