Allen rescues a point for GFC

NOT for the first time, Ross Allen was Guernsey FC’s hero with an injury-time goal at Footes Lane on Saturday.

NOT for the first time, Ross Allen was Guernsey FC’s hero with an injury-time goal at Footes Lane on Saturday.

His strike claimed a 1-1 draw against Badshot Lea in the battle between the CCL Premier Division’s top two after Adam Cornell had struck for the visitors.

The result leaves GFC two points behind Badshot, but with a game in hand, although the Green Lions have dropped into third and behind Egham Town.

After the late equaliser, GFC coach Tony Vance was delighted to be involved in a ‘brilliant game of football’.

‘With the way the game panned out, I would have to say that is a point gained for us today,’ he said.

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laurie carre



Makes sense Laurie, as 11 out of 12 people who watched football locally at the weekend were at the GFC game!

laurie carre

JOHNO, thats ok,but do real fans want to read about games that happened a fortnight ago, i believe there were 2 games in jersey but no report or scores on the internet


Spot on Laurie, not to mention Rob Batiste's nonsensical points in Monday's paper (I suggest you go and watch one of the "normal" games Rob, where GFC score handfuls of goals for fun, rather than one of the few games that is likely to be competetive this year).

I don't bother buying the Press anymore, the sports coverage is woeful, and I really do mean woeful. And the rest of the paper isn't much better either, all in all only fit to be read whilst having a sit down in the little boys' room.


Laurie / Phil

Plenty of reporting on the Priaulx games today in the Press!

Phil, I doubt you take too much notice of GFC but if you did, you would know that there have been plenty of very competitive matches this year!

I have to say I find the jealousy against GFC quite incredible, get yourself down to a game boys and cheer yourself up :-)

James Rihoy

Johno your attitude stinks and does no favours for GFC. Lets have a GFC stand off, let's boycott their games and make a stand against them and their supporters. The press will also pay for the bias continually printed, IMO it is high time for a change of the sports editor. Report the facts on an ethical and fair way or just as the scousers have done with the sun we should boycott them too



If you are relying on the Internet then you will only see the lead story. It's clearly not feasible for the website to provide the full contents of the printed paper. Yes, it's often Tuesday before the reports of the weekend's other games are published, but is that really the end of the world if it doesn't appear on the Monday? 24 hours late is no big deal for games watched by barely two men and a dog.



Well that makes the players who love the game and train hard for their clubs feel great. Well done!!!!!


James Rihoy

"my attitude stinks" what by showing my support for a community football club. I fully support local GFA clubs and have done financially in the past. Attitude like yours makes me realise why I no longer do it.

I think the GP give a very balanced view considering that the GFC club supporters vastly outnumber the GFA clubs, that is not being biased, its a a FACT.

There is no reason why the two cannot live side by side.

Can you explain exactly why you are so against the GFC?



Just facing facts. Those players and their clubs already know the result. To the rest of the world an extra day to see the report won't kill us. And yes, I do read them! Ok so its more than two men and a dog. Maybe 50.


Laurie, the Press published the report on the Bels match in yesterday's press. It was a report from the Jersey based reporter.

It is sad to see that there is not more coverage, but there is pressure from other sports to give them some covergae as football generally does tend to get most of the coverage.

In years gone by all first team matches would have a reporter at them, sadly those days are gone.

If you want to know up to date scores, I would suggest you start using Twitter as most clubs have an account and usually update their scores.

On the GFC front, there have only been the odd one sided match, a lot have been very competitive and Badshot Lea were an excellent team and certainly not a pub team.

James Rihoy

Johno I was not against GFC at the start but my attitude has changed as the project has affected local football so badly and the press have completely swamped our lives with news about them in such a biased way I am sick of reading about them. Community Club this Community Club that, utter tosh, a Community Club would not destroy the Community football in the way this has. I might add that I am not blaming GFC for the way they are portrayed, in fact I think they do things very professionally and are good ambassadors for Guernsey. I just hate the way the press continue to give us page after page of GFC, and although I am a local football supporter I really do think that the coverage is undermining other sports now. A Community is not only interested in one sport and other sports persons deserve coverage on an level playing field. Mr Batiste also provides his sermons, giving his own personal reasons for this and that when he should allow his reporters to report the sports, keep his comments to himself or down his local with his mates. Sport is all about opinions but why should we have the world according to Mr Batiste on our breakfast table every Saturday


GFC fan, you're obviously so dazzled by GFC that you can't see facts. Here are some examples of results this season, and bear in mind it's only November; 8-0, 5-2, 3-0, 6-0, 5-1, 4-1, 5-2. That's hardly the "odd one sided match" is it, GFC score 3.4 goals for each goal they concede, a far higher ratio than any other team in the league.

