Planning applications - 15 November, 2016

Applications to the Development and Planning Authority, as published in the Guernsey Press.

New signage on the north, west and south sides and new air conditioning units will be added to the former Silverline Cars building if an application by Sandpider CI Ltd is approved. (16645006)
New signage on the north, west and south sides and new air conditioning units will be added to the former Silverline Cars building if an application by Sandpider CI Ltd is approved. (16645006)


Mr and Mrs V. Chapell – replace doors and windows at 41, Les Blancs Bois, Rue Cohu.

Mrs J. Breton – erect a porch at front at 28, Courtil Ollivier, Rue des Varendes.

Mr P. Dorey and Miss M. Cherry – erect flat roof single storey extension linking dwelling and garage (rear elevation), erect pitched roof extension (side elevation) and remove hedging and install 1.8m high fence to north boundary at Knockhill, Rue des Houmets.

Miss J. Le Lacheur – remove hedges and erect mesh fencing adjacent to roadside boundary at Mon Abri, Route de Carteret.


Miss E. Dandecker – erect two-storey extension at rear (south elevation) at Klausen, Bailiff’s Cross Road.

Mr and Mrs F. A. Hamperl – apply external wall insulation and render on all elevations of dwelling at Peebles, Rue des Bailleuls.


Mrs W. Hocart – install external insulation to dwelling at Pres de la Cache, Les Caches.

Mr R. Berry – replace existing windows with PVCU windows on south elevation of self catering properties (protected building) at Le Douit Farm Self Catering, Les Traudes.

Mr T. Coule – replace windows, remove slate cladding on east, south and west elevation and replace with new timber cladding at Pendue, Rue Cauchez.

C.I.D. Ltd – remove roadside earthbank and construct new earthbank with granite pillars (retrospective) at land at Le Becquet Farm, Le Becquet Lane.

Guernsey Housing Association – temporary widening of vehicular access on east side of site and remove section of hedging to south boundary at Edgebaston Vinery, Saints Road.

Mr and Mrs P. D. and R. A. Wilkes – erect two-storey extension to side/north elevation with first floor balcony facing east, install catslide dormer window and rooflight (east elevation) and three rooflights (west elevation) at Orana, Clos de Beaupre, Saints Road.

Mr S. Taylor – erect flat roof store at rear of dwelling (retrospective) at Old Mill Cottage, Ville Amphrey.


Qube Ltd – erect canopy and two menu signs on ground floor front elevation of property (protected building) at Maison du Quay, The Quay.

Miss T. Waterman – replace sliding sash wooden windows with new UPVC sliding sash windows at 1 and 5, Laverstock Court and 4, Corrington, Constitution Steps.

Mrs S. Surcombe – install a 2m high flue on front roof slope at Belvoir, Les Croutes.

Mr P. Hern and Ms M. Smith – alter fenestration and install lift to rear of property (protected building) at Villa Fallaise, Havelet.

Mr G. and Mrs C. Morgan – extend and alter dwelling including raise ridge height, create balcony and install dormer windows at 74, Rue Vautier, Fort George.


Mr and Mrs F. Gallienne – extend and alter dwelling (front and rear elevations) at Cortina, Plaisance Road.


Dr and Mrs H. Bacon – demolish existing and erect replacement pool house at Les Ruettes Farm, Les Ruettes, Le Gron.


Mr C. Gilliland – install raised decked area with glass balustrade to rear of property at Rosedale, Route de Crolier.


Dr and Mrs N. King – install window (east elevation) at White Lodge, St Magloire Lane.

Mr and Mrs Le Tocq – demolish lean-to roof and erect flat roof extension at first floor level with juliette balcony at Les Courtillets, Hougue du Moulin.

Guernsey Electricity – increase height of acoustic wall and noise barrier wall. Increase height of

barrier to roof and reposition 1m to the west at Power Station D, Generation Hall, La Hougue Jehannet.

Sandpiper CI Ltd – erect non-illuminated signage on north, west and south elevations at Silverline Cars site, Vale Avenue.

Sandpiper CI Ltd – install air conditioning units on south elevation of building at Silverline Cars, Vale Avenue.

Mr and Mrs N. de la Rue – demolish conservatory, erect flat roof extension, remove existing and install replacement rooflights (rear elevation) at Crosstrees, Ville Baudu.