Planning applications - 3 December, 2013

Applications to the Environment Department, as published in the Guernsey Press.

The latest planning applications released include a proposal to create an underground room in the cliff face at the rear of Belvedere House, Fort George. (Picture by Brian Green)
The latest planning applications released include a proposal to create an underground room in the cliff face at the rear of Belvedere House, Fort George. (Picture by Brian Green)

Applications to the Environment Department, as published in the Guernsey Press.


Mr and Mrs Vowles – convert existing barn into habitable accommodation and demolish existing shed and erect framed lean-to open shelter to side (east elevation), (protected building) at Le Valinguet, Candie Road.

Mr and Mrs Schreibke – variations to works previously approved, erect flat-roofed games room and alterations to rear of property at La Vieille Rocquette, Sous La Mer, La Rocquette.

Mr and Mrs C. Davison – variations to plans previously approved – replace roof of sunroom and install three rooflights, recover utility room and porch roofs, and alter fenestration at White Horses, Clos du Cordage, Route du Tertre.

Mr and Mrs R. Pratt – convert part of barn to dower unit, install door, windows and rooflights to west elevation and two rooflights to south elevation at Les Forfaitures, Ruette des Forfaitures.


Mr Keen – demolish existing and erect replacement garage and greenhouse to rear (north) of property, erect retaining wall, raise ground level and install steps at Orion, Route de Farras.

Ms W. Davies – change of use from residential use class one to residential use class four to allow home working comprising sensory integration therapy and occupational therapy use at Normanhurst, La Route de Farras.

Forest Road Garage Ltd – erect internally illuminated roadside (replacement of existing) totem sign at Forest Road Garage, Forest Road.

Aiglle Flight Support – remove existing and erect replacement illuminated roadside sign to entrance of site at Aiglle Flight Support, Le Bourg.


Mr and Mrs P. West – alterations to fenestration at Le Foulon House, Foulon Road.


Mr M. Senner – erect replacement garage with basement at Garage, Old Mill Lane.

Lord and Lady Burgh – erect a conservatory link at Les Reviers, Steam Mill Lane.

Mr D. C. Mahy – raise roof height on ground floor extension (protected building) at Les Mouilpied, Les Mouilpieds.

Mr G. Farrell – variations to plans previously approved to erect an oak-framed garage (south-west of dwelling). Increase size at Icart Farm House, Icart Road.

Ms J. Le Conte – erect a pergola with solar panels at Oleander Cottage, Icart Road.


Mr and Mrs Hayes – render and paint rear elevation of dwelling at Bay House, New Paris Road.

P. K. M. Daley – install rooflight on north-east elevation at Kenmar House, Candie Road.

Mr M. Bougourd – change of use of warehouse to storage/distribution use class 33 (use for storage or parking of motor vehicles), for storage of dustcarts and bins at Hubert’s Lane Warehouse, Hubert’s Lane, Doyle Road.

Mr I. Smethurst – replace conservatory roof with tiles at 2, St James Place, St Jacques.

Mr and Mrs J. Sheard – demolish section of roadside wall to create vehicular access and parking at front, block up pedestrian access and lower height of roadside walls at 2, Woodland Place, Rohais.

Marjo Ltd – remove existing window and install double doors and a glazed Juliet balcony at first-floor level (front/east elevation), (protected building), at 23, The Quay.

Mr T. Bourgaize and Miss C. Moore – create roof terrace on existing flat roof – revised scheme at Le Faond, Valnord Hill.

Mr and Mrs P. Bruges – demolish existing and erect replacement extension at rear of property and install solar panels in rear roof slope (protected building) at 2, Newlands Terrace, Mount Durand.

Mr D. Collen – erect a single storey lean-to extension (south elevation) at Charlton House, Courtil de la Fontenelle, Ville au Roi.