With the odd exception the standard of teams in the league is poor, as is the footballing knowledge of most GFC supporters, who primarily turn up to be part of the crowd and catch up on gossip with fellow "fans".


If you look at recent results then its not quite as clear as that... Out of their last twelve matches, they have only won by more than the two goals on three occasions... So I think my comments is about right.

September 2012

01 Sat 15:00 Cup (FA Vase) Away Crowborough Athletic W 3 - 2

08 Sat 13:00 League Away Ash United W 5 - 1

15 Sat 15:00 Cup (FA Vase) Home Farnham Town W 2 - 0

22 Sat 15:00 League Home Colliers Wood United W 5 - 3

25 Tue 19:30 League Away Sandhurst Town W 2 - 0

29 Sat 14:00 League Away Chessington & Hook United W 4 - 1

October 2012

13 Sat 13:00 Cup (FA Vase) Away Whyteleafe W 3 - 2

20 Sat 15:00 League Home Bedfont Sports W 5 - 2

27 Sat 15:00 League Away Wembley W 2 - 0

30 Tue 19:45 League Away Horley Town D 1 - 1

November 2012

06 Tue 19:30 League Away Hartley Wintney W 4 - 3

10 Sat 13:00 League Home Badshot Lea D 1 - 1

true true

I must say, I along with many other true fans and players for that matter have a huge frustration with a Mr Rob Batiste reporting (not him as a person). When he offers up his opinions it increases negativity to GFC or anything else. Most common gripes with him include

1) One sided reports

2) Factually incorrect reports

3) Exspressing his own view as fact and being negative to anyone who disagrees with him. This is my pet hate and i don't know where his superiority complex comes from

4) Not providing balanced arguements

For example his recent report belittling people on a forum firstly did not engage any concerns raised (e.g. finances, majority of footballers being worse off etc) and simply focussed on the odd comment re pub teams. Clever reporting I must say and not a school ground mentality

Lets not forget he hailed ''Tics'' as our saviour etc and that was an utter disaster (surprisingly not reported as so despite online concerns with the project).

I for one like reading the odd GFC update. Half a page is fine and quite interesting but much more and it becomes a report featuring lots of names i have never heard and don't care for. GFC played well, x y and z scored 3 each, job done. Not endless plages of GFC captain likes pasta for tea and likes playing football.

Can i just say this view is nothing againt Mr Batiste personally or the GFC project (and i have not commented on his personality etc as i do not know him and I'm sure he's a lovely man) but i feel when he has the press to air his views why does he bellittle those whose only chance to air concerns and have a constrctive discussion is on here. Perhaps he could listen to a few of the concerns.

P.s i don't like mentioning specific people of forums but felt following his comments which criticised people without offering the opportunity for defence that this is warranted and i hope you would agree I have only commented on reporting etc and not critised anything else but the quality and content of reports. I feel if you criticise people in public you have to accept to constructve criticism in return


@ Phil

It is rather insulting to say the majority of GFC fans knowledge of football is poor. I have watched local football for over 20 years so am I in that category? I also see some that have been involved for over 40 years, are they ignorant as well? I would say that there are a lot of new fans watching these games, surely that it is a good thing? We all have to start somewhere.

How many matches have you watched? Some recent results would appear to show that some of the teams are quite good. Badshot were a good outfit and even the recent match against bottom of the table Hartley Wintney showed that even they were a decent team.


Anti GFC Fans

Surely (as has been mentioned in the past) this project has got to be worth giving a go!

If it all goes T*ts up then come back and have a go at the 1,000+ people that support it regularly.

I can see both sides of the arguement, other than the arguements about the quality of the league.

The standard is much better than most people give it credit for, anybody remember the last Muratti result....4-0 I seem to recall, hhhhhmmm wonder why that was, maybe the GFC playing week in week out helped!



Your earlier post quite clearly stated "the odd one sided game" and you continue to put forth that assertion, despite my post proving that it fundamentally isn't accurate. You're being very selective with what you're arguing, much like the chief GFC reporter Rob Batiste.

Of course there are some experienced football people at GFC games, if you look closely you'll see that I said "most" (meaning more than half) which is entirely correct.


Ironically, my footballing highlight of the year, the Muratti, has been ruined by Guernsey being so much better than Jersey. Last years was the most unexciting match for a long time!



Whilst I have nothing at all against the Priaulx League, it seems a bit ironic you saying the CCL has one sided games when most of us could probably give the finishing order of the Priaulx league from 1-7 could you do the same for the 1-7 in the CCL......apologies the 1-22 in the CCL!

