Guernsey win Muratti Vase

Jersey 0, Guernsey 2

Jersey 0, Guernsey 2

GUERNSEY have regained the Muratti Vase after a convincing victory at Springfield this afternoon.

Dom Heaume was the Sarnian hero with a brace, while team-mate Ryan-Zico Black picked up the man-of-the-match award on his debut.

  • Full match report, reaction and details in Tuesday's Guernsey Press

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Paul Le Page

I love the photo on the front page of the GP. The chap right next to Chris Tardif's right arm - his face is a picture! I'm presuming he's from Jersey then....

Trevor Le Page

Great spot Paul Le Page - classic! On another point from yesterday I was there and the behaviour of a minority of Guernsey and Jersey supporters was truly embarrassing. Why do the authorities allow these idiots to get so drunk and ruin what could be a real family day out. I did not feel safe at the end of the match and walking through St Helier was quite daunting too. I saw two Guernsey supporters, who both play football in the GFA leagues being escorted from the ground. I heard of other arrests (so I dont know if they are completely true but are believable after my experience) one of which is a young upcoming top Guernsey goalkeeper who I gather was saved by his dad! Get rid of these idiots, I am all up for a bit of banter but the little group of imbeciles who use this day as a day to be hooligan should be stopped from going, IMO.