Cochrane fears 'near impossible' choice

SAM COCHRANE has called for the Muratti Vase to retain its ‘sacred’ place as the final game of the local football season – however late that may need to be.

SAM COCHRANE has called for the Muratti Vase to retain its ‘sacred’ place as the final game of the local football season – however late that may need to be.

Yesterday the Guernsey Press revealed that there is ‘every chance’ of Guernsey FC games being played on May Bank Holiday weekend, either side of the Guernsey v. Jersey clash.

With both islands apparently reluctant to move the inter-insular because of ‘club’ games, unless it is the FA Vase final, there is the real possibility of players being forced to play three times in succession – or make an unprecedented choice.

But Cochrane, pictured, who is the captain of both GFC and the Guernsey Muratti team, has urged a common sense approach.

‘If there is a clash, then both islands should accept that what we are doing with GFC is moving island football forward and move the Muratti back, however many weekends it needs to be.'

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mista joon

Playing for your island in a Muratti must come first

Any potential fixture clashes are unfortunate and I hope a way round it is found, but should the situation arise, to choose to play for your club team, rather than the island of your birth is just simply wrong

laurie carre

MISTA JOON. totally agree


Surely it's an easy choice.....the muratti! Which will your kids care about?

Plus lets face it's there's much tougher choices in life!


Sorry boys but I disagree UNLESS the CCL is already in the bag, a one off game cannot be as important as 8 months of hard slog.

But agree with Howdy that there is much tougher life choices :)

Sam Cochrane

Hey guys!! I occasionally read these forums as some people have interesting views it's just a shame people hide behind a false name as the opinions are not valued or respected from my angle!! I'm not going to debate an post a number of times! As captain of the Gfa rep and Guernsey Football Club I felt my thoughts may give an insight into a players feelings and some people may listen but a very small number will simply shoot me down as gfc is something they will never like! 1000s believe in the project like myself so we will all continue to work extremely hard in all areas! Guernsey Gfa, Guernsey football club.. Key is in the name GUERNSEY! I'm an incredibly proud Gsy man an representing my island is an amazing feeling! The choice is near impossible but I hope won't have to be made! A huge historic game of football with one of the biggest derby feelings right across the uk should never be in this situation! The murrati is the fixture that should conclude channel island football! The build up to this years has the potential to be the biggest in the years I can remember! Jsy success along with Gsy footballs exposure and continued drive to improve but with a huge number of fixtures means a simple solution of a later date in may solves the issue for now and the future! Potentially the biggest muratti crowd for a long time will walk down Vicky avenue! A whole seasons training,flying off island for fixtures and thriving off the challenge of Gfc could boil down to the fixtures either side of the murrati! How can I and others turn our back on that?? Currently the wheway and Gsy Fa cup are scheduled also after the murrati! This winter has been extreme with fixtures being posponed! Many gfc fans have the murrati close to their hearts also! I'm sure Craig Culkin and Kevin Graham want to go head to head in battle with some prep time beforehand and the channel island media can go to town on it so the murrati retains its status as the finale and biggest game in island football! I hope people respect both angles of my approach but hey it's a forum so im sure il get a few digs! I look forward to reading the continued debate but will not post again! I hope the representative individuals understand my views and see the logic in my opinion! If the muratti continues to stay on the current date my decision will be made closer to the time and another player will either win a muratti cap in my place or play for gfc on the days Either side! Let's finish the football season with the muratti at the track a bit later in may with a Fantastic atmosphere! Time will tell! Bye for now!



Good points very well put, particularly the GUERNSEY point

Good luck whatever you decide, any true local football fan will want success on both fronts!

On a personal note I always take pride in being a Guernseyman when watching the team perform.

Grammar Police


Congratulations, I have never seen exclamation marks overused as much as they were in your post.

