Plucky Watson is out in third

SHE put up an early fight, but Heather Watson’s journey in the Australian Open came to an end at the hands of the impressive Agnieszka Radwanska in Melbourne today.

Heather Watson
(Picture by Julian Finney/Getty Images, 1295847)

SHE put up an early fight, but Heather Watson’s journey in the Australian Open came to an end at the hands of the impressive Agnieszka Radwanska in Melbourne today.

The 20-year-old Sarnian won just two games against the fourth seed in last year’s match at Wimbledon and although she acquitted herself better on this occasion, the outcome was much the same in the Hisense Arena.

Watson eventually lost 6-3, 6-1, but was well in the contest for much of the first set, before succumbing to the Pole’s ruthlessness in the second.

‘Today I went into the match differently from last time.  Last time, I didn’t really know what I was going to do, but this time I had a game plan,’ she said  afterwards.

‘I have just realised that myself I need to work on mentally staying focused and being there mentally throughout without, you know, blinking, because I can’t let it pass me by,’ Watson added this morning.

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Dont give up the day job Heather



You really are an idiot.




Well said bloke


PB Falla

I would have thought you should be pleased that this talented and charming young lady is being a great ambassador for our lovely island - giving it much needed publicity.


Shes a very very average player,hardly great publicity


PB Falla

Top 50 in the world is not "very very average". She is also a fantastic ambassador for Guernsey.

That comment, and your recent comments about Jimmy Savile, should be enough to get you permanently banned from this site.


PB Falla

What planet are you on? Well said GM.

Bring on the ban ... or maybe that would give him/her too much pleasure. We'd probably be best just to ignore his/her stupid comments!

vic gamble

Burdock...."his/her"...I do believe you give too much credibility here...



Which part of this websites acceptable use policy do you think PB Falla has breached?

I don't agree with his opinions on Jimmy Saville and Heather Watson however he has every right to an opinion on these individuals and to express it. It's called freedom of speech and evidently you think this human right should be restricted to whatever you personally feel is an agreeable point of view.

On the other hand you have repeatedly breached the acceptable use policy and risk action being taken against you.

Here are some of the conditions which I feel you have breached:

Content must not:

Contain any material which is defamatory of any person.

Contain any material which is obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory.

Be threatening, abuse or invade another’s privacy, or cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

Be likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person.

The policy states: "Failure to comply with this acceptable use policy constitutes a material breach of the terms of website use upon which you are permitted to use our site, and may result in our taking all or any of the following actions:

Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our site.

Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded by you to our site.

Issue of a warning to you.

Legal proceedings against you for reimbursement of all costs on an indemnity basis (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breach.

Further legal action against you.

Disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably feel is necessary."


PB - Heather Watson's day job is a professional tennis player, so you're absolutely right encouraging her not to give it up. She has after all broken into the top 50 in the world and only lost to a top 5 seeded player who's on an unbeaten run, and as GM says she is a great ambassador for the island. Keep going Heather!



So you want freedom of speech but not if it counters your views? How ironic.

There is a huge difference between arguing like a 5 year old, which is what you do incessantly, and the ridiculous comments made by PB Falla which are nothing other than gratuitous trolling.

I stand by absolutely everything I have said to you.

I am no more "guilty" of any of those content breaches than you are, but then again you won't realise that. You really don't see the irony do you?

Once again - grow up. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But don't come on here in that style and expect everybody to agree with you and be taken in by your nonsense. If you create confrontation, as you do, then you will get it back, with interest.

Freedom of speech, but only if Spartacus agrees. After all, Spartacus is NEVER wrong....



I have no problem whatsoever with anyone disagreeing with me I am deliberately provocative at times to stimulate intelligent debate not looking for a slanging match. I encourage alternative views. It takes two to argue like five year olds :)

However the problem YOU have is that you feel the need for repeated personal attacks and to bully people to suppress their views. You say "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". You have said this many times. Why would you want me to "get out of the kitchen"? Do you feel threatened by someone who challenges you? There must be an underlying reason why you feel this untoward behaviour is necessary. I suspect you have an undiagnosed personality disorder or anger problem.


Peabrain Falla + Spartacus

Tell me, are you sharing the same brain cell?



So you admit you are "deliberately provocative" and then complain when somebody is provoked enough to upset you prod wasps' nests for fun? What's the difference between that and a "troll"? I've heard it all now. And you request sympathy? Oh, the irony.

I can assure you that I am absolutely fine thank you very much. As I said earlier, I don't have this problem with anybody else. It must be a unique disease called "Spartacus Syndrome", presumably imported from your planet.

Seems like its catching though, as others are starting to show slightly less-advanced but steadily worsening symptoms....or haven't you noticed?

