Guernsey FC 1, Spennymoor Town 3

Guernsey FC will have to do it the hard way after losing in the first leg of their FA Vase semi-final.

Guernsey FC will have to do it the hard way after losing in the first leg of their FA Vase semi-final.

Dom Heaume, pictured, ensured the Green Lions were level at half-time at 1-1, but two second-half goals won it for Spennymoor.

Green Lions' Captain Sam Cochrane was also sent off after elbowing an opponent.

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Big Ron

I was at the game in the stands and I must say that the referee should give up, the shirt pulling, pushing from behind and hand offs as well as all the other niggling fouls commited by Spennymoor contributed to their victory and Sam Cochranes "had enough of this sh*t" response, It has to be said the elbow was over the top but after nearly 90 minutes of continual sneaky fouling led to this shameful action. Also the referee countermanding the assistant refs call for a throw in was beyond belief.

On balance Spennymoor were better in the air and quicker on the ball especially second ball moments but this was only made possible by them continually getting the rub of the green from the ref.

I hope GFA put in a full report about the officials.


I agree that Spennymoor played better on the day. Their defence in particular were very solid, virtually impenetrable. I also completely agree with comments about all their pushing and shoving which should have been dealt with by the referee but was ignored time and again. Inevitably it resulted in our guys' frustration, it is at complete odds to their own sportsmanlike style. If the only way to win the vase is with an ugly, spiteful display like Spennymoor's, perthaps we should leave them to it.


Big Ron / Beanjar

I wasn't at the game but it sounds to me like GFC got a taste of what is to come is they progress up the leagues. Unfortunately that kind of behaviour goes on at the highest levels of the game and is too rarely punished...hardly a week goes by in the Premier League without a shirt pulling incident that should by the rules have been a penalty. Anecdotally I reckon the higher you climb up the pyramid the worse it gets as there's more at stake.

It's not nice to watch or sporting but if the FA took action on these refs they'd have to act against pretty much every top flight referee in the country. Perhaps that's not a bad idea. It's about time it was stamped out.


Totally agree with Big Ron and Beanjar. The ref's performance spoiled a good game. The way he allowed their big No. 5 to bully him throughout the game was disgraceful. The ref should have at the very least carded him for dissent for his long rant after the Guernsey goal.

Spennymoor were the stronger team on the day. It is just such a shame that they spoiled their performance with so much of the ugly "professionalism" and diving which is endemic in the game.

Big Sam

1) never an excuse to swing an elbow on or off the pitch but we all make mistakes

2) nigggles are part of the game and a useful tool and tactic that you need to deal with. By biting or getting annoyed you are the ones that'd lose out.

Forget about the incident and focus on the football going forward

laurie carre

I did say that gfc would learn more in this game than a season in ccl,at this level you have to wise up very quickly, and its no good blaming the officials,thats the way it is,rightly or wrongly. Im sure tony will make adjustments,gfc have done well, but they are probably at there level.but im afraid if people expect no shirt pulling ect, they are very niaive, it happens, plp you are right. it will get tougher the higher you get, better players and clever players,im afraid nice teams don't win, sadly.But don't give in there is next week


The boys can hold their heads up high, a huge effort and only a small set back. The amount of support and Guernsey goodwill generated by this one game is huge. Great for Guernsey, Great for Guernsey sports and Great for the community.

Well done everyone and remember this is the semi final, not the first round, yes expectations are high but so have been the performances and commitment to get here.


I love GFC, been to every home game, but its about time we learnt how to lose and its about time that a lot of these 'football' fans realised that football is not a nice, calm family atmosphered game, its a passion and sometimes its ugly. Will be interesting to see how many people keep going to watch GFC when we are not winning 5-3 every week. I bet the average crowd halfs because most of people that go dont understand anything about the game.

At the end of the day, Guernsey have not been playing that well for a while now at footes lane and Spennymoor were fitter, stronger and more organised, yes there was niggly fouls, but from both sides.


interesting to see some of the reaction of certain players when its not going their way


Sorry, Notsostoopid, I disagree with you. Football IS a nice, calm, family atmosphered game. At least it was. It has been allowed to degenerate into the "thugonomics" we see in today's game.