Ms H. De Putron – construct works at junction of private drive with Ruettes Brayes, construct new junction to private drive and construct new drive to main house at Manoir du Pierre Percee, Avenue du Manoir, Ville au Roi.

Mr M. J. Carr – erect an entrance canopy and alterations to driveway to create new parking area at Que Sera Sera, Montville Road.

Mr and Mrs M. Gudgeon – demolish chimney stack, install a rooflight to flat roof and alterations to fenestration at Champagne Cottage, Colborne Road.

Belvedere House – construct an underground room at rear of property in cliff face at Belvedere House, Rue de Belvedere, Fort George.


Mr S. Kelly and Miss K. Wills – demolish conservatory, erect flat-roof extension and install windows on side of dwelling at 12, Courtil Leonie, Les Grandes Maisons Road.

States Works – erect five storage containers (retrospective) at Waste Segregation Site, Fontaine Vinery, Vale Road.

Mr and Mrs S. Wyatt – install three rooflights to rear of property, re-slate roof and damp-proof chimney stacks (protected buildings) at The Cottage, Robergerie Road.

Mr and Mrs Rouget – demolish existing garage, extend dwelling on north-east (side) elevation and erect new conservatory on the north (rear) elevation and install new window at Entre Nous, La Route du Braye.


Mr and Mrs L. Guilbert – install flat-roof dormer window with terrace and two rooflights on south elevation at Munchkin, La Colline des Bas Courtils, Route des Bas Courtils.

Mr J. Razzak and Ms A. Wildman – demolish existing and erect replacement dwelling (revised) at Les Bas Marais, Route de la Perelle.


Mr and Mrs J. Bracegirdle – install rooflight in garage at Le Haut Courtil, Route des Laurens.

Mr and Mrs S. Brehaut – install glazed balustrade (west elevation) at Les Rocques, Rue du Planel.

Mr C. Berryman and Miss K. Bougourd – increase height of existing boundary wall at Crevichon, Les Buttes.

Mr and Mrs B. Norris – extend and alter dwelling to north (front) and south (rear) and extend garage at Les Primeveres, Rue du Gains.


Mrs K. Leslie – install flue (north elevation) at Sept Etoile, Sept Etoiles.

Mr D. N. Tostevin – remove hedging at rear of property at St Gilgen, Grandes Marais Road.

Mr and Mrs Mauger – erect 1.5-storey extension at front (west elevation) and install two rooflights at rear at La Lisiere, Bordeaux Road.

Mr K. Wheeler – create vehicular access and parking area (protected building), (revised) at Belle Vue, Ville es Pies.

Mr and Mrs S. Le Page – convert garage into habitable accommodation, alterations to fenestration and remove chimney stack at Aquae Sulis, 2, Clos Lorier, Le Lorier Lane.

Mr T. Rigden and Mrs J. Yeates – extend domestic curtilage, erect garage, remove fencing and erect new fencing at Le Coin, Rue du Closel.

Mr G. Le Page – remove section of hedge and extend car parking area to front at Tulberi, Les Barras Lane.

Mr and Mrs W. H. Smith – erect replacement dwelling (revised scheme) at Fricourt, La Grande Maison Road.

It is requested that anyone wishing to make representations about a particular application should submit them in writing to the Environment Department, at the address given below, within seven days of the publication of the above list.

However, if also advertised by Site Notice, the timescale for making representations will be 21 days from the first display of the Site Notice.

Applications are normally advertised in the Press shortly after they are received as valid and this advertisement may appear before the Site Notice is erected.

Minor applications may not be included as part of this list. However, a complete register containing details of all applications received is available for inspection by the general public at the Environment Department offices at Level 3, Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port during the hours of 9am and 5pm Mondays to Fridays.

Please note that the contents of any letters of representation are not treated as confidential by the department and will be disclosed, at their request, to the applicant, once the application has been determined. Representations will also be made available to the Planning Tribunal in the event of an appeal, and could be considered and discussed at a public Tribunal Hearing.