It's embarrassing

THE two biggest GFC fans in the States are throwing their weight behind attempts to find short- and long-term solutions to the problematical Footes Lane pitch.

THE two biggest GFC fans in the States are throwing their weight behind attempts to find short- and long-term solutions to the problematical Footes Lane pitch.

Amid widespread feelings of inertia by the Culture and Leisure department to what many are calling embarrassing levels of postponements, Darren Duquemin and Mary Lowe are eager to see some immediate progress.

‘Why is our newest pitch on the island so unoperational?’ asked Deputy Lowe.

‘It is bringing Guernsey a bad reputation. England have had snow and floods and got games on, but we have not been able to,’ she added.

Deputy Duquemin, a member of the Culture and Leisure board, is desperate to get football being played again without any more damage to the Green Lions’ title chances – and the club’s reputation in the UK.'

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I think that Darren Duquemin has a task and a half on his hands here, persuading the rugby boys and also the Combined Counties League to accept artificial turf (I presume they'd need to agree?).

There's also the issue of who pays, and how much? £100k? £200k? More?

laurie carre

please no artificial pitches, football is played on grass,


Perhaps an ideal opportunity for Guernsey Gardens to showcase their fab new artificial turf?

Would be nice to see a local company engaged for the task.

Yifter The Shifter

An artificial pitch is a clear no go.

A vast majority seem to forget this is primarily a track & field facility, and the only one on the island at that. Sure, it has become somewhat a multi-use facility with GFC & GRFC using it, but, it is not 'their' decision to make - regarding artificial pitches or anything else. I'm pretty sure the 'black' fence that is going up is going to appear incongruous.

In regards to the actual surface, throwers need to have a grass surface so a Javelin can pierce the soil, or failing that, make a clear mark in order to be measured. The same goes for the Hammer and Discus.

After already witnessing the disregard for the track; mostly due to the fault of Culture & Leisure, and not GFC or the fans, it upsets me that most people are completely blinded when it comes to sport, and think that football takes priority over any other sport.

The GIAAC have some talented up and coming throwers at the moment, something we haven't had for years, and hopefully they can progress using the only facility (hammer/discus cage) we have on this island. There are many football pitches on the island, and i'm sure some have the capacity to meet FA regulations.


Saracens now play top-class rugby on their 4G pitch. Feedback to date appears to be positive. It's nothing like the old astro pitches that QPR, Okdham and Luton played football on in the 80s.

Seems to have cost Saracens £500k and has a life of 8 years but that's based on very regular use. Assume it was to last 12 years with modest usage here, that's an effective cost of over £40k a year before it needs to be replaced. Maybe Guernsey FC could find the money to pay say £25k a year, but could rugby and other users come up with the balance? Maybe. Other clubs could train on it every night - 6pm till 7.30pm, 7.30pm till 9pm. Mind you, that level of usage would probably shorten its life to 8 years, so a cost of nearly £65k a year.

Perhaps wrong to rule it out too quickly....


So far as I recall, when the old 'gravel' pitches were replaced some years ago by the current stadium, expensive drainage was put in at the time (funded by the taxpayer of course)

Now, a few years on, it looks like the taxpayer is going to have to stump up again

Nothing to do with the fact that rugby and football sharing a pitch is never a good idea!!


Did anybody watch the Saracens v Exeter Premiership rugby game on Sky yesterday? It was played on the new 3G artificial pitch and the feedback in today's papers was very positive.

Looks like the way forward for rugby and football.