I would never in a million years take my kids to watch a football match unless I wanted them to learn a harsh lesson about cheating, foul and abusive language and violence.

I'd rather take them to rugby, tennis, athletics or virtually any other sport!

Good luck next week, GFC, it's not over!


I watched the game online and its clear that there is a gap in class between the two sides, not only in terms of ability but also in professionalism/naivety (take your pick). But Guernsey FC will learn a huge amount from the experience gained.

Spennymoor snuffed out the threat of Ross Allen very well and lesser teams have not been able to do that to the same extent.

Check the crowd figures at yesterday's League 1 and League 2 games. The size of the Footes Lane crowd exceeded just about all of the League 2 games and several of the League 1 games - that's a fantastic achievement in itself.

Lets beat it for the Muratti in May!


Just settled at home after my visit to Guernsey to watch Spennymoor.

First off, a very friendly bunch in the main although some of the comments I've seen on here beggar belief! Regarding the elbow incident, if that was done on the street your lad would've spent the night in the cells as that should be classed as assault! No place for it on the football pitch. Posts 1-4, I think you give your head a shake!

What I do find disgraceful is the home fans in the stand cheering when players went down injured and applauding the man as he was walking off the pitch after his assault. Is this what you really want to teach the numerous children that were at the match?

A really enjoyable weekend in the main and we look forward to welcoming any of you that venture North next weekend.

laurie carre

JUBILEE 33. your last paragraph is spot on, the reason I would find it difficult to attend gfc games, its not all stand supporters,but there are a faction that are embaressing.


Actually, Jubilee33, pushing, shoving and sly little digs when the ref 'looks the other way' would also be classed as assault if they happened in the street. Or maybe that counts as sportsmanlike behaviour up in the friendly north? We are not used to it over here, your lads were lucky to get a ref so tolerant of 'professional' fouls. Last time I looked this was amateur football played largely for enjoyment and pride - its not life or death, why not play cleaner?

Shed Ender

Jubilee33. First of all, thanks for coming to Guernsey and I hope you enjoyed the game and the hospitality.

Secondly, can I ask how it is that Spennymoor have won their league three times but never been promoted?? Isn't this an abuse of process for a pyramid club.

The whole point of being in the pyramid is to move up it. Isn't the club being given authority by the FA to be a big fish, or even shark, in a small pond, and eat all the tiddlers?

Spennymoor are clearly a very well organised 'football' outfit as was shown by the marking of Ross Allen. But saying that, Ross on at least three occasions made complete chumps of the two players who were closing down whenever he got in the box. His turns were first class.

Unfortunately I agree with the posters above about how GFC will have to cope with the 'sportsmanship' in the higher leagues. I just hope Tony Vance and co instill in the Gsy players the values most Guernsey people aspire to.


I am a season ticket holder in section rows 1-10 and we go to every game and no Guernsey fan has ever used any foul language or made abusive comments, in fact the only people that have done are supporters from the visiting team who stand/try to stand on the concourse at the top of the stairs and make derogatory comments/use foul language.

Sams a great captian and has passion for Guernsey & GFC.

No ones mentioned the Speenymoor number 10 deliberately smashing into him, I have watched the video on youtube over and over and it looks very deliberate to me but Sam should not have done what he did.


Beanjar, you must lead a very sheltered life when it comes to football. Football is a physical / contact sport at ALL levels. If you have ambitions to move up the leagues then you will need to understand that. It's nothing to do with the friendly North although every team is North to Guernsey. Will you be making the trip for the second leg or are you staying wrapped up in your ball of cotton wool?

Shed Ender, I did enjoy the hospitality, thank you.

Spennymoor announced a 5 year business plan 4 and a bit years ago. The plan was to get the infastructure right both on an off the pitch. A considerable amount of work has gone into improving the ground also. Spennymoor for the previous 3 seasons have not 'applied' for promotion before the end of year deadline and although they have won the league the last 3 seasons were not 'eligible' for promotion. We have been working under the FA's guidelines and until they make promotion compulsory for the league winners then we have not been flouting any laws etc. We have applied for promotion this season however, although we are 26 points behind Darlington 1883 albeit with 9 games in hand.