Anyone who chooses to play club football before Island representative football deserves to be banished from the Island fold, but of course that won't happen with the current set up. Let's face it, if we get a wet February/March /April, GFC are going to be well and truly in the brown stuff (and I don't mean mud). Unless they are offered an alternative venue to Foote's Lane the season could go on until July or August!! Are you seriously suggesting that the Muratti shoud be postponed until after that?


Grammar police - why the need to have a sarcastic dig at Sam? You say he overused exclamation marks but then you use 2 at the end of one of your sentences?

At the end of the day the players shouldn't be put in the middle. All they want to do is play football and they shouldn't be put in this position. I support the GFC but would hate to see the Muratti lose its prestige. I think if it came down to a choice then the players would choose to play for GFC-and I wouldn't blame them. Why are both islands reluctant to change the date because of 'club' games? Lets face it, these are not club games that the players have been playing in for years, this is a new experience for them playing in a national competition, in front of good support. Granted its a low standard but they've had to start somewhere.

I fear that if the GFA and JFA don't change the date then the players will choose to play for GFC and the Muratti will start to lose its appeal. Lets have some common sense, change the date, let the lads play for their club and then have a right good old fashioned Muratti and keep its glamour.

Guernsey Geordie

Grammar Police unless you reveal yourself I'd suggest Sam Cochrane has done a lot more for this Island than you. It's called progress my friend and you are going to have to get used to it.

As for the sarcastic dig at Sam, he's a footballer mate and doesn't need to wave his qualifications at the ref before he steps onto the pitch. You should pop down for training on a Tuesday then you could use some exclamation marks after a tackle from the proud GFC skipper.


My own humble opinion is gfc is not representing guernsey as there are some very talented players who are Unavailable for gfc selection purely as they put spending time with their young families first. As such the muratti is the ultimate representative team as it selects (supposedly) from all players and if it came down to it should be put first.

Please do not say being anonymous takes away from you opinion ( that's a Mr Batiste argument). It doesn't make ain opinion anyless valid and I'm sure it doesn't apply to the supporters forum

I'm sure, rightly, they will move the game


Firstly let me be clear, for me the Muratti Vase is the biggest game of the season. It is for this reason that NOT to move it would reduce the importance of the fixture and the Muratti Competition.

The GFC project will for the foreseeable future divide opinion. But one thing that links all of us on here is the wanting of beating the auld enemy in May.

GFC are all but the national team representing the Island in a UK competition. Due to circumstance beyond their control the season is fast becoming unmanageable due to the state of the Footes Lane pitch. Are people that love Guernsey football really saying that we should either ask our players to play three games in three days or ask them to choose between one island team and another?

Even the Jersey coach wants to make sure that he faces the strongest Guernsey team possible and yet there appears to be some involved in CI football (any decision over moving it is down to the inter-insular committee) seem to want to devalue the competition.

Ex Northerner

The blinkered view of the pro GFC brigade is astonishing, do they all worship at the altar of Rob the Baptiste?

So basically you all want the Muratti to be fitted in around an individual club's games do you, demonstrating that GFC does indeed take preference over the Island team?

The Muratti should be played on the day it is scheduled for, and the team picked from players who are prepared to put their Island first. GFC is not the Island team, despite the efforts of Rob and his desciples to argue otherwise.


Well the players seem to think differently.

I want the Muratti protected to ensure that it is still the gem of our season. GFC is here to stay, we all need to find a way forward for the benefit of everyone associated with Football in Guernsey .


Ex. Northerner,

So playing Devils Advocate here, lets say GFC have a game on the Saturday and Monday either side of the Muratti and the players choose to play for them rather then the Island side. You would be happy for a 2nd string to play against Jersey, possibly get soundly beaten by them just to make sure that the Muratti is played on the scheduled date?

laurie carre

do gfc know who they will play over that weekend ? lets be honest a team with 4of the regulars would beat any of the teams outside the top 3/4 in this league and would also give a number of young players the chance to show what they can do.And also show that gfc aim is to give young players a chance to develop , my belief is the higher level gfc get, the less chance to give young players the game time, but at this low level now is the time.

