More injuries with leaders on horizon

A CRIPPLING injury list rather than a heavy defeat is giving Jordan Reynolds plenty of cause for concern ahead of hosting the league leaders this weekend.

Cameron Crane is brought to earth by a Tonbridge Juddian tackler on Saturday. (Picture by Mike Marshall, 1275905)
Cameron Crane is brought to earth by a Tonbridge Juddian tackler on Saturday. (Picture by Mike Marshall, 1275905)

A CRIPPLING injury list rather than a heavy defeat is giving Guernsey Rugby Club coach Jordan Reynolds plenty of cause for concern ahead of hosting the league leaders this weekend.

A weakened Guernsey side suffered a comprehensive 57-5 loss at Tonbridge Juddian on Saturday and they look set to face new National Three London & South-East table-toppers Bishop’s Stortford with even more regulars missing.

‘If anything our team will be even more depleted,’ said Reynolds.

‘Divon Crouse has broken a bone in his shoulder, Darrin Bellingham is on crutches, Simon Sharrott had to come off with a shoulder problem and Sam Stevens did start but did not last as long as we hoped.

‘Hopefully Jason Batiste will be able to return next week and I have all my fingers crossed that Tom Pool might be OK, but I don’t want to force people to play and make their condition worse by doing so.

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Injuries or not, this is a drubbing from a mediocre mid-table team.

Thank goodness GFC are still keeping Guernsey's sporting reputation intact!

GFC fan

Coach takes responsability?! maybe he should just step down instead??


take the heart/spine out of any team and this can easily happen. Do that to GFC and suddenly they won't be winning matches quite so easily if at all in a league well below their best standard.

I suggest you pipe down.


One heavy defeat and people throw out ridiculous comments. The rugby team could play in a mediocre (level 9) level at best like the GFC and be top of the table.

Down and Out

The problem is, and anyone connected with either the Guernsey 1sts or 2nds knows this, that Jordan Reynolds would rather pick his mates than better players.

Having watched a fair few 1sts and 2nds games, i can assure you there are several players playing for the 2nds who are better than those playing in the 1st team.

I wouldn't be so rude as to name those players, but it's an open secret that Mr Reynolds plays favourites


Oh yes, it must have been Jordan Reynolds picking his mates when he was able to lead the first team from london 3 to national 3??

Is this the same coach who dropped Jim Regnard and barry goude the other week? who i believe are his good friends

He must be running out of friends?!!!!! ha ha

Please feel free to indulge us to who you believe should be in the first team instead and let everyone else decide??....i think the only person you will name is maybe yourself ha ha


Not sure I quiet agree with you Down and out. There is a big diference between the standards the 2 teams play. Sounds like you have an axe to grind.

The bigger issue is how GRC has sourced and paid travel costs for several overseas players who have arrived with pre-existing chronic injuries. I understand that these and other players are also paid to play, using up valuable funds.

There are obvious structural and management issues. It points to an institution being run in a fairly Mickey Mouse fashion. Who is answerable for these failings?

They could do with talking to the GFC about putting appropriate structures in place, as they are light years ahead of Gsy Rugby.


I really don't understand why people get the idea our players are paid, guernsey rumour mill doing the rounds again ha ha

Its amazing what people will believe

Come to the AGM, the accounts are for all to see


Not sure why Jordan is being attacked here, he has done nothing but bring the standard rugby to a much higher level, and it wouldn't have happened without him.

I see a lot of GFC support here, im sure there are articles on this site for you people to praise, if your not part of the rugby community then its not for you to comment on such things.

The Guernsey First team have done so well the last 4 years (with a big thanks to MR Reynolds) and are now at a level that has much larger challenges, im sure GFC will get there some day but not in the next 15 years, so until then, don't comment on things you have very little knowledge of, GFC are all smoke and mirrors and possibly now believe their own hype.


I think the main reason for Guernsey climbing up the divisions is down to the quality of imported players that they have introduced over the last few years. Without the likes of Barton, Sayer, Pool, Campbell, Barnes etc there is no way that GRUFC could field a side capable of competing at this level and that is the reason for them suffering heavy defeats with such key players out injured. There is currently a huge gulf in class between the 1st and 2nd team sides and hence I would disagree that there are many players capable of stepping up. I would defend Reynolds in respect of the accusation of him favouring his friends as that is completely untrue but at the same time believe that the praise heaped upon him for his influence in taking the team up the leagues is a little misguided.

With regard to players being paid, I understand that this is not the case generally but that an exception has been made for Malcolm Barnes, hardly surprising as he was playing for Waikato in the ITM Cup only a couple of seasons ago!

Down and Out

Haha i defintely don't play myself, far too old for that. As i said i'm not going to start throwing names around of people who are currently being picked that shouldn't be. But anyone who watches the 1sts regularly knows there are players who consistently play poorly, miss tackles etc, who always seem to get back in.

