GFC's treble dream over

Epsom & Ewell 2, Guernsey FC 0 AFTER doing well enough to hold their own for over an hour, Guernsey FC’s resolve was finally broken last night as their distant dreams of a treble were deservedly ended by Epsom & Ewell.

Goalkeeper James Hamon, arguably Guernsey FC’s best performer of the night, goes to collect a high ball in his penalty area. (Picture by Andy Nunn, 1301879)
Goalkeeper James Hamon, arguably Guernsey FC’s best performer of the night, goes to collect a high ball in his penalty area. (Picture by Andy Nunn, 1301879)

Epsom & Ewell 2, Guernsey FC 0

AFTER doing well enough to hold their own for over an hour, Guernsey FC’s resolve was finally broken last night as their distant dreams of a treble were deservedly ended by Epsom & Ewell.

But with a fixture pile-up looming in the CCL Premier Division and FA Vase, something had to give and with a number of new Green Lions appearing, it was ultimately the less-coveted CCL Premier Challenge Cup.

Saying that, the rampantly in-form ‘Es’ were frustrated for much of that opening 60 minutes or so and, with the visiting Lions looking threatening at times, hopes of keeping alive their defence of the trophy for another round looked feasible.

However, it was Kyle Hough who put paid to those hopes with 63rd and 75th minute strikes, both crucially aided by deflections, but there were still many positives to take from GFC’s  work last night.

Four debutants were on show and the quartet of Charlie Pinsard, Sam Hall, Naro Zimmerman and Jonny Coates all put in sterling shifts and suggested that they may have more than just a fleeting future with the Lions.

Throw in a superb display from 17-year-old goalkeeper James Hamon, who was the visitors’ best performer, and a decent performance from striker Nigel Hutton, and the future is looking rosy.

After just about surviving the opening 10 minutes at High Road, they looked comfortable for the remainder of the first half, which was played in torrential rain throughout.

Dale Marvell and Mark Jarman both came close for the hosts in those early stages, with Jarman’s miss particularly fortunate for GFC as he pounced on a Pinsard mistake to skip past Zimmerman and fire wide of the far post.

After the visitors settled, they did not look in too much danger and were well marshalled by centre-back Jamie Dodd, who took the captain’s armband, and formed a good partnership with Zimmerman, while Alex Le Prevost did well in front of them.

But with star strikers Ross Allen and Dom Heaume both left on the bench, attacking potency was not coming from Tony Vance’s men, despite the perseverance of Carl Wallbridge and Hutton up top.

Hutton wasted one good opening by over-hitting a cross, while he could only get studs on a Matt Loaring pass while stretching at the end of a quick counter-attack and the effort went wide.

Pinsard did make a magnificent sliding block to deny Hough at the other end, while Hamon produced a save from a header just before the break that was nothing short of world-class.

The whistle had already gone for a push on Dodd and the effort wouldn’t have counted, but it was still the first of a number of excellent Hamon interventions.

The game did open up after the break and GFC looked more threatening, with Hutton poking wide from 15 yards out after Wallbridge had done well to break down the right and square.

Hamon turned behind the lively Marvell’s long-range effort at the other end, while a combination of defensive bodies denied Alex McGregor’s subsequent powerful goal-bound effort.

But that Epsom pressure was beginning to tell and it got its reward just after the hour, albeit in fortuitous circumstances for the side who have won eight successive league games.

Hough’s shot from an angle just inside the area took the slightest of nicks off Dodd and it edged the ball too far away from Hamon, who could only use his fingertips to push it onto the inside of the post and into the back of the net.

The home side were ecstatic and that strike prompted Vance to ready both Heaume and Allen on the sidelines, but just as they looked poised to enter the fray, the Lions fell 2-0 behind.

Hamon had only just denied Carl Downs with a superb tip over the bar when, from the resulting corner, Hough was played in with a short corner and entered the box from an angle.

His effort flew across goal and although it took a nick off Le Prevost, it was still a magnificent strike that left Hamon grasping at thin air, as it nestled in the top corner.

That appeared a fatal blow for the new-look Lions and although their big-name duo did join proceedings, it was just slightly too late to make a decisive impact in the final 11 minutes.

However, Allen did do well to set up Wallbridge at the back post with a fine cross, but Epsom keeper Joe White smartly denied the attempt, while another couple of promising counter-attacks broke up short of the area.

Hough had a glorious chance to seal the game and complete his hat-trick in the dying stages, but his shot was straight at Hamon and well turned away by the man who is looking every inch a future GFC first-choice number one.

The full-time whistle sounded soon after and signalled Epsom’s progression to the quarter-finals, but on a night where Vance and Colin Fallaize had a glimpse of both the future and their squad options, they will have been pleased with what they saw.