Looking at the Priaulx League Bels have played 7 and have a GD of 37, GFC have played 14 with a GD of 36! Say no more.

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Mark Moore


'Is it worth giving a go at any cost?' No in my opinion. When it does go T*ts up it will be too late as it will already have affected much more than the 1,000+ who are blindly singing their favourite, embarrasing GFC song. It will have paid for about 30 footballers to play against poor English sides and your 1,000+ to have a nice afternoon GFC spotting

It will also have exhausted any potential funding for youth football or opportunities for youngsters in any sport. It takes all of the media and therefore it takes all of the sponsorship away from any other club and any other sport. Look outside the GFC box and see what it is doing to much more than you 1,000+, see how selfish you are


Mark Moore

I think you need to read my post a bit closer, I did not say "at any cost"

I assume like probably most of the anti GFC whingers on here, that you've never been to a game? If not it is an insult to the 1,000+ at every game. If you had bothered to go you would could meet some of the finest players ever to grace an island shirt in the crowd.

I am a Guernseyman to the core and feel it is great to have something to be very proud of. These players are a credit to Guernsey.

Far from ruining local football it will encourage far more into the game.

I can assure you that whilst I sponsor GFC in a small way I also sponsor other sports and will continue to do so. So "selfish" I don't think so.

Support for youth football is to be encouraged, but what ultimately is the aim? to play for Bels, North, Rovers etc etc week in week out or to aim at a higher level like GFC where the level is far superior and will get better as they hopefully climb the leagues.

Go into the schools and talk to the kids about local football, they look up to local players, who I have to say are great role models for local kids.

I have nothing else to add as its obviously a contentious issue, none of us are ever going to agree. Personally I cannot wait for the next game!


A few points that are often missed are these…

Was Priaulx and the rest of the local game in a good state of affairs before GFC came along?

In my opinion, no. Crowds were dwindling and it seemed there were more and more one sided matches. The League was generally won by one of the big three and that does not look like changing anytime soon with Bels apparently running away with it this season. It would appear that they are a League of their own, we are in the middle of November and they have yet to drop a point. So when people start criticising CCL for not being competitive, you might want to look closer to home.

Something needed to change, whether GFC was the right way or not only time will tell. Clubs agreed to its inception so fair play to them for seeing that something had to change and for the backing they gave it and I believe many still do.

Young players were also leaving the game not long after they left Junior football. It was sad that the U21 Development League was kicked out. We have to accept that youngsters of today have so many more sports and activities that they can enjoy. Look at the advances that Cricket, Rugby and Athletics have made over the recent past with all the opportunities they now get, in compared to 30 years ago when Football was king.

I know so many kids that may have moved onto another sport or given it up all together but now are setting their goal as playing for their Island team in a UK League. Of course many of these may well not be good enough, but the hope surely is that they will stick to playing the game all of us on here love. Whether that be for GFC, a Priaulx side, Jackson football or for a Business League side. Just so wish that they could somehow be brought back into the fold. Some sort of linkup really does need to happen as other posters have suggested.

Football over here is still very strong, we seem to beat the old enemy regularly and I would say that there is much better support for football here than across the water. Just going by the crowds you see at inter-insular matches there and also when Jersey play in their cup competition that of course we did so well in a few years ago.

GFC is at the moment here to stay, I do believe that all involved in the local game need to work together to make us all stronger. Whether that be GFC, GFC or the many clubs. I have seen it from both sides, I spent over 20 years involved in a local club before falling out of love of the local game, because of falling standards and attitudes of certain players. GFC has brought be back to watching local football and enjoying it greatly.

GFC have put Guernsey on the map in football circles. The amount of media coverage has been great. I know many of you tire of it, but surely the hope is that some of this good feeling will come to the local clubs and they will benefit from it?

Sara Thompson

Does it matter if the people in the GFC crowd are 'true' football supporters?

They are paying good money to be entertained by a sport you would have thought that everyone posting on this thread would love, something very few of them would do to watch any of the GFA clubs.

I find it a huge shame that this cannot be accepted.

And surely it's up to the Press to decide what is covered, not anyone else?


Second to last paragraph should have read

"GFC is at the moment here to stay, I do believe that all involved in the local game need to work together to make us all stronger. Whether that be GFC, GFA or the many clubs"


No one ever answers criticism on the majority of players or the sustainability of GFC. 1,000+ fans is good but its already down on last year and won't pay the bills. We need a plan B which is maintain standards etc in the Priaulx before it dies.

As for the quality of the teams they are ok but not brilliant. I think thats fair but we have to progress through the leagues so it is was it is.