I don't know Mr Reynolds personally so there is every chance what i have heard could be wrong, but it seems strange to me that certain players get a free pass.

My only 'axe' is that i can see how clicky Gsy Rugby is, and i agree with Lucky that it is a structural issue.

I concede that my first post might have been a bit too unequivical

Shake it up

I can see what Down and Out is saying, although i don't agree with the way he/she has said it.

'Playing favourites' is somethinng that all coaches do, they have players they rate more than others, happens in every sport.

The problem with Gsy Rugby is that the coach is also a player and therefore friends with a number of those players.

I will throw this out there though, is there an elitism issue between the first and second team? I heard, and i must stress i'm not suggesting i know it's fact, that the first team only go out on the Town together, and you're not 'allowed' to join the festivities unless you're in the first team.


dear all who have commented!

i am a 1st team player and reading the above comments make me laugh out loud - it never amazes me what drival old down and out players write on such issues.

if you really care and want to be involved then you have a choice, come down to the club introduce yourself and say that you would like to help out and be on the committee - easy as that, then you will have 1st hand knowledge of information that you clearly dont currently know!

and if your an ex-player shouting your mouth then you should have trained harder when you had your chance then you wouldnt be so sour about such issues now!

that is all.


I'm sorry but you are wrong, I'm a Second team member and the only thing wrong is these one sided views. Jordan has brought many young talent through and I know for a fact worked around the clock to develop them, he has even introduced 4 second team members to the first team this season alone, which is encouraging for players like myself.

I'm sure if Jordan was local this wouldn't be an issue, we need to get pass this and move on, to many guys complain in our second team yet never even turn up to training, we have 5 most nights, while the first team are training 3 nights a week. I enjoy playing seconds when we can get enough numbers but that is never these days. That is not the first team or Jordan fault, yes they socialise together as do our seconds, so what?! That is pretty normal considering we play on different days. I have socialised with Jordan and the team before and never felt not their equal!

I don't think there are any second team players that should be in the first apart from who he is there now as, just my opinion but it's true.

Jordan does deserve praise and has worked extremely hard to get the team to two promotions, yes the team has improved but that does just happen. I have seen it first hand and his training session are above anything being seen here before.

Like you all said you have only heard these things, well coming from someone that is playing second team I can assure you the only problem here are peoples egos.

And trust me, Jordan is not friends with these guys when it comes to rugby, he is far from it and anyone that has played or playing would tell you that.


Some of these comments are a load of rubbish, Ive been involved with Guernsey rugby for around 15 years, I can honestly say Jordan has done Guernsey rugby wonders, I have played 2nd team and 1st team and the sheer class between the two sides its clear, as much as i would like to the younger "locals" being brought through the ranks, watching 1st team and 2nd team games it obvious the some not all of the 2nds and youngsters would not be able to step up to National 3 level due to size and skill. as for people saying 2nd team players dont get a chance, im sure there have been a number of 2nd team regulars that have played 1st team this season likes of Dave Davison, Ben Challinor, Leon Gardner, Andy Rigden, Dan Cooper, to name a few.

As for the people talking about GFC keeping guernsey sporting reputation intact, look at the facts Rugby are 5 divisions below the premiership, GFC are what 12 divisions?? Yes i admit they have done well but they will be winning lots of games in the next 2-3 seasons

st jacques

Yeah i disagree about the comments that the first team and jordan do not socialise with anyone. My first time in the rugby club was great and jordan himself walk over to me to introduce himself and have a talk with me, i explain i was a colt player and now playing for st jacques (his comments on that were "great, as long as your playing rugby still") and we talked for ages about all sorts.

He then introduced me to all the boys and invite my friends to join them, the first team lads bought us a few jugs and we had a great night.

Those guys work extremely hard and you can see the intensity of their rugby comes through with how close they are, jordan told me socialising together is a huge part of having a successful team, and i totally agree, but i do disagree with you that they are not open to outsides, im from a different club and they were more then happy to drink with me and my football mates.

The comment that jordan has little to do with the team success is a joke, yes imports bring the standard up but imports have been here for years, its the coach that clicks it all together, the style of rugby they play now is miles ahead of 5 years ago.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt for some of you to actually see him and the team in action at training, its pretty good!!


Yes, imports have been here for years but nowhere near the quality of those present now. There are several including the likes of Barnes, Barton and Campbell that would not look out of place in the upper echelons of the National Leagues and are not necessarily fulfilling their potential by playing for GRUFC. Take out this level of ability and the 1st team struggle and whilst I will be cheering on those 2nd team players making the step up tomorrow I fear for a third defeat in as many weeks.

Local supporter

We if that's your view then your hardly a supporter, just a very negative person. The island doesn't need such people who probably don't offer anything to the community but their 5 mins of fame on a forum.

Tough league means tough challengers

Come on guernsey!!!!