With regards to Ross Allen, I'm sure he is a good player as his goals record shows, however he never got near our goal yesterday and was made to look ordinary apart from the couple of good turns you mentioned.

Our 3rd choice striker showed how to take the chances with 2 goals.

Will you be coming up for the second leg?


James, I think your term 'smashing' into your player is laughable. Nobody denies that it was a foul (hence the reason why you got the free kick) but it was a nudge in the back at most.

I'm sure your captain is a passionate player for GFC but unfortunately he lost his head on the day and no doubt regrets what he did.


I'm very proud of the Guernsey team but not so the fans

1) firstly treating someone who throws an elbow asa hero is a joke. Yes he mad a mistake which I don't want to make a meak of as its was a split second rash decision but bad none the less

2) moaning about niggles etc just makes us look like sore losers. It's a mans game

We were beaten by a far superior team in everyway but hopefully the second leg is different


Oh and if you want to put a face to the name, I'm the one with the flag wrapped round my shoulders.

Brin Harrison

My seven year old football mad son Oliver and I went to watch the game setting up camp at the far left, behind the goal. I have never been interested in football until recently, but Oliver plays for Saints and we have together found a passion for the game and really enjoy supporting GFC. We have watched every away game on the laptop and keenly followed their progress hoping above all things that we will make it to Wembley. They are a great bunch of lads. It's such a shame if the further we make it, the more we have to accept that unsporting behaviour is all part and parcel of the game. There seems to be an indication that we will need to be as dirty as the rest to make any progress - well I just hope our skill and determination will see us through without having to resort to this type of behaviour.

There was a crowd of 15/20 home ''supporters''by us that were chanting at the away Goalkeeper in a disgusting manner that they should have been ashamed of. There were plenty of children within earshot, and it made me realise that this aggressive ''baying mob''mentality is one of the reasons I used to give this sport a miss.. it's such a bad reflection on the Team and the island.

Overall, brilliant to be there, and it may be a long shot, but the best of luck for next Sat GFC !!


Brin, football has always been like this, like you said, you have only just got into your football, well hopefully and maybe with a little more knowledge, you will know to take your little one to the sides of the pitch and not behind the goal, this is the same in every ground in the world, behind the goals are the loud agro parts of the game, its nice to know that in Guernsey our crowd loves it and is as passionate as anywhere else in the world, sometimes its ok not to be different (cue all the proud Guerns comments now).Its great that so many people support GFC but about time people treated it as a football team and game rather than a nice place to go for a picnic.


Hi Jubilee33

Came down to watch two good footballing sides on a very difficult pitch. You are spot on about our fans cheering (the main stand) while your lad was still down, i was very surprised by their reaction as it was a stone wall sending off and probably gave you a bad taste in the mouth. If the shoe was on the other foot, the Guernsey fan's would have been going mad and off off. Your boys are a better side then us, that is plain to see. You are by far a massive step up to anything we have played or will play in the league we are in. Guernsey FC have brought a massive lift to Guernsey football and the island as a whole. All the players and squad that wear the GFC badge have done themselves proud over our very short life in non league football. The bottom line is we were beaten by a better more experienced team and you are where we aspire to be in the future. Through GFC and the Aztec ( young player academy ) Guernsey football will have a massive future. GFC will be way stronger in years to come because of the amazing coaching our young kids are receiving and these boys will have so many opportunities because of the birth of GFC. Full credit to everyone involved. Sadly i think your team is a step to far for our boys, but it was great to see how far we have come in such a short space of time. If you do go through to the Final and seeing you play, i think you will, then good luck to you and your team.


Credit to Spennymoor, I thought they were excellent on Saturday & the best side won, they played the conditions much better than Guernsey did.

As a supporter it was good to finally watch a competitive game rather than some of the one sided fare that has been served up over the past 18 months, something which is not Guernseys fault of course. It was always going to be a niggly game with the conditions as bad as they were & with so much at stake, a once in a lifetime opportunity to play at Wembley. It was never going to be a nice open free flowing game of football…. In fact it was very similar to a Muratti really, which are always very scrappy games.

Personally, I thought the referee was excellent & I am baffled by some of the criticism he has received on this forum.

