Sharman named new Guernsey coach

STEVE SHARMAN has Muratti Vase history and an