Ex Northerner


Yes, absolutely, and anyone who chooses to not play for their Island should be given a ban from representative football.

GFC have used countless players already this season, I'm sure they could make do with whoever's left after a full Island side has been picked. In all likelihood by that time they'll have won the league anyway by the looks of it.


Ex Northerner REf post 14

Did it escape your notice that all bar 1 of last years Muratti players came from GFC.

Take them out and the Muratti becomes a farce, which I doubt any real local football fan wants.

laurie carre

JOHNO, the muratti team of last year didnt mainly come from gfc, they came from guernsey football, they just happened to have played for gfc the previous 9 months, they were developed by gfa clubs over the years.


As far as I am aware the end of the domestic football season on both islands is generally the senior Upton (due to be played on 20th April this year I believe)?

Should Jersey clubs finish their domestic campaign by then (I have no idea if that is the case or not), can we realistically expect the JFA's agreement to postpone the Muratti to the end of May, as some have suggested? I find it hard to believe they would agree to this as it would see their top players having no competitive football for over a month whilst those who play for GFC will play 2 or 3 games a week in the build up?

I believe the only option & the most sensible scenario is to postpone the Muratti by four days and play the game on Liberation day. Surely that would be a fair compromise and would avoid a direct fixture clash with GFC?

What I do find slightly offensive though, is the suggestion that a second string Guernsey side representing the Island in the Muratti would be farcical. I bet the following who for one reason or another do not appear to be GFC regulars at the moment would have something to say about that?

Jody Bisson, James Hamon, Ross Elliott, Naro Zimmerman, Damien Larkin, Paul Page, Chris Le Cheminant, Tom Strawbridge, Matt Warren, Scott Bradford, Scott Bougourd, Simon Marley, Joby Bourgaize, Piers Ockleford, Simon Tostevin, Craig Young and Marc Mcgrath to name just a few off the top of my head.

Fingers crossed common sense prevails and we are cheering on Sam Cochrane et al at the Track on Liberation day!


Of course their development cam via playing for GFA sides Laurie, just as playing for GFC took them to the next level, hence the thrashing of the Crappos!

laurie carre


the next level is debatable, we have always been capable of beating jersey,i know.but i cant see where the the development in gfc is going to come from until a certain amount of younger players are involved, the present players are to old to develope.


Laurie - I don't agree with your GFC comments in general as I believe they have revitalised football and have offered something different and the opportunities to play against better players.

However I do think you have a point regarding the lack of youngsters in the team. Will GFC get to as high a level as possible with the current players and then when the zico/tardiff/more experienced players retire will the replacements be good enough to keep them at that level? I doubt that.

Would it not be better to play more younger players now and maybe maintain a lower league status? This would put more of the younger players in the shop window which I think was the original plan. Those players currently in the squad are unlikely to make it at a higher level now so why not give the younger players a chance at the bigger time?

Ex Northerner

Re getting younger players involved in GFC, I see that well known nipper Carl Wallbridge was given a game recently. Is there really nobody under the age of 21 who is capable of being used?

laurie carre

BOB. you like everyone is entitled to there opinion, but revitalising football is not the points i make.My opinion is that revitalising one area of football is possibly destroying another, but we will see, EX-NORTHENER. you are spot on with your comment,as you say where are the younger players in the team.and please dont use young Jordan as an example, he came back to gsy after learning his trade away from the island,and good luck to him at Bristol city.

laurie carre

BOB. sorry, your other points were spot on, the team now should always have a number of u20 players in the squad.


In the match that has been highlighted, wasn't there a number of other players who made their competitive debuts? James Hamon* springs to mind, not sure of the exact ages of some of the others, Naro and Sam? Players need to attend GFC traning to be considered for selection, so perhpas Carl has been traning and warranted his selection?

*As James is under 18 he under GFA rules can onply play 40 matches a season so he will for the time being be limited to the games he plays, as he has his Priaulx and also GFA representative football to take into consideration.