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L Newby

Is it me or does James Hamon play for every team in Guernsey? Recently I have seen him play in goal for St Martins Priaulx, Jackson and last night U18s and GFC.

Also as already stated I watched him play last night versus Bels at the Track in the U18s. I am a St Martins follower but have to say that his language during the game was atrocious and how he got away with shouting at the Bels linesman (who was in the other half of the pitch) I just dont know. It is time someone had a word with Hamon as I think he is starting to believe his press coverage. There is no doubt that he has the ability to be a very accomplished keeper but he is making enemies along the way judging by some of the comments made by the Bels supporters with whom I have to agree.

Someone please put him back in his place before this all gets messy and the youngster ends up getting hurt physically from overplaying or mentally as he will have no friends in a very small island


@ L Newby, I agree with some of your points regarding James Hamon but in my opinion if he is good enough then he is old enough, I wouldn't like to hold the lad back. His language on the pitch is a problem but any coach would tell you how good it is to actually hear a goalkeeper talking throughout a game. He should have been sent off last night for calling the linesman a '........ cheat', there is no excusing that and a stronger referee, who must have heard it as everyone else at the game did, would have done so. Certainly the Bels coach was correct to go mad and Hamons continued words aimed at the Bels coach should have also been dealt with. Sadly this was an U18 match and therefore there were lots of youngsters around to hear his language, but to be honest he swears so much that I am not sure he knows that he is doing it. Maybe he needs a red card or two to wise him up but I would have thought that his mentors, his dad, Vance, Fallaize, Peace and James Le Gallez should take some responsibility and nip this in the bud before he gets himself into real trouble


pot calling the kettle springs to mind Bels supporters should watch their language too. Maybe James does use the odd swear word but no worse than the abuse he is getting from alledged supporters or the language used by outfield players directed at officials and opposing players.By the way what was the final score you a bels supporter by any chance

Moonshine Monster

leave the lad alone, it is a mans game and as he plays most of his football with the men it is to be expected that he will use that kind of language. he probably wouldnt be the player he is without all of his attributes, so just leave him alone. his language will be no different to anything heard in any school playground or premier league stadium


Young Hamon has an attitude problem, that is without doubt. I don't think he has a cat in hell's chance of making it as a pro unless he grows up, and quickly.

L Newby

@nic I am not sure if your comments are directed at me but if they are I have already mentioned that I am a St Martins follower. My comments were not aimed at tit for tat against Bels as in this case Hamon is guilty, no doubt about that. Your comments are strange, the score was 1-1 what ever that has to do with it. Hamon will get hassles from supporters and other players if he goes around shouting the odds in language that is inappropriate and calling volunteers or anyone at any club official or not 'cheats'. Stop standing up for him and start helping him, he obviously has a problem


Two words Bewildered - Mario Balotelli :-)


Two words Bewildered – Mario Balotelli.

Didn't stop him turning pro eh? :-)


This thread seems a bit least we were seeing youth finally given a proper chance for gfc......oh that's right we took a load of oldies!

Jules Trebert

chunks, i dont think it is nasty i think it is good advice for young Hamon. No one here has said anything that should have any negative effect on him but if he doesnt listen it wont be long until advice turns to nastiness and nobody wants that


He's 17 say it to his face rather than on here.


Yes, absolutely eggh, hes just a 17 year old lad - extremely talented at both football and golf -he will mature with good mentoring - which I am sure he is getting. Good luck to him and his 'goal' of a professional career.


eggh he is not shy to say what he wants in whatever language he wants so if your big enough to give it you have to be big enough to take it. His outbursts are far worse than anything written on here about him.

leavehimalone it has been mentioned in earlier posts here that he is a talented lad but unless he has tourette's or is just plainly allowed by his mentors to swear and call anyone a '....... cheat' in any type of sport this will not be tolerated, especially in professional sport

honestly the comments from you two give him the message that his behaviour is ok and just to carry on


I was there for this game and i think the ref should have dealt with at least one of the two offences of unacceptable language. Yes i said one of two. If the ref had cautioned him for the first offence the second would hopefully not have happened.


WIth all due respect if it was that bad why didn't the ref send him off? Its his duty to keep he language in line

I would suggest any constructive criticism to a young lad should be done person to person.


Keepitreal I was also at the game and you are right the referee has to take some of the blame for not dealing with the issue at the time. He should have been sent off for both offences.

I was also at the game at the Track a couple of months ago when Belgraves scored in the last few moments to grab at draw versus St Martins and on that occasion Hamon should of been sent off for his reaction to the goal. He ran, screaming and shouting, at the referee (I cant remember who it was) and had to be held back by other players. This again was a red card display and it must be said that others have been given a red card for these types of offences and had a long suspension.

bullys there is nothing contructive to say, lets just hope that any person to person advice given from people around Hamon happens very soon