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1D fans may be refused gigs entry

Young fans of chart superstars One Direction are being warned they could be turned away when the boyband begins a UK tour next month due to strict age limits.

Diaz, Paltrow party with Barrymore

Drew Barrymore had a baby shower for her second child

Drew Barrymore has been joined by celebrity friends Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon as she held a baby shower for her second child.

Ice Cube defends Walker comments

Ice Cube has defended his comments about the MTV Movie Awards

Ice Cube has revealed he is not a "sore loser", following remarks he made about him and Ride Along co-star Kevin Hart being "robbed" of their MTV award.

BBC to review pay for top stars

Graham Norton is thought to be one of the BBC's highest-paid stars

The pay bill for some of the BBC's biggest screen and radio stars - including Graham Norton and Jeremy Clarkson - is to be examined in a review by the BBC Trust which will look at how the costs compare to commercial rivals.

Arnie: I like my afternoon naps

Arnold Schwarzenegger still enjoys doing his own stunts

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he still does his own stunts - but sometimes needs an afternoon nap in between shooting.

Cowell defends Paddy's previous win

Paddy Jones and dance partner Nico Espinosa have sailed through to the live shows of Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell has defended Britain's Got Talent contestant Paddy Jones after it was revealed that she had already won a Spanish TV show with her act.

Older actresses invisible: Redman

Amanda Redman criticised the lack of opportunities for older actresses

Actress Amanda Redman has criticised the lack of opportunities for older actresses, and took a swipe at broadcasters for playing safe with the shows they commission.

Allen toned down act for husband

Lily Allen says her husband has asked her to tone down her performances

Lily Allen has admitted she has had to tone down parts of her stage shows because her husband thought they were inappropriate for their kids to see.

BGT's Paddy: Win shouldn't matter

Paddy Jones and partner Nico Espinosa are through to the Britain's Got Talent live shows after Amanda Holden used her golden buzzer

Britain's Got Talent dancer Paddy Jones has defended her participation on the show, following the discovery she has already won a Spanish TV talent contest.