Keith S

GFC fan, if that is the case James Hamon must be near the end of his season as he is playing for GFC, St Martins Priaulx, St Martins Jackson, St Martins U18's and his GFA representative matches


I think hes played over 50% of his allocation. He certainly wants to play a lot more.


The 40 game rule is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

As for the youngsters, of the Island U21s who played so well last night I believe that only 2 of them have been involved in a GFC squad this season - James Hamon and Sam Hall (once)

I'm not sure if this is because they don't want to play for GFC but if that isn't the reason then it is hardly encouraging for those players or any younger than them in the long run.

I find it hard to believe that they aren't at least good enough to get in a squad when they are supposedly the best players under 21 in the island.


Watching the report from last night's under 21 match tells you why more youngsters are not involved in the GFC squad. As I posted earlier, they need to attend GFC training. Hence why the likes of Naro and Sam Hall recently played for the club.

laurie carre

GFC FAN. i really dont see your point, are you saying they dont get the right coaching at the clubs ? i dont know anything about sam hall, never seen him play, but in naros case, i wouldnt call him a young player, 16 to 20 is the age group to bring in to senior football,even 20 is a bit late.


I have not said that at all Laurie, as far as I am aware all the coaching at Priaulx clubs is of a very good standard. All I was saying is that it is GFC and no doubt most clubs policy that you have to train with the club in order to be considered for selection.

Tony Vance said in the TV interview that he would love to see some of these lads at GFC training, so it’s really down to these lads to decide if its for them or not. I really hope that they do decide to get involved and we see them playing for Guernsey FC. With the run of games they have coming up, there is a great opportunity for them to show what they can do.

laurie carre

GFC FAN. i was asking the question thats all, another question what if gfc training is the same night/s as the clubs the player /s play for, would you expect the player to attend the club he is playing for week in week out or attend gfc, where he may or may not get a regular game. its a great pity i dont know who i am speaking to, on a regular basis.


I believe that GFC traning is done on a night when most (perhaps all) Priaulx clubs do not train, a Tuesday I seem to recall.

Quite happy to say hello to you next time I see you as I have done before we "chatted" on here.

Sam Fan

I saw Sam on the tv and he came over as a great ambassador for the sport and for Guernsey, and I can say the same of all the other guys that play for GFC. I wish that all this pettiness about who plays for who and when they play would be sorted out.

We the public chose who we want to see play, some will go to Priaulx games, some to GFC, some, shock horror, like both! Some will also want to see the best Muratti Team we have and watch GFC.

You want to ask the kids that are getting into football who they look up to...

GFA need to realise that without the public they will have nothing, so stop doing all this negative stuff and start to get on with each other.

As they same, a small slice of the pie is better than none at all!


Sam Fan

If you don't mind me saying you have hit the nail on the head.

I was in a school last year a few months after GFC started. Got talking to the kids about football and asked who their favourite players were....Rooney? Van Persie? Torres?...No Allen, Zico, COchrane.

Surely the kids looking up to our home grown players can only be good?

If only all the petty arguements and jealousy could be put aside I am sure both GFA clubs and GFC will benefit as will all local clubs and players.

laurie carre hello whoever you are,

SAMFAN, at a guess you are a new follower of football, which is good, and it would be good for you to watch all football, i have no doubt that sam and others are great ambassadors, but that is not what this isall about, far bigger,its about the future of football in gsy.and who do you think should have the small slice,gfc or the hundreds of other footballers who are just as dedicated, but without the gfa the amount of people who would be involved in football would be very few ps.another critic with no name

no name

I think the real shame is there is an assumption that GFC is the best players in Guernsey. A larger number of players have rightly chosen to spend time with there young children(arguably better role models!) and have been dumped in a now low quality league and forgotten about (the league may be more competitive but is lower quality). They have the ability to make up a large part of the Guernsey Muratti team but will not. Young, Bourgaize to name but two

I like GFC but i don't think its is or will achieve what it aims to with the youth. We are seeing no young players coming through of the quality. They play in a much poorer quality Priaulx league and can get away with laziness within the league. The majority of footballers are worse off

I expect people now to slag me off for not using my real name and for saying anything against GFC.