Why don't you go and be "deliberately provocative" somewhere else? How about Jersey? They'd just love you over there.


I think Spartacus and GM are becoming bored with each others comments and need to meet on a blind date to sort out their differences.

Enjoy the coming week.there is always something good at the other end of a rainbow



I provoke debate I don't provoke abuse! If you don't know the difference there is something seriously amiss with your mindset.

If you don't want to debate or to listen to anyone else's views it is very strange that you are participating on a debating forum.

You have confessed before to using different pseudonyms and gravatars. How many and why? Would you care to list the names?

And where did I request sympathy? You have got to be kidding! I have stood up for myself. You are an abuser. Look in the mirror and face up to yourself, then get help.

If you think I am going to be bullied off the forum by a malicious individual with an insecurity problem, forget it. You are dealing with Spartacus not Maurice the mouse.

And as to your creepy threat that I am going to be "outed", if I ever choose to reveal my identity it will be with the full support of my family who at that time will be adults. I have never breached any legal or professional conduct rules so I have no concerns whatsoever in that regard.



Whatever (yawn).

Your "deliberate provocation" skills clearly need some refinement.

Next, you'll be suggesting that all of the people who agreed with me were actually me posting under multiple disguises!

Once again - grow up. Maybe come back when you are grown up enough to handle the responses to your self-admitted "deliberate provocation". Put up or shut up.

Michael R

Editor: please ban both GM and Spartacus from this forum.

To hog one thread is bad enough but when their mutual antipathy and belligerence spreads elsewhere, it becomes too much.


What do other contributors think?



I don't think all of them are but I think some of them might be,it stands to reason that you would use them for this purpose, why else? How many guises do you have? You said in your post (6 Dec 12) that you have been posting under different pseudonyms for years.

I'm a thorn in your side aren't I. I have handled your responses. You feel compelled to control people but you can't control me, much to your chagrin. Try self control instead.


Ouch this really hurts. I agree with GM on this one.

Sparty, this thread is about Heather Watson and should not be hi-jacked for an excuse for you to have another pop at GM.

Sorry but I'm right. He was only standing up for Heather! He's not always wrong even if you don't like it. He does need to remember sometimes that he isn't the boss here though. Giving PB Falla a little appraisal of his behaviour

Ah! You're as bad as each other!

Go Go Heather! Whooo Hooooooooo.



Don't flatter yourself. Not a thorn in my side at all desite your "deliberate provocation" admission. A pain in the ar*e most certainly. But you haven't "handled my responses" at all. You've merely demonstrated your sheer ignorance on pensions and numerous other related topics and have just kept ramming home that message so that none of us have been left in any doubt whatsoever.

I have indeed used two pseudonyms on the pensions thread and I confirmed the other one to you. I haven't used any other ones for ages, probably a couple of years. So I'm afraid your little theory fails. Try it on somebody else at your kindergarten.


Heather is doing fantastically well, and hopefully is too busy to see the pathetic attempted hijacking of this thread by the Roman big nosed troll.

Have you really got nothing better to do with your time Spartacus? Very boring, and quite sad.


Yes Guernsey is very proud of Heather, a word class tennis superstar. I don't think she will be too bothered about PB Falla do you?

This thread should not have been hijacked by hypocrite GM having a pop at PB Falla and then by me pointing out what a hypocrite GM is. apologies.



You never said which is the other pseudonym you are owning up to... is it Phil?

Thorn in side, pain in a*se, you say tomato, either way I make you uncomfortable. Home truths I guess.

"None of us"???? Are you referring to all your pseudonyms? Do you have multiple personality disorder?

pb falla

If 50th is fantastically well all i can say is you are very easily pleased

Or is it because she reoresents guernsey i dont see anyone praising rank 49 player


"This thread should not have been hijacked by hypocrite GM having a pop at PB Falla and then by me pointing out what a hypocrite GM is. apologies".

Then four minutes later you posted again haha


PB Falla

To come from an island of 62.000 and be ranked in the top 50 in the world is a massive achievement in anybody's book except yours.

I am quite sure that number 49 is being equally feted in her home country. Not surprisingly, Guernsey fetes its own, not somebody else's, so no, you won't see number 49 being praised in the Guernsey Press.



Your post number 23 is bang out of order. In what way did I "hijack" the thread? I didn't realise it was "by invitation only'.

To call me a "hypocrite" is bizarre. You snd I dispute something, during which you state that you were being "deliberately provocative". But you cannot take it when your "deliberate provocation" has the inevitable effect of retaliation. So don't "deliberately provoke" in the first place. If you can't take it, then don't invite it.

Re your post 24, you are correct - I did not disclose my other pseudonym. I used it for a specific reason. And no, its not "Phil". I only posted twice with that pseudonym.

