Coach backs move

MOVING the Muratti Vase final back from its scheduled 5 May date is the only sensible option, according to Jersey assistant coach Dave Kennedy.

Dave Kennedy

MOVING the Muratti Vase final back from its scheduled 5 May date is the only sensible option, according to Jersey assistant coach Dave Kennedy.

With the strong possibility that Guernsey’s best players could also face GFC matches that weekend, Kennedy is the latest big name to urge a compromise to sustain the Muratti’s integrity.

Kennedy, pictured, has worked closely with Jersey coach Craig Culkin in recent times as the pair have led the Caesareans through a period of success that has included Muratti, FA Inter-League Cup and Island Games wins.

He is of the same view as Culkin, insisting that under no circumstances should his side be facing a Guernsey ‘second-string’ team at the Track.

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Mister X

Don't you just love the arrogance of some people. One day Alderney might just make the final - obviously not this year because it would appear that the plastic Jersey men have beaten them. Shame that the Press never reported on the match.

Ex Northerner

Mister X

A very good point, sadly arrogance is all too prevalent in football these days, not least amongst the GFC gang


Post 2

If there is one arguement you will not win Mr Ex N it is that the "GFC gang" are arrogant. Anybody who knows the people running GFC will tell you (not that you will listen!) that arrogance is the least likely word to be used to describe the dedicated people running and playing for GFC.

You really do need to cheer up :)

Ex Northerner


Your "gang" display your arrogance on this site day after day, arguing how GFC is more important than the Muratti, demonstrating that you expect everyone to dance to your tune as regards Footes Lane and just about every other issue.

Enjoy it while it lasts, in 10 years time it'll be a distant memory.


Ex N

I have no wish to get into a boring slanging match.

But I fail to see where the arrogance comes in, all I see is people like yourselves stuck in their ways with no wish to give this project a fair chance.

You're not a Crapaud in disguise are you!


Typical Rob Batiste and his team of crack reporters just go in search of anyone who agrees with their view. Joke!

Next they'll ask the Jersey physio if he agrees and do a supplement on it


Johno, I agree. Don't really see much arrogance with GFC. Think it comes down to the fact that ex northerner doesn't agree with what there trying to do. Personally I think fair play to them, it might be gone in 10 years ex northerner but better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all I think so good luck to them.

Footes Lane User

I'm not sure if it is arrogance on the part of GFC players or the organisers, however there are certainly seriously blinkered views amongst certain sections of their support.

These supporters seem to expect that GFC take precedence over any other sport that uses Footes Lane and that Culture and Leisure should pay for the changes to the Footes Lane playing surface.

Unless these people are permanently living in cloud GFC land they can't have helped but notice that the States of Guernsey have recently been debating ways of saving money, installing a highly expensive artificial playing surface would not be saving money, especially when this would only benefit a small percentage of the population.

The Culture and Leisure owned Hockey Pitch at Footes Lane is well past it's best and should have been replaced 10 years ago but even at that time Hockey were told that the cupboard is bare and only minor repairs would be carried out.

The reality is if Hockey wish to replace the playing surface it will have to be through private means, I do not see why the Footes Lane grass playing surface should be any different. Rugby, Football and more importantly Athletics should all get together and find a suitable solution with private funding.

Personally I would like to see all 4 sports get together and take over the responsibilty for running Footes Lane on a long term lease from the States of Guernsey for a peppercorn rent. Any revenue generated from the site could then be ploughed back into it, this is not what is happening at the moment.