Green Lion

I agree - there simply is no choice - GFC everytime. Are people seriously suggesting that a meaningless exhibition game is more important than a natioanl league?

I've spoken to Guernsey Rugby players and most put the league before the Siam cup.

And as for representing your island - GFC do that every weekend during the season (pitch willing) and do it at a national level not once a year and just to Jersey.

GFC has been a massive success and promotes Guernsey way beyond it's shores, something the Priaulx League has never done. GFC has placed an emphasis on it's supporters, something the Priaulx league was never interested in. The Priaulx League has been in decline for years in terms of support.

Forget the Muratti, it's had it's day, GFC is the future now.


Smacks head with above post....


Green Lion

The Murrati a meaningless exhibition game?

I very much doubt Tony Vance or Colin Fallaize look at it that way.

Your post shows what a blinkered approach your having to the local game. Lets say it was a Premier team who were more interested in the winning the league that representing their country in Euro or World cup finals. Are you seriously telling everyone that 'a club' comes above all else?

GFC has taken priority of everything else within local football which is sad because the intention when GFC started was well placed but it's now caused a huge divide.

boring blinkered views

See this is the problem with GFc fans. They aren't balanced and they obsess with GFC. You can't tell me any league game (barring a last game promotion decider) could match the importance to the majority of people. Yes 1,000 ish or just shy may watch GFC but take out the club officials and players family and the number is down greatly. The Murratti will and does attract bigger crowds. You don't have to have a view on GFC to recognise the importance of the murratti. The murratti team also represents our best team given it selects from all players which GFC doesn't (a large number of players cannot commit the time). Lets not forget that no other team in the league produces more than a Priaulx crowd at best so clearly to them it doesn't mean much especially when you compare it to the amount of away supporters at the murratti

I like GFC but am sometimes ashamed to have any association with fellow fans and the local rag being so blinkered and aggressive at any negative view. People who go to Priaulx games are entitled to their opinions and views and know more about the local game than i do (as i only watch a few GFC matches and no Priaulx).

What people fail to remember is the fans. Many love the long weekend with the Murratti end. Now many may miss the game


Blue, I love supporting GFC but I cannot agree with one word Green Lion says. The Muratti is and always should be the biggest game of the season. It should be the centerpiecem and a great way to bring to a climax the Channel Island football season.

Jason Robert

Green Lion your post shows all that is wrong with GFC, your attitude completely stinks and devalues years and years of proud Muratti performances and performers. GFC will fail, even quicker with idiotic comments such as yours. Either financially or due the fact taht Guernsey cannot provide players of the standard required to play at a certain level but it will fail.

Comments like yours will continue to create bad feeling for GFC, for such a great supporter of GFC who seems to know the future so well you have shown that you have no idea what you are talking about

Sam Fan

Thanks johno, pretty much what I have been hearing from the kids I know.

Laurie something is only a problem if you see it as such, what I am saying is rather than be negative and say oh this will be bad for all Guernsey football, perhaps all the clubs need to see this as an opportunity to get their message out, come play for us and who knows where it will take you.

I wish someone could do a poll and see if since GFC have been going whether there has been an increase in the number of kids joining the local clubs.

Its a bit like the Olympics, people moaned that it would be a shambles and a waste of money before it happened and then when it on they loved it, afterwards there was a great surge in people signing up for all sorts of sports they probably hadnt thought of before. Jersey are now getting people asking about diving...which makes me wish we still had the high board at the bathing pools!


Sam Fan, I am a neutral but as always it seems GFC outspoken supporters (which isn't all) throw around loads of claims backed up by no facts! You make me cringe. A 4 year old child wouldn't know the difference between watching GFC or Bels (they'd be bored of both(not as they are boring just 4 year olds have little interest))

''come play for us and who knows where it will take you???'' really on the red eye to Gatwick is something to aim for!

