Guernsey taught a lesson in desire at Grammar

Guernsey 21,Tring 22

Guernsey 21,


IT CAME late but victory was nothing less than Tring deserved.

On a day when the match was switched to the Grammar School pitch a few hundred yards across Footes Lane with the Osmond Priaulx Field waterlogged, Guernsey and the visitors both ended the match caked in mud but it was not hard to distinguish the victors from the hosts.

The Tring side celebrated victory as if they had won the National Three London & South-East championship while Guernsey’s heads hung low, disappointed to have let a nine-point second-half lead slip.

Coach Jordan Reynolds, though, was in no mood for mincing his words at the final whistle.

‘Tring played a lot better than we did,’ he said.

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george l

Desire - ha ha ha

GRFC how about some class? ( i doubt it - i for one will never entertain supporting that club in anyway whatsoever).

jersey rugby club =class act

Guernsey Rubby club = somewhat poor effort with players who would be better suited at a Millwall away game

GSY people supporting JRFC - why not i wish them well in the Siam cup