The players will learn a lot by suffering this disappointment and I hope some of the fans do too, unfortunately there appears to be a minority who do not lose well, it’s never nice to lose but it happens. The club, the media, the players & the coaches have come out and spoken very well in defeat, some of the fans have too. But there are others focusing on negatives when we should be very proud of what has been achieved to date:

- The fact we are playing in the semi-final of the FA Vase

- The effort by so many to get the game on

- The amazing attendance

- The national coverage

- It’s only half time & there’s still 90 minutes to play

This is an open forum and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just find myself agreeing with a Spennymoor fan (Jubilee33) more than most of our own supporters on here. Perhaps it is me in the minority after all?

Oh Dear

As someone who is not a football fan but wants our team to do well.

I find it hilarious when football fans always criticise and shout about the referee when their team loses. I see it all the time.

Apparently Man Utd always win because all the referees are on their side... Perhaps they always win because they are the better team...

On this occasion it looks as though Spennymoor were the better team. Fair play to them.

It's a shame our team couldn't win the match but there is no need for the excuses and moans from people on this forum. GFC is representing our island, we should do the same thing by being gracious in defeat.

Tom Le C

Well said Rifle. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the better team won. Those focussing on the odd little push etc really don't understand the game.

The Spennymoor fan on here has come across well to me.

Its a shame we didn't have a full team out as I thought it was plain to see we lacked quality, particularly from an attacking point of view on the bench. It would be nice to have a plan B on the bench as the Spennymoor side dealt very capably with Ross Allen. Maybe a big lad (do we have these in Guernsey) on the bench would have given us a Plan B for 15 mins.

As for the red card. Pretty obvious decision and highly dangerous and aggressive. That said i'm sure the young lad involved will learn from his error and realise it helped know one. We all make errors it is whether we make them again that defines someone


I can't believe some of the comments on here. They were much better than us, much more physical and much more "canny". Nothing wrong with that. Learn fromthe defeats, don't make excuses. If we want to go anywhere we need to man up a bit

Ok the sending off was stupid but Sam has only himself to blame. Can't believe people were clapping him off, he did more to ruin Guernseys chances than the rest of the team - just lucky Spennymoor were more keen to protect what they had rather than put us to the sword.

No complaints about the ref either, thought he got the majority of his decisions spot on.


It's a pity that so much of the more unsavoury aspects of the professional game now infect even the lower levels of non-league football but I think that will have to be accepted if GFC want to progress further.

As has been said by others, the behaviour of many of the home "supporters" left a lot to be desired. Fortunately, it was behaviour we have seen very rarely in previous GFC games where the GFC supporters have been more interested in and prossibly more knowledgeable about the football than those at Footes lane last Saturday. True supporters are, of course, passionately partisan but should not be a baying mob having lost all sense of proportion.

Heathers Elbow

Thanks for putting a bit of sense into this forum Rifle55 and Jubilee33.

I thought Spenymoor were a very well organised and physical outfit. The little off the ball incidents were pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. Blocking off at throws, a nudge here and a nudge there. All part and parcel of the modern game. There is a large portion of the local football supporters that know little, but preach lots. This is because they only watch amateur low level footy and the sky box. What Spennymoor did was what I like to call "cute play". It's just designed to stop the opposition getting into their stride and cause players to loose their composure (Sam Cochrane please take note). Wimbledon got to the top flight and won an FA cup with a squad that were masters of the dark art of cute play.

It's not over by a long shout but it will be a tough ask. The best we can hope for is that Spenny have a pitch that allows GFC to get the ball down and play. Then it's game on because away goals don't count in the Vase!

Whatever the result next Saturday, GFC will have learned (or must do if they want to compete on a higher level) more in these fixtures than any of the last 18 months.


