Green Lions back on top

AFTER watching Guernsey FC return to the top of the CCL Premier Division, coach Tony Vance hailed his side’s ongoing development.

Dominic Heaume, who was made captain for the night after Sam Cochrane was taken ill, scored twice in Guernsey FC’s victory at Hartley Wintney last night. (Picture by Matt Bunn, 1206950)

AFTER watching Guernsey FC return to the top of the CCL Premier Division, coach Tony Vance hailed his side’s ongoing development.

The Green Lions edged out bottom side Hartley Wintney in a 4-3 thriller last night, withstanding a late fightback after seeing Ben Coulter sent off in a nervy ending.

However, braces apiece from Ross Allen and Dom Heaume secured the three points, with Vance in positive mood ahead of Saturday’s top-of-the-table clash against Badshot Lea.

‘We really had to grind out the points in the end tonight against a side who were certainly better than their league position suggests,’ he said.

‘For all those people who believe we are playing pub teams, perhaps if they came and watched an away game like this, then they would realise this is not an easy league at all.'

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laurie carre

Any other football in guernsey this week ?



Probably not in midweek!

I'm surprised that nobody commented on my idea on the last thread about creating a new league structure involving the GFA clubs plus the business and social league clubs. I would at least have expected a few negative criticisms but no comments at all was quite unexpected! Not sure what to read into that.

Laurie, Kevin Graham et al, what did you think of the idea?


Laurie - I may have a 5-a-side game with some mates tomorrow lunchtime. I'm fully expecting a GP reporter there to report on my goalscoring exploits.

laurie carre

GM. i really havent thought about that one, but any new ideas are worth consideration, and why not.Im sure there will be problems,but if people can get around a table and really try to get on and put any problems behind them, for the sake of gsy football as a whole. It would be very interesting if you could work out a structure as to how you would see it working, i for one would be open to anything that would save gsy football.

Paul Hubert

No other football on the planet worth writing about or sending a reporter too if you are the guernsey press

Kevin Graham


I think it's an excellent idea.

I don't consider myself to be much of an expert on how best to restructure local league football if that is what is required, but your idea makes a lot of sense.

I guess I'd like to see the non GFA clubs more closely affiliated with the GFA clubs so that the income over the bar/canteen etc stayed in football rather than went to pubs/clubs etc - I'm not bothered about Sandpiper's profits but if even an extra 3 quid per player was spent at a GFA club as a result I think that would be a big boost. Port Soif for example could host a lot more games and their clubhouse would be capable of hosting 4 teams every Sunday lunchtime, as would the Rec, Saints and Bels' clubs if the pitches were made available.

The idea would hopefully lead to one or two ambitious sides (think La Favorita Strollers, Specsavers and London House Dogs amongst others over the years) attempt to get through the leagues like Port nee Tiger City once did.

Your ideas and input on the previous thread were IMO very constructive and I think we're singing from a similar hymn sheet - really positive stuff as far as I'm concerned.



Many thanks and I'm glad that you have centred on what I think is the glue which could bring it all back together - for the existing GFA clubs to adopt/affiliate with social and business league clubs for the benefit of all. More bar revenue, more "club spirit" by having home bases for training and matches, more joint fundraising to keep improving and maintaining those facilities, better pitches (with changing rooms) for the social/business league teams to play on, raising the standard for all and creating a much better and stronger pyramid of local football.

The more recreational sides would happily play Division 3/4 football within that structure, and the more ambitious ones could progress. The top division could perhaps be structured as a Premier League, maybe with the existing Priaulx League clubs filling 7 places and another 3 places going to "new" teams to create a strong and competitive 10-team league (compared with the present Priaulx League), with perhaps one-up/one-down, and with two-up/two-down between the other divisions. An FA Cup between all the clubs would have a lot more meaning and context for all concerned. Something like that would really freshen things up for the whole of Guernsey football.

Maybe a GFC Reserve team (perhaps Under-21s) could be one of the 10 Premier League teams, with only those players being able to be called up for GFC and effectively hold a dual registration. That would mean that the GFC first team squad could be reduced to a core of (say) 16-18 players, who would ONLY play for GFC and so could not play in the domestic league. That might also appease a few of the GFC critics.


At present there are 7 Priaulx League teams, 8 Jackson League teams, 8 Division One Business League teams, 8 Division Two Business League teams and 6 Sunday League teams. That's 37 teams. Add in a GFC Reserve team and that's 38 teams. It might not be too difficult to find 2 extra teams made up of players from the Veterans League. All in all, a 40-team league structure might be viable.

A Premier League (in fact no reason why its not just a Division 1) and three other divisions of 10 teams each would be an interesting structure. Teams could play each other twice or three times a season (18 or 27 league games), plus a Cup competition. Good use of grounds with floodlights in midweek.

Inter-island tournaments could work as well, with teams playing against their equivalent level teams from Jersey.

If the existing GFA clubs were prepared to embrace and support this then they could benefit considerably. Surely this would have to be a big improvement on the currently fragmented, divisive "structure" which exists at the moment, and would also mitigate the effect of GFC whilst not in any way holding back what GFC does. The only impact for them would be a smaller pool of players for them to call on, but an U21/Reserve side for GFC in the league structure would cater for that.

Shed Ender

GM, Kevin Graham what constructive and well thought out ideas. As you said this is the direction local football should be going.

Everyone can be accommodated including GFC.

As a GFC supporter I can see why it is not everyone's cuppa tea, but it certainly has woken everyone up in local football and if these ideas come to fruition all the better.


Shed Ender

It first needs the GFA , GFC and the Sunday League and Business League officials to put whatever differences they have got behind them so that they can consider evolution from a clean slate, with everybody wanting to see progression.

Malcolm Ogier

Oh god I am so sick of reading all this continued tripe from football do gooders. Just finish your on and on know it all sagas about what is best for guernsey football and accept that for every one of you that support GFC or the GFA and realise that there are treble the amount of us who just don't give a damn. Bored, bored, bored, football is just not that important and those who play or support or continue to write, including the boring press, should just go away xxxxxx


Malcolm Ogier

As it clearly bothers you so much, I would respectfully suggest that you don't bother reading it. You won't then need to wind yourself up into such a state that you feel the need to post such comments. It's quite easy really. Leave it to those who do actually care.


Well said GM, he obviously does care or he would not have opened the forum link!

Anybody at the game yesterday would have seen exactly what the GFC is all about. Great community spirit seeing families having a great day out, supporting the island and also seeing a great game of football with both sides giving it 100%.

Bring on the next game!