Be wary of Tring threat says coach

TRING will provide a much sterner test today than the league table suggests, Guernsey coach Jordan Reynolds has warned.

Scott Davidson is expected to swap with Blair Reynolds and play first receiver this afternoon at Footes Lane. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1293741)
Scott Davidson is expected to swap with Blair Reynolds and play first receiver this afternoon at Footes Lane. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1293741)

TRING will provide a much sterner test today than the league table suggests, Guernsey coach Jordan Reynolds has warned.

The visitors are currently 12th in the 14-team National Three London & South East, but are enjoying a decent run of form that saw them begin 2013 with a thumping 49-13 victory over Thurrock last week.

‘Tring have got a very good fullback who was dangerous to kick to when we played them last time and they have moved him into fly half at the moment, which seems to be working quite well for them,’ Reynolds said.

‘They are sitting around the bottom of the table, but I felt they looked a decent outfit when we played them. A team who have potential and are fighting the threat of relegation makes them pretty dangerous.'

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So the guernsey rugby team missed out on another victory against Tringm, narrowly, but yet again the reasons are quite clear.

Reynolds is putting on players who he considers more as "friends" rather then players who are capable of pulling along the team and gaining more victorys.

The second team are in place to enable themselves to shine and be brought up through the ranks to be able to play. What happens when players such as Sam Stevens, and Scott Davison head off the Island, what will Reynolds do then?

It's all about team effort and commitment. Just becasue players attend training up to 3 times a week, doesn't mean they are fit, what happens to the rest of the days? they do nothing. Attending training 3 times a week is not going to bring them up to the high standards it requires to beat such stiff competition!

Reynolds needs to apply a strict regime that involves training and gym, not just training.

Another thing, many players head out after games, but it seems that most of them can't seem to hadle their alcohol.

Rules need to be put in place, you fight, you're out for a month. Simple.

What kind of example are you setting for those younger players using you as role models and aspiring to some day come up to the standard you are at now?

One last point, surely a coach should lead by example and be able to show the team the way? Surely this includes being at a good level of fitness and bing able to show the players how it's done? Somehow i don't think this is happenening.

Although there are many wins, step up the game lads.


Very harsh, unfair even! I can't speak for the whole team, but two work colleagues who are 1st XV regulars are at the gym on a daily basis and fastidious about diet, including (especially) alcohol. Post match beers are rightly and thankfully still part of the game. That's not to condone the behaviour of players that have been involved in an any incidents, but don't lump all of the players together!


This is pretty silly, none of your comments have any truth to them. The first team are always in the gym, maybe turn up before their training session and you will see them working hard. Not to mention the guys who are hitting the gym in their lunch break.

They also do a great deal of fitness and tue nights are the night reynolds does this, either on the field or in the gym for circuit training.

I don't see why reynolds needs to be fit as i don't know a great deal of coaches who do train with the team, so this brings me to think your knowledge is limited. But to help the situation, the reason that reynolds doesn't train is due to the fact he is waiting for an op on his achilles, the same reason he doesn't play anymore. Read a paper sometime.

The second team average 4 players to a training session, when they train, im sure he is selecting the right players.



Clearly you have no idea about how we train seeing as pretty much the whole team do gym sessions before training and on Monday's and Wednesday also some players gym on there lunch break so your comment on that is pretty stupid because clearly you have no clue!

I hardly think Jordan plays his friends because players from the second team have stepped up this season but when you have a second team who trains once a week? Its not exactly a situation where you can take your pick of players! He plays the players who he thinks are the best at that position.

As of goin out and fighting this is also clearly something that you have just heard through the grape vine, were you there when something has happend with a rugby player?

Why don't you just keep your incorrect statement to your self and back the team that is representing your island

george l

what a shame GSY rug Club has such a % of " hooligans and undesirables " playing for them

read the press for the latest news concering one of their players and the quite Thuggish behaviour

I for one along with many others i know will stay away from any game involving such " idiots " and i sincerely hope the club suffer as they quite obviously promote such loutish behaviour