The saddest thing about the comments here is that you are apparently 'naive' in expecting a game of football to be played in a sporting manner within the rules of the game! What a load of bull. Do you honestly see shirt-pulling, ankle kicking and niggling by EVERY player in EVERY professional game? No. Justifying Spennymoor's tactics on that basis is pathetic, and accusing people of being naive for not accepting it is nothing short of bullying. This was one of the worst games of football I've seen at Footes Lane since GFC were formed simply because of the tactics deployed by Spennymoor. If that's what's needed to lift the FA Vase then you can keep it. In my mind, Saturday's game went a long way to cheapening the trophy. I also thought in footballing terms, Spennymoor were not the side we had been led to believe they were. They are already several steps above Guernsey, and have refused promotion 2 or 3 times, so in addition are playing at a level or two below themselves. Further, since winning the league last season, they have strengthened their team with a few players who have played at a much higher level. One of Spennymoor's supporter's even alleged that one of their players is on £40k a year. Indeed, from their website player profile, I think there is only one player who is not listed as having played extensively for a professional club, and many have come from Sunderland, Middlesborough etc. And they didn't play alot of football on Saturday. GFC should be immensely proud that they didn't look out of place against such opposition - and even more proud that they were considered so much of a threat that Spennymoor felt the need to play like Stoke. Yes, two great goals from Spennymoor, but remember folks, they dont come like that every week (although having said that, if you are playing well within your comfort zone because you are scared of promotion, then maybe they do?). And yes, their defence was very organised, with the number 5 mopping up everything in the air. Ironically, the fact that the game went ahead on such an awful pitch worked against GFC. They were only able to play their quick one touch football in a couple of brief passages, and had the surface been less boggy, I'm sure we would have seen more balls played through a largely lumbering and slow defence for Ross Allen to run on to. Nevertheless, congratulations to Spennymoor. However you analyse they game, they got two more than us. Bottom line is, I hope the return leg sees more football. Then we'll get a true reflection of the teams' relative strengths and perhaps the good folks of the north-east will get a chance to be entertained by the real GFC.

(Just one final point, if one is a member of a visiting team's official party, it's not - in my book - either big or clever to stand up and invite the home fans for a fight whenever your team scores. But hey, maybe I'm just being 'naive'.)

C'mon the Green Lions.


Not quite sure how ''fans'' can complain about a load of niggles etc which quite frankly are part of the game at any level except an exhibition match, yet justify an elbow which is very very dangerous.

I understand we are all passionate but we need to keep perspective. Just hope we are the better team in the second leg and it seems to many have given up hope. Yes they are a superior team but stranger things have happened. The better team does not alway triumph. Go GFC!


The criticism of the ref is typical of some GFC supporters with their green tinted glasses on. I thought the ref had a good game to be honest, didn't get that much wrong and certainly didn't impact the game that much. The reason GFC lost is they played poorly. Thats one of the worst performances I have seen. The problem was they tried to play their normal game on a pitch that was totally unsuitable for the style. You cannot go passing the ball out of defence on a pitch like that. We had no Plan B at all, we should have been knocking some long balls forward rather than try and pass throught the terrible middle of the pitch.

Guernsey played poorly and lost, end of story.


Really sorry everyone, for the offence my earlier post seemed to have caused. I am new at that posting game, and I am sorry that I am obviously not a “proper fan”.

To try and explain myself, I enjoy the physical side of the game, but hate this exaggerated “falling” under pressure that apparently I now have to accept as part of the game. I believe the ref was weak, because he did not stamp his authority on the game earlier! The sending off was correct, to raise an elbow is always unacceptable, and the player and GFC have accepted it. The ref’s performance did not affect the scoreline in anyway.

But I challenge my accusers to watch the highlights online, and please can one of the “proper fans” enlighten me. Why is the over-reaction (come on, if that was an assault, he has obviously never tried to be get served at a bar at a music festival, or even been in a department store at sales time!) of the player acceptable: is he trying to get someone sent off, or avoid a yellow for his challenge from behind? It is certainly not manly behaviour. And can someone please explain why it is acceptable for a player to run the length of the pitch, and so interfere with the referee that he struggles to do his job of sending off the GFC player off? Just because it happens every week on the TV does not make it right? Sorry these are just genuine questions.

The stronger and better side won on the day. But they were not miles better as some seem to suggest. Come on GFC, you can still pull off what was always going to be a shock win.


Lets all be realistic here.

Spennymoor as expected are a stronger side, you just have to look at the bio of their players on the Spenny site to see that.

