Hester wins the TV battle of Olympians

CARL HESTER capped an unforgettable 2012 as he was crowned CI Sports Personality of the Year last night at Beau Sejour.

Carl Hester’s reaction to winning was beamed live to the audience, although he was overseas. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1302239)
Carl Hester’s reaction to winning was beamed live to the audience, although he was overseas. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1302239)

CARL HESTER capped an unforgettable 2012 as he was crowned CI Sports Personality of the Year last night at Beau Sejour.

The Olympic gold medallist dressage rider received 41% of the 3,740 votes cast to come out on top of the public poll by 500 clear votes from Jersey’s Wales international footballer Jodie Botterill, Sarnian tennis starlet Heather Watson and the other Guernsey Olympian, marathon man Lee Merrien.

‘That was more nerve-racking than waiting for my score at the Olympics,’ said Hester over a telephone link during the live broadcast on ITV Channel, adding it was ‘a complete honour’ to win the award.

There was Sarnian success in the Clydesdale Bank International Team of the Year award as Guernsey FC gain recognition for their 2011-12 double-winning season as well as their impressive start to life in the CCL Premier Division and ongoing run in their inaugural FA Vase campaign.

CI Sports Awards 2012

Sports Personality of the Year: Carl Hester

NatWest Rising Star: Stanley Livingston

Clydesdale Bank International Team of the Year: Guernsey FC

Cenkos Coach: Linda Andrews

Aurigny Junior Team: Victoria College Prep football team

Michael Lucas Sporting Hero: Mitch Agnelli

Judges Award for Achievement: Jersey Rugby Club for winning promotion to the Championship

Comments for: "Hester wins the TV battle of Olympians"

pb falla

Well done Carl

It seems Miss Watson isnt everyones cup of tea as previusly stated very average


Here here, well said PB


pb falla

leave you sarcastic remarks to yourselve regarding Heather Watson.

The peoples vote was for Carl Hester so we congratulate him.

You are below average with your comments,not every bodies cup of tea


Some very strange decisions here in my opinion. Jersey Rugby have achieved at an infinitely higher level than GFC, quite how they got team of the year for winning such an inferior league and cup is beyond me.

And the individual award goes to someone who guides a dancing horse, Heather's achievements are surely superior?



Go and educate yourself in the sport of dressage before you make such ridiculous comments and come back when you think yourself worthy of guiding a 'dancing horse'.

I can gaurantee to you it won't be any time soon, if at all.



If Carl Hester is someone who guides a dancing horse then Jersey Rugby who you think should have got the team prize are a group of guys who charge around a muddy field chasing after an oversized peanut.

It is very easy to demean someone else's sport but the bottom line is that Carl Hester is the only Channel Islander alive with an Olympic gold medal to his name, which makes him the no brainer deserved winner for me.

If Heather had partnered Andy Murray in the Olympic tennis doubles and they'd gone on to win gold it would have been a close call but I would still have gone for Carl for his inspirational work as a coach and a mentor for the dressage team. Charlotte Dujardin would never have won her individual gold without Carl and his horse.


They're all winners. I'm proud we have such talent representing us.


Sarnia / Martino

We obviously disagree on what constitutes "sport". Personally I think there's more merit in treating darts and/or snooker as "sport" rather than dressage. Lets be honest, how many people participate in dressage around the world, it's hardly open to the masses is it?


Well said Martino. Presumably Bewildered's "dancing horse" is a different one to those found in Waitrose burgers?

And don't forget the individual award. By Bewildereds logic Heather Watson is someone who has a job travelling the world killing mysterious spherical insects with a fly swatter.


I feel sorry for all the teams and individuals that represent the Channels Islands in many sports. Reading some of these comments makes you wonder why they bother.

Both islands have relatively small populations but produce world champions and have a history of sporting success.

We should all celebrate their success and stand behind them at every stage and every sport. Not knock them for losing a game or for represnting a sport we do not like.


Yes Bewildered, we obviously do but just because you don't agree with something doesn't give you the right to publicly belittle someone's achievements.

In my opinion a 'sport' constitutes an activity where an individual or team spends hour upon hour, day upon day training in order to become the best they can be at that particular activity and then competing in order to prove they are the best.

Whether that activity is tennis, dressage or snooker and darts for that matter is irrelevant.

No dressage is not 'open to the masses', but then neither are most sports at proffessional level. Carl Hester was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has worked hard to get where he is today, much like Heather Watson, who for the record, would have been just as worthy a winner as Carl (and I personally can't stand tennis!)


All of these wonderful sportsmen / sportswomen have had a remarkable year and deserve recognition for their respective achievments.

My only point would be (probably slightly controvertial), do Carl and Heather actually classify the Channel Islands as home anymore? Neither live here anymore (Heather is always competing / training outside of Guernsey, Carl is resident in the UK I beleive).

This is why, and the only reason why, that I would have put Lee Merrien or Ali Merrien above them in the list. People who live, work and train in Guernsey and compete against the worlds best.

This is the great thing with sport. It gives people the chance to voice opinions and it is so difficult to choose "the best" from a list of people that have achieved so much.