By all means enjoy GFC and i hope they do well but don't try and degrade our Murratti when THAT IS aour ownly properly representative team (well supposedly but Kelvin Graham will no doubt ignore non GFC). It to me is still the pinnacle (backed up by crowd sizes)

laurie carre

To green lion, sadly its comments like yours that show your total disrespect for football. i have posted comments as to the reason i left gfc games early, and one reason was i couldnt bare the stupid comments coming from various groups, im pretty sure you would have been a member of one of them.Sam fan, being negative doesnt come into it,many involved in football, gfa and gfc are fully aware that there could be major problems in the future,and i hope that the scenario i can forsee never comes about, as for more kids involved now, i doubt it, minis have been at most clubs thriving for many years, but im not to sure if the quality is as high as it was,. But i also hold the reporting and comments by the sports desk as a big reason for the problems.


Laurie Carre...could not agree more with your comment on the reporting by the spoorts desk creating huge problems and creating issues. It is a real shame.


Green Lion - I have to say that you sound like a complete idiot! The Muratti is still the biggest and most important game for the players, if it wasnt, then there wouldnt be any debates on here and in the paper about changing the date of the Muratti.

BlueMoon - In your comment No.18 you mention a lot of names of players that do not currently play for GFC(for whatever reason) that you believe could beat a full strength Jersey team. If you really think that, then what would you have as your starting team? Im just curious thats all.

No Name - Your comment No.38, you say there are a number of players that do not play for GFC because they prefer to spend time with there families. You have named two, is there anymore or is that all that you know of?

Changing the subject now, isnt it great to see the good old Priaulx League being so closely contested this year, it hasnt been this close in many a year! I personally feel that Vale Rec will just pip the Belgraves to the title, cant believe where North are in the standings!

Last comment is about GFC, i believe it is a good project at 'the moment' but it will not last unless the youngsters of today are given valuable experience NOW otherwise as they progress up the leagues they could be in for some hammerings if the more experienced players are unavailable for whatever reason!

Loving all the comments on this topic and look forward to reading the replies to my post.

laurie carre

Colin.i think 99% of people who read green lions comments will agree,i said exactly the same a few postings ago. the youngsters must be playing now.



Excellent balanced viewpoint.

As a point of interest what would football fans prefer,

GFC win the FA Vase at Wembley after 566 teams started out or the 2013 Muratti?

Just curious.

laurie carre

JOHNO, it would a great achievment to win the fa vase, but really in my honest opinion 566 of those teams never stood much chance.But get to wembley and win it would be very good, this trophy is for teams at the lowest level of non league football, but as i said, would be a great achievment.The Muratti is totally different,it has tradition and history,and im sure i will get comments that im living in the past,without a past there is no future,and from a kid of 6/7 years old to the present day, and i was lucky to be involved, and successfully, both at senior and u21 level.So would i rather be at the track seeing gsy win the Muratti, or at Wembley,by a mile at the track.


Johno how is the FA Vase relevant to a discussion here? The FA Vase would be great to win but that is not affect the Murratti dat and I may be wrong but I think we could have entered it without being in a UK league

Colin - I do not know for definite of any players being Unavailable due to family but think its pretty obvious there are a few more eg McGrath Bisson

An example of a great none gfc team could be

GK Bisson

RB Mollet

CB The young North centre back whose name escapes me

CB Ross Elliot

LB bougaize

LM Marley

CM Bradford

CM warren

RM young

CF McGrath

CF Tostevin


Take we blew out of the equation and would you care about the FA vase?


Ps priaulx teams have done well in the vase in the past


Thanks for the replies boys.

As much as I love to put one over the Crapauds, I cannot for the life of me see how a one off game, which one of the teams has not even had to qualify for competes with a competition involving 566 teams, along with traveling etc.