I think the Physical side was always going to be a problem for us and the pitch certainly didn't help. Such a shame that Zico and Angus are out as they would have been used to this style and standard of team.

Overall we can have no complaints, its a hell of a long shot, BUT on a decent pitch, us at the top of our game and maybe them having an off day, who knows.

As Spelbound said, "stranger things have happened" COYGL


It was clear from watching on Saturday and from reading whats on their website that Spennymoor have some very capable players.

I hope that the 2nd leg doesnt become a grudge match of any kid and GFC go up there and enjoy the experience.

Reaching the semi final of the competition is no disgrace and the proper supporters are rightly proud of what they have achieved to date.

Keep it up lads!


Jockaroo - have you played football before? If so you should know that shirt pulling etc happens in every game and by both sets of players. Including gfc players!

And just because they didn't play clever passing football on Saturday doesn't mean they can't at all. As you say, they have played at a high level and that doesn't happen byjust being able to hoof it up the pitch. They just adapted to the conditions better.

Shed Ender


Thank you very much for coming on this forum and giving a balanced, but understandably slightly partisan view of your team.

Will I come to the 2nd leg? Well, as many 'Guerns' will tell you, and as you found out, this is an expensive rock to get off.

With visits to the UK to see family and the annual holiday, the cost of flights and hotels all add up (I have been on some holidays where the price of the flights and hiring a car have been more expensive than the resort we have stayed at!).

And more importantly I need to save my leave days and decreasing funds for our trip to Wembley :) I will be watching the game at a local boozer and no doubt a load of 'ex-pats' will boost the gate. Is that enough excuses from a soft southerner?


Jockaroo sorry you are extremely biased. What makes you think spennymoor couldn't play better football on a nice pitch too??? I am also pretty sure there is good reason for them refusing promotion like building a sustainable club!

Finally u mention a fan asking for a fight, well sorry but that's no worse than what was seen on the pitch

I love gfc and watch every match I just felt I should put some perspective on your post so spennymoor fans don't get the wrong idea of our island!

Klaus Fluoride

Having seen all of the posts on here that claim the modern game is all about niggly little fouls, shirt pulls, nudges, shoves, grabs, falling over when not actually tripped & faking the need for some serious hospital treatment when actually you're absolutely fine with not even a cut, I have just one question: Whatever happened to the beautiful game?

Good day out

Well I throughly enjoyed myself on Saturday, sure it would have been brillant if GFC had one but sometimes thats how it goes.

I thought our guys did a great job but Spennymoor were the better team on the day, that no 5 was a proper bruiser.

Some people take things too seriously!

This match was similar in a lot of ways to a premiership match, there were a few dodgy calls from the ref and the linesman, some of the players trying it on, one player getting miffed and elbowing another and then getting sent off, the crowd pantomine booing in all the right places, a few daft sods getting over excited and saying silly things, most got a free t-shirt and a noisy clacker, what more do you want!

Good luck to our boys in saturday, you know what they are like now so its still possible!


There seems to be an awful lot of 'GFC fans' extremely sensitive to comments made about Spennymoor! Perhaps they are from the North-East of the island!

As a general response to those who accept cheating as part of the game, I'd just like to say that if every game I watched had as much 'gamesmanship' as Saturday's, football would for me be an entirely joyless experience and not worth bothering with. Thankfully, its not. Interpret that to suit your own agenda.

Bob - are you suggesting that Spennymoor hoofed it up the pitch on Saturday? What a shocking thing to say! However, as an aside, Wimbledon won the FA Cup doing just that. And more recently, Stoke made it in to the Premiership. Further, Sam Allardyce has based an entire career on building 'route 1' teams.

Spenpresive - your comments go too far. Disagree with me if you like, but don't misrepresent me. From what I could see, the Spennymoor fans were impeccably behaved before, during and after the game. I was referring to a member of the official Spennymoor party (I know he is because his face appears on many photographs of Spennymoor officials on their website). He may well be a 'fan' of theirs too, but its his behaviour whilst officially representing his team I am referring to. If you think that's no worse than what went on on the pitch then fair enough. I would just like to make it clear that in no way did my original post suggest the regular Spennymoor fans were anything other than great ambassadors for their club. And finally, my post is an opinion about a game of football! Suggesting it may affect readers' views of the island of Guernsey is churlish, offensive and downright trouble-making.