If people are chucking stats around as a judgement of success i would suggest your average Priaulx game attendance matches that of the average CCL game if you remove GFC and their army of ''fans''

P.s. I think there would be less hostility without articles such as Rob Batiste's or 5 page spreads on GFC as it breeds anger from those 59,000 of us that only have a passing interest and like all sports (I'm a rugby fan)

If it is to be a community club is has to be less us and them

Keiran Deane

Firstly Johno

I unlike probably most of the anti GFC whingers on here, have been to a game. Tried to watch it but it was so one sided that I left just after half time, the away team were awful and didnt even have the same coloured socks on across the team!

I am also a Guernseyman to the core and feel it is a great shame that you just dont see the bigger picture.

It is complete rubbish that GFC will encourage far more into the game, when players/youngsters realise that there are only 11 shirts to play for if you aim for GFC and the standard you will need to be will be unacheivable for 99% of players. Of course support for youth football is to be encouraged, but unless the bulk of players ultimately aim to play for Bels, North, Rovers etc etc week in week out they are never realistically going to even get a game. Most just will not be good enough to aim at a higher level like GFC where the current level is very poor and eventually it will be far superior and GFC will not be able to compete by just using Guernsey players.

Go into the schools and be realistic to the kids about local football, tell them the importance of playing well for their clubs if they want to have any chance at all of playing for GFC.

Now GFC fan

No the Priaulx and the rest of the local game was not in a good state of affairs before GFC came along but it is in one heck of a worse state now!

Your comments show just how much you know about local football. Bels might be in a great position this year, at the moment, but they did not even finish in the top 3 last year. They have obviously worked hard to repair their league position and good for them. To state that the League was generally won by one of the top three (not big three as Bels would not be involved in a big three list in some peoples eyes) is probably correct and these things do go in cycles but at least in the main the 7 team league was competitive with even the bottom sides pulling off the odd shock. The top 3 or 4 or even 5 teams always stood a chance at the start of the season, just the same as they do today. So dont come the big 3 running away with it comment, the GFA season thus far has been competitive and some excellent football has been played and what Bels have achieved so far this season is excellent and for some said at the start, and that includes the press, they would struggle for a Wheway spot come the end of the season. They are not in a league of their own and if they are doing better than anyone else right now it has nothing to do with history it has to do with what the club and the coaches are doing right now.

Clubs agreed to its inception at the start as they were under the impression, as actually, verbally said by Tony Vance, that GFC was there to find the next Matt Le Tissier. It was to put players in the shop window and give them exposure that they would otherwise not get. It was pushed and pushed that it must be seen as a community venture as that is what the sponsors wanted to hear and see in the local/national media. The inclusion of Rob Batiste and his appearance at the initial meetings when discussing the venture with the clubs was a very clever move by GFC. He could provide much needed local exposure and could use the 'community' word in every sentence written to ensure the sponsor gets what he wants. He has been used as a publicity puppet which probably did a good job at the start but now there are more of us who are getting to the point that enough is enough of both him and when realising that GFC is not what it was meant to be. None of the current players are going to be the next Matt Le Tissier as if we ever find another one he will be found at the age of 10 to 17, or a little earlier or even a little later. GFC do not use players of this age and therefore GFC is not what it promoted itself to be,

Football over here is not very strong it is very poor and we do beat the old enemy regularly as we are able to use the GFC players at the moment. Once GFC players are paid in any guise they will no longer be able to play representative football.

I dont give a damn about the crowd size I really care about availability and participation of football for all and when I say all I mean not only 11 GFC players.


ps GFC fan what exactly was so wrong about the local game before GFC. Crowds were down on the good old days nut that is hardly surprising given you can now watch every game going on sky......personally watching Messi on TV beats even watching GFC!


Keiran Deane...that is a great post and well balanced so the GFC PR machine(joke) can't accuse you of just being bitter. I would also like to see Rob Batiste respond directly given you have used your real name!

The problem with GFC and the ''youth'' arguement is that yes it will encourage 11 year olds that there is something to aim for but when they are 16/17 and playing in a poor quality local league with no coverage or crowds they are hardly going to put the work in to reach the next level and will quickly become demotivated.

They'd be much better off at 16 playing against top Priaulx players and playing in the odd systems cup than against teams that can barely get 11 players out

Clive Coxon

Keiran Deane

I too agree with fanboy your post is fair and balanced but because of that I dont think you will get a reply or reaction from anyone

leave a reply

Quite right Mr Coxon. It will only be of interest if it fits the agenda!

Sara Thompson

There seem to be signs of GFA and GFC working together.

Why not? The game's the same.

Let's hope the board appointments of Steve Sharman and Angus Mackay will mark the beginning of the end of the pointless bitching.

And no matter whether you are pro or anti GFC, you cannot knock a team which comes back from 3-0 down away from home to win.