Without wishing to be offensive Laurie regarding yur comments on the quality of the opponents but have you not seen the last few results!

Games are much closer than you would like to think.If you speak to the players, who lets face it know a lot more than we all do! they will tell you how much more difficult it has been this year. To me that puts all of us armchair commentators in our place.

Surely all of this vindictiveness should be put to one side, as far as I am concerned ANY true Guernseyman/woman should be behind a local side whether it be North in the Upton, Guernsey in Netball, Hockey, Athletics etc etc

PS Howdy: Some of those players have played for GFC in fact Warren is the GFC Club Captain.



Goner ref 55

Yes the Rec did very well Goner going back a few years by reaching the 4th Round but NOT the last 16 which proves a point as regards the current standards of the GFC team... in my opinion.

The furthest ANY team from the Channel Islands has been.

laurie carre

Johno, i want all gsy teams to do well, no vindictiveness from me. i havent seen i.e. by being there, but on the times i have been able to watch a game, the standard in my opinion of the uk sides has been poor,this is the lowest level of national cup competitions, that is not gfc fault, you start at the bottom and work up. my worry is not gfc winning things, and i repeat myself, now is the time to play more youth, one of the main aims was to expose players to a higher level. And you say the players are finding it more difficult, i have always said that if gfc were to get promotion this year and the following year, they will certainly struggle, and it would be to late to bring young players through. i have had a little experience of local football and in my opinion the standard of skill has dropped, people can talk about fitness, but fitness is no sub. for skill


I've read a few of these GFC debates on here and I really struggle to see what the issue really is? The same people come on and moan about how GFC has adversely affected local football but no-one seems to give any clear explanation or reasoning as to how?

So lets imagine that GFC didn't exist, what state would local football be in? What would be being done to improve standards? How would young/new players be developed and introduced to the local game? How would those same players be KEPT in the game?

Just interested to know the thoughts of Laurie, Ex-Northerner and other anti-GFC posters, as reading some of your posts on here it seems that the arrival of GFC has instantly signalled the death of local football!


When Vale Rec played in the F A Vase it was open to a higher standard of league teams than currently, (this was subsequently altered by the F.A,which resulted in some of the better teams being promoted to the F.A trophy) secondly Vale Rec were a true club side, that is to say there were players playing for other teams in the Priaulx league at that time, for clubs such as Bels, North, Saints that were of a standard to be selected for the Island side, in other words not necessarily the best eleven players in the Island played for Vale Rec.

This is not the case with GFC, they may be named Guernsey Football Club but because of a change of rules at the F.A. GFC are permitted to sign any player in the Island, regardless of whether they play for another club or not, so to all intent and purposes GFC is basically the Island team.Vale Rec did not enjoy this luxury, so technically it cannot be compared.


Anyone who asks why the Muratti is so important has obviously not been involved in inter-insular sport.

The game against Jersey is the most important bar none, they're the old enemy, from a sporting perspective every person who plays for Guernsey should hate Jersey with a passion. That attitude has been passed down the generations and I sincerely hope it isn't in danger of disappearing.

My personal view is that GFC isn't a viable long term proposition, I really can't see how they can continue to progress with a ground that clearly isn't suitable, a potential loss of sponsorship, players wanting payment for playing etc etc, it just doesn't stack up financially, and like it or not if the numbers don't add up then the project will fail.

laurie carre

ADAM P.firstly you need to read my posts properly, i am not anti-gfc, on many of my posts i wish them luck, and am delighted on their result yesterday, my fear is the future,if all of these new football supporters only follow gfc,as seems the case,and wouldnt it be great if 20% did turn out for all football,clubs could fold ect.What chance of young players coming through when the same 25? players are involved with gfc,where guernsey is at the moment who knows. as for keeping young players in the game and developing them , clubs have been doing that for fear is not about today but the future, and to have one club taking all the better players from clubs is not my idea of having all round strength, and these better players have and always will stay in the game. phil points out his fears about paying players,if that day comes football in gsy will be finished and how could the team be called guernsey fc, and please dont use, well players in the uk dont live in the town they play for.