Actually the modern game is less about niggles than the past but its part of the game none the less. If you can't deal with it change sport or watch something else. It doesn't send out a very good impression when people wrongly justify retaliation. Lets go to the primary schools and teach kids to turn the other cheek unless they annoy you a little bit then you can give them a whack.

I suppose you will suggest that our team has never made a meal of a challenge or put in a late niggle or tackle? Clearly you haven't watch many games!!!!

Unfortunately I love GFC as a season ticket holder and feel I'm fighting a losing cause to lose gracefully with some of you lot. Lets move on and hope we can out score on the away leg. Up the Green Lions!


good day out

Spot on with your comments, that is why we all love the game!


spot on good day out. Couldn't have put it better.


Klaushater (42), do I assume from your name that you are referring to Klaus Fluoride's post (39)? Because if you are you are displaying the classic troll tendencies of projection & misrepresentation.


I'm sorry but i'm confused as to how my post was not perfectly logical. Ok my name was a bit below the belt but how is anything i have said troll like?

Maybe i'm a little extreme but i stand by my points whole heartedly and you post just seems to be trying to cause trouble.


How about

"If you can’t deal with it change sport" - BULLYING


"I suppose you will suggest that our team has never made a meal of a challenge or put in a late niggle or tackle?" - PROJECTION


"Clearly you haven’t watch many games!!!!" - MISREPRESENTATION

I rest my case m'lud.


dear lordy, are you being serious.

“If you can’t deal with it change sport” – BULLYING (hardly bullying just making a point its part of the game and unfortunately if you don't like it that is the only solution

“I suppose you will suggest that our team has never made a meal of a challenge or put in a late niggle or tackle?” – PROJECTION (merely making a point that we can't moan about others faults if we are also guilty)

“Clearly you haven’t watch many games!!!!” – MISREPRESENTATION (well i'd call it sarcasm!)

Sorry Klaus hater hater but apparently you are what you seem to despise. Gulty of all 3 of the things you mention. Please can you you try and not cause more trouble and detract from what was a pretty lively and enjoyable debate


All the niggly little fouls, pushing, shirt pulling & name calling that happened on Saturday was a disgrace.

Bring back the good old days when football was a proper honest sport and there was never any form of gamesmanship or cheating.

How we all long for the days when a centre half could try and snap a skilful centre forward in half as soon as they received the ball.

Back when tricky skilful wingers would need to hurdle like Colin Jackson to avoid being maimed by defenders as they dribbled the ball.

Wasn’t it great when forward players could ‘honestly’ smash into a goalkeeper as they are catching the ball, such as Nat Lofthouse in the 1958 FA Cup Final?

Those were the days. It was a much better sport then, I really can’t stomach the cheating that has crept into the game during the modern era……


Firstly, congratulations to Spennymoor who were worthy winners on the day.

As for the referee, on the whole I did not think he was too bad, he handled the sending off of Sam very well. Nobody can complain about that decision. As for the clapping, I'd rather people did not, but this is hardly unique to Guernsey, happens at most clubs. It was not agreeing with what Sam did but more of a sympathy that he finally lost his call. He has publicly apologised and as long as he and the rest of the team learn from it then so be it. Some referee's are happy to let the niggly stuff go, just have to learn to deal with it.

A massive thank you must go to the C&L staff and the amazing fans that worked through the night to get the game on and of course all who helped getting the helicopter in to dry the worst of it.

As Laurie has posted (and I agree with!), lots to be learnt from this game and what you need to do at this level and what you have to contend with. We were lacking a lot of players who would have been able to deal with things better, mainly Zico and Gus.

Not happy to hear of the abuse leveled at the keeper, I have to say this is not something previously seen at a GFC game so lets not go overboard at that. A bit of banter is of course just fine.

Need to look forward to Saturday's 2nd leg and lets all believe that what seems impossible is possible.

Last point, on a whole I think last Saturday is something that everyone in Guernsey should be very proud of, to get that level of support in this island was fantastic. Let's hope many of the additional 3,000 come back for the games that remain this season.

Come on you Green Lions!!