Now for the umpteenth time, grow up. A debate about pensions is one thing, but your behaviour over the last 48 hours is nothing other than childish trolling.


pb falla

What have you achieved in your career?

Heather Watson as followed her dream and still achieving to get better personally in her sporting career.

You being a guernseyman like me should be showing interest on any guernsey person representing our island.

pb falla

So when she was ranked 100 people still said shes great,the simple fact is she isnt great and you only call her great because shes from guernsey as confirmed in your last post

In her singles career shes won 1 lta comp

To me thats very very average

I rest my case



apologies again, GMs message was not there when I posted 4 minutes earlier.

It is quite a big deal that GM has at last confessed to using another pseudonym on the pension thread don't you think?


Oh give it a rest Spartacus.....yawn



I think you mean my post number 24?

"Hijacking the thread" means to post about something other than the content of the news article. You posted a comment about PB Falla's behaviour not a comment about Heather Watson's performance.

You are a hypocrite because you suggested that PB Falla should be banned because of his behaviour which seems to cause offense however your own behaviour is also designed to cause offense.

I provoke debate, that doesn't warrant abuse, I have tried to help you to understand that abuse for any reason is unhealthy. I can take it and have taken it because you need to understand that you cannot bully everyone into submission.

I am not sure how to avoid countering your arguments when much of what you post is your conjecture and therefore is misleading. You may believe that everything you write is "correct" but I see the evidence to the contrary so feel compelled to write that to introduce balance.

Which other pseudonym of yours are you referring to and what was the purpose?



Personally I think PBFalla contributes absolutely nothing except bile and doubt very much he would be missed.



I admitted it to you in December.

And you've never used a pseudonym?

Once again - grow up! You really are behaving very childishly. You are clearly now breaching several of the rules of this blog which you accused me of breaching. And YOU called ME a hyprocrite?


pb falla

If you've "rested your case" then its a very weak one!

Being ranked in the top 50 of any global sport like tennis is a MASSIVE achievement. How many different players actually manage to win LTA tournaments? No other British woman player has managed it for decades - what does that tell you?

Does that mean that Matt Le Tissier was very average as he "only" played 8 times for England and didn't win any Premiership titles?



In December you admitted to using various pseudonyms now you are saying just one.

Which other contributor on the pension thread is you?

I never used any other gravatar than the one you see here. The big purple one. I have used other names under this gravatar which is a trend adopted by several posters. However, in order to avoid misleading anyone, which is certainly not my intention, I now sign off such posts as Spartacus or Sparty.

I don't see anything wrong with using different names unless the intention is to deceive and give the impression that other people agree with you. If you now refuse to reveal your pseudonym it will be obvious that this is what you intended.

There is no rule against standing up to aggressive and abusive behaviour.

pb falla

It tells me womens tennis in england is very poor.

Le Tissier was a hugely talented player but lacked certain things in his game in what is a team sport and not a individual game

Maybe thats why he only got 8 caps,yes talented,the complete package,im afraid not

pb falla

I think johno is one of my followers but pretends not to be


RE TiG - I don't really want to see people banned unless they break the forum rules. Even then, the odd infraction can be dealt with by the reporting facility.

GM and Spartacus are two of the more thoughtful contributors when they're not having a lovers tiff - perhaps a trial separation might help? ;-)

Seriously though I think the forum would be poorer without them.

As for PB Falla I thought one comment was in very bad taste but he hasn't really done anything to justify a ban.

A bit more moderation to keep posts vaguely on topic is all that's needed IMO.

We are a Democracy!

It is best, in a democracy, not to go down the line of "ban them". For what? taking up space on a page? One can easily skip past their posts, and sadly for them, their points whether good or bad, relevant or not, will be lost. If I see Spartacus/PB Falla/GM have posted - my tendency is to just scroll down - points lost.



I said I had only used one other pseudonym, on two posts on the pensions debate. I also said that I had previously used various pseudonyms but not in the last 2 or 3 years. Clear enough for you?

And no - I am not revealing which pseudonym I used twice in the pensions debate. I did it for a very specific reason (which you will not understand). It is of course fine to use a pseudonym and just because you choose to operate one way, that's entirely up to you.

Dave Haslam


I cant reply directly to you for some reason, but this is aimed at your 8.36 post.

I dont think anyone should be banned, PB Falla can be troll-esque at times, I just have a giggle and move on, if others cant do that, then its their problem not his, he/she is entitled to write whatever on these boards as long as the posts dont cross the line.

As for the GM/Spartacus debate, well, its given me something to read whilst I chew on my roll, dont see the problem with it. Its been quite entertaining and I'm suprised at who's side I've fallen on, so let em fight.

Token story comment......