Adamp no disrespect but I have seen many posters on here explain in depth why (rightly or wrongly) they believe gfc has had a negative affect on the majority and is unsustainable from a monetary point of view. I have never heard and well thought argument to the contrary other than you get 1000 people watching ( and falling). If we spent half the gfc budget on the youth do you not think standards would improve?

I also find it quite pathetic why they are always referred to as anti gfc. Pro local football is more appropriate

Johno warren is club captain but never plays and the odd game for gfc would suggest you wouldn't have a clash on muratti day!

As a season ticket holder for gfc and i see both sides of the argument. For me I cringe at some of our fans and I think they project would be more embraced by the majority if the press reported better and gfc fans kept it zipped



I don.t see why anybody should keep it 'zipped' we all are entitled to our opinions as are the reporters in the GP if you don't like what you read don't buy it! I am sure we've all complained about certain coverage in the UK press but still buy them.

I to can see both arguements but let's just say we put more money into Youth football, what is the end objective? Laurie was saying that the players were of a better standard years ago ( which I doubt) yet there was virtually no money involved in local football.

For all the anti GFC posts I actually see hardly any Anti GFA posts, maybe it's all I. your minds?

I see GFC now has early 3000 followers on twitter, coverage in national mags and radio,tv yet people are STILL so negative. At the end of the day these people are great ambassadors for Guernsey and only 2 games from Wembley.

laurie carre

johno, i agree all are entitled to their you doubt that we had more skillful players 20/30 yrs ago.that is my opinion.Its a pity some of these 3000 twitter followers dont attend gfc and gfa football.I care about football,and hope it goes on for many years, i hope that somehow young players can be brought along, but not just for the exclusive use of gfc, i also believe that newspaper reporters give a balanced view of all football, not act as pr men for 1 team, also stop calling people who are concerned whingers ect.And wouldnt it be great if people didnt hide behind aliases,



I agree its a pity that more of the Twitter supporters don't follow football more closely.

Of course young players will be brought along to support GFA not everybody can play GFC football but it I'm preety sure be an aim.

As I said its a free world and people are perfectly entitled to 'hide' behing alias's there is quite often a good reason. Doesn't seem to have prevented a healthy debate.

As we are all Guernseymen we are by nature going to be bloody stubborn and have to agree to disagree!

J Smith

Johno...... Wouldn't call your username totally transparent. Your not Rob Batiste in disguise are you?

Hmmm Angelina Jolie right leg has 41,000 twitter followers, so that makes gfc the equivalent of angelina jollies little toe

Ok ok I jest but this post is in no way bitter or nasty I just wish to make a couple of points

1) I like gfc and hope they do very well which only will show in 4 or so years time when they reach a decent level. Conference should be the aim anything less will unfortunately not satisfy the future fans. I fear if we don't reach this level as per the south west counties numbers will fall

2) I have concerns for long term funding. Now this project has been put in place it needs to be seen through. I hope here is a plan b re sponsorship

3) the Murratti is for me still the pinnacle(unless we reach a higher level)

4) I think whilst kids now have something more to aim at I fear the local game will be harmed in that any half decent kid will now be playing in a far poorer priaulx and actually take longer to develop. Yes it's more competitive this year but no doubt poorer quality

5) I think we would all agree, lover or hater, that both sides need to be more tolerant to each other. Perhaps this could start we the Press considering the detractors concerns(ignoring any bitchiness or just ultra negative).


J Smith

Ha Ha, no not not Rob but Johno is transparent as its NOT my name!

Very sensible comments JS particularly no5.

Whilst still a long shot will we ever get a chance to see GUERNSEY up on the screens at Wembley than this year?


Very pleased that common sense has prevailed and the Muratti has been moved to the 18th May.



Couldn't agree more, just goes to prove that progress can be made if both parties are willing.

Credit too should go to the JFC.