Planning applications - 1 November, 2016

Applications to the Development and Planning Authority, as published in the Guernsey Press.

Guernsey Electricity
Guernsey Electricity is seeking permission to put signage on its storage tanks at North Side, Vale. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 16492600)


Mr and Mrs K. Simon – erect oak framed garage to side of dwelling, alterations to fencing, widen gateway and erect new gate at Candander House, Rue de la Hougue.

Mr J. Savident and Miss Cuthbert – erect one and a half storey extension (west elevation), construct porch (east elevation), demolish chimney and erect a flue and construct a wall and gate to north of dwelling at 1, Deane Clos, Route de Carteret.


Mr and Mrs A. Finch – demolish extensions, conservatories and garage, erect replacement extensions and garage to south-east elevation and extension to north elevation of dwelling at Maison des Fauconnaires (formerly Goldridge House), Les Fauconnaires.

L. and J. Batiste – extend domestic curtilage at Whincroft, Route de la Croix au Bailiff.


Mr T. Lyle – erect lean-to and flat roof extensions at rear of dwelling at Henley, Route de Sausmarez.

Miss E. Cleal – remove section of wall and hedge (south elevation) and create parking area at Elizabeth House, Rue Poudreuse.

Mr and Mrs H. and C. Smith – install replacement and extended raised decking (retrospective) at Mulberry, La Rue de la Corbinerie.

Liberation Management Ltd – remove hedges and replace with 1.8m high composite fencing to the perimeter of property at Roustel, 3, Clos du Petit Bois, Rue Cauchez.

Mr D. Rix – remove hedge on north boundary and replace with fence, create vehicular access, erect a summerhouse and install a flue at Bon Accord, Rue de la Falaise.

Mr S. Guilliard – convert barn into residential unit at Le Recule, Saints Road.

Mr and Mrs K. A. and J. Crosby – remove 12m section of hedge in connection with the erection of a detached summer chalet and terrace at The Old Farm House, La Fosse.


Mr and Mrs C. Collins – erect extension linking garage to dwelling, alterations to fenestration, demolish chimney and erect log cabin at Casa Bella, La Ramee.

Flower Pot Holdings Ltd – reconstruct rear boundary granite wall at The Daffodils, Doyle Road.

Mrs T. E. Smith - change of use of storage building and flat to a single dwelling (residential use class 1) with associated alterations to front elevation, demolish outbuilding and erect single-storey flat roof extension to rear and install rooflights to rear roofslope at Le Grenier, Rohais.

Musketeer Investments – change of use from dental laboratory to residential flat (ground floor only) at 112, Victoria Road.

Mr J. Hollis – cap parapet walls with lead at 1, Queens Road.

J. W. Rihoy & Son – remove

wall-mounted air conditioning condensers and install new mechanical plant on roof (retrospective) at Kings Premier Health Club, Kings Road.

Mr K. Birch – demolish existing extension and erect a two-storey pitched roof extension (rear/north-west elevation), install windows (north-east and north-west elevations), install two rooflights (north-east elevation) and replacement front door. Remove section of front boundary wall and create vehicular access and paved parking area at Akora, Le Foulon.

Mr and Mrs B. Meerveld – demolish dwelling and erect a two-storey dwelling with attached double garage and first floor balconies to north and south elevations, raised patio and swimming pool at Moonrakers,

Les Vardes.

Sure Guernsey Ltd – erect one smoking shelter and one vaping shelter at Centenary House, La Vrangue.


Mr and Mrs T. Archard – demolish conservatory and erect one and a half storey extension to rear (south) of property at Plaisance Villa, Route de Plaisance.

Mr and Mrs J. Murray – demolish existing and erect new dwelling (revised) at Coup de Coeur, Rue de L’Ardaine.


Mr J. Le Page – demolish outbuilding and erect garage, home office and studio on first floor (revised) at Talacre, Les Osmonds Lane.

Aladdin’s Cave Ltd – install electrical sub-station with GRP enclosure at Aladdin’s Cave, Les Canus.

Mr and Mrs P. Carey and Mrs A. Cullen – erect a shed/garden store at rear of dwelling at Acre Cottage, Les Petites Mielles, L’Islet.


The Trustees of New Life Church – erect signage on roadside gateways at New Life Church, Route des Bordages.


Mr and Mrs M. Wood – install catslide dormer window with double doors, install rooflights and extend existing staircase to form balcony to side and rear elevation at La Croute, Route de Crolier.


Mr R. Lowe – retain temporary hard surfacing for parking and turning of vehicles and storage of equipment associated with adjoining event hire business at Events House (Le Va), Braye Road.

Mr G. Josey and Mrs M. Toms – demolish section of roadside wall to create additional vehicular access and erect traffic mirror on lamp post at Kingdom Hearts Cottage, La Route du Braye.

Mr J. Bramer and Miss C. Harnden – replace section of grass with gravel at rear of dwelling (protected building) at Flat 3, Moorland Villa, Les Mielles Road.

Guernsey Electricity – install signage to tanks at Guernsey Electricity site, North Side.