Unlucky Heather, a bit more power and at least 1 weapon and you'd break top 30, you are welcome round my house anytime to use my weights, I'll help ;-)


Outstanding Sport Persons

Cassius Clay

Bob Beamon

Mark Spitz

Pete Sampras

Shaun Edwarfs

Lester Piggott

Tiger Woods

Martina Navratilova

Billie J King

Steffi Graf


Lionel Messi


C Ronaldo

Nadia Comenecei

These are sportpersons that id consider outstanding or great

Not Heather Watson


I had you down as a Lance Armstrong fan PB Falla. Perhaps it was just the word 'dope' that came into my head?


Agreed PB - some outstanding names there, but let's take it in context. We're not suggesting Heather Watson is on a par with Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova however in any sport there are a lot of very good players underneath these greats.

Where Heather Watson ends up in the pantheon of tennis we'll find out in due time. In the meantime though I don't see anything wrong with giving recognition to her achievements to date - and for a local player to reach the top 50 in the world rankings of a highly competitive sport is an excellent achievement in anyone's book, apart from possibly yours that is! :-)


PB Falla

Sport is all about opinions of course, especially greatness.

Matt Le Tissier would be considered by many to be "great", one of the most skilful players ever to have played in the Premiership. But is he up there with Pele, Messi and Ronaldo ? Not quite, but not as far away as you think. No Best, Moore or Cruyff? No Federer?

Shaun Edwards? Not for me.

But in terms of being produced from an island of 62,000 people, both Matt and Heather are unquestionably "great". Ditto Alison Merrien and probably Andy Priaulx at their respective sports.

We can agree to disagree, but I'm not comfortable seeing Heather's achievements being belittled.

pb falla

I have you down as Eddie The Eagle Type but your not as handsome as Eddie

Pee Tay Pan

PB Falla is right....again

Nick Le P

@ TIG - I don't favour an outright ban but do think that better moderation is needed. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion and that should continue.

What should not is the bickering between 2 individuals which is invariably personal. For example post 46 and 49 as well as those which instigated your question.

I also think that PB Falla's comment about Jimmy Savile could have been moderated as it crossed a line for the majority of posters.


I fail to see how a very limited exchange of fewer than 40 words between two posters constitutes bickering. I thought that's what GM and Sparta do ad nauseum. Also, I find pb's harmless little Eddie the Eagle jibe a lot less 'personal' than poster 51's rather ironic pronouncements on who should be 'moderated' on this forum.

Paule (Guern in UK)

I like to read the GP when i get home from

a long shift and relax,not to see all his guff that mostly is nothing to do with Heather's achievements. Moreso it is people winding each other up, some more successfully than others quite plainly.

I follow Heathers progress as i am a guernseyman, as i did when Matt was playing, when Alison plays,when Lee runs etc. Back in the day i followed Marting Le M, Lisa Opie and any other Guerns performing om the bigger stage.

Being in the top 50 in the world in any global sport, is whatever anyone else says, a great achievement.

Keep up the good work and progress Heather, though i do hope she is too busy doing something else to read a lot of this nonsense.



Martino post 51 is a reply to TIG comment. Maybe a limit of 10 posts per thread. If you are unable to get your point across in that many then I suggest you pack your sandwiches and go back to school.


Game set and match Paule!


Could someone clever define the term "plucky" as used in the title of this piece. How does this relate to a tennis player?

Paule (Guern in UK)


Thank you !

End of thread i balls.


Or, more likely, a whole load of balls!

British No 1.

I read a lot in this thread about Heather being in the world's top 50..... nevermind that, she is the British No 1!!!! Does anybody really think that's not an acheivement to be proud of?


@ British No 1...Britain's best is 50th....enough said, not as good as she is made out to be....will not win a slam.



I came on this thread today to congratulate Heather Watson, who is an Island Star.

Please, please sort this forum out; it has overall become a personal bickering yard for a few contenders, who'm after a couple of posts turn it a play ground for personal pick off.





Guernsey Girl

I also came on here to see islanders backing a fellow islander and I am so saddened to see people bickering and even worse to see people being so negative about a very young girl who has achieved so much for her years. We should be proud of her achievements as I'm sure she is and hope she will take these negative comments with a pinch of salt because for every negative comment there are hundreds of positive and supportive comments. Well done Heather, keep up the good work.

Paule (Guern in UK)

Guernsey Girl

As with my previous post, i agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying.

Those here who choose to belittle her achievementsso far in her young career, simply do not understand what it takes to have got this far or indeed do not wish to understand and ignore the FACTS that are clear to the rest of us.

Terry Langlois

Guernsey Girl (and others) - don't take the negativity too seriously. Internet forums attract wind up merchants with little else to do with their time.

I have it on good authority that Peabrain Falla has liked Heather's Facebook page and has a poster of her on the wall above his bed.