Planning applications - 18 October, 2016

Applications to the Development and Planning Authority, as published in the Guernsey Press.

LPE Ltd is seeking permission to fell four pine trees and replace them with turkey oaks on the north side of Elizabeth Avenue. (Pictures by Adrian Miller, 16378128)
LPE Ltd is seeking permission to fell four pine trees and replace them with turkey oaks on the north side of Elizabeth Avenue. (Pictures by Adrian Miller, 16378128)


Mrs M. A. Walsh – erect a car port at The Lawns, Les Landes, Les Baissieres.


Mrs M. Moorman – variations to plans previously approved to erect a single storey side extension and two rooflights (west roofslope) – erect flat roof rear extension and install two rooflights (west roofslope) at Damoni, Rue du Manoir.


Mr R. De La Rue – demolish chimney (north elevation) at La Bretonnerie, Rue des Bailleuls.


Mr and Mrs D. Battle – erect a conservatory at rear (south elevation) of dwelling at Mallory, Rue des Marettes.

Mr B. Sparrow and Miss S. Lucas – demolish existing and erect replacement single storey flat roof extension at rear of dwelling at The Crows Nest, Rue des Marettes.

Mr K. Tang – variations to plans previously approved to erect an outbuilding (store, workshop, studio) (revised) – lay external paving and granite cobbles and hard landscaping and amend internal layout at A La Ronde, La Rue Gros Jean, Bon Port.

Mr and Mrs C. Bader – demolish and rebuild dwelling at Mau Loa, Jerbourg Road.


Mr and Mrs R. McGregor – demolish garage and erect two storey extension, with 1.5 storey link to main dwelling. Install lean-to roof and erect first floor balcony to rear of dwelling. Alter vehicular access and install air source heat pump at Takliwa, Guelles Road.

LPE Ltd – fell four pine trees and replace with four turkey oak trees on north boundary of Elizabeth Avenue at Trafalgar Court, Elizabeth Avenue, Les Banques.

Guernsey Electricity – install GRP substation enclosure at Les Rocquettes Hotel, Rocquettes Lane.

Guernsey Housing Association – demolish existing buildings, erect eight new dwellings and 14 apartments with associated car parking, create new access road and pedestrian/cycle access and carry out landscaping at former Priaulx Garage and Late Shopper site, Les Oberlands.

Mr C. Le Page – demolish existing garage and retail showroom and erect new vehicle showroom at St Peter Port Garage, Rue du Pre.


Bridge Developments Ltd – variations to works previously approved for residential development to create 20 units of accommodation – install nine balconies at first floor level (to units 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 18 and 19) at Bickleigh, Saltpans Road.

Guernsey FA – install Portakabin and site hut for a temporary period of three years at The Track, Victoria Avenue.

Mr and Mrs J. Maguire – infill vehicular access, remove section of roadside boundary wall to create new vehicular access at Elmsdale, Rue Sauvage.

Mr and Mrs P. Carey and Mrs A. Cullen – install external staircase and alterations to fenestration on garage at Acre Cottage, Les Petites Mielles, L’Islet.


Mr and Mrs Searle – erect a glasshouse and agricultural store at Petit Choffins, Rue des Choffins.


Mr R. Martin – install first floor balcony at rear and increase height of flat roof parapet at La Concha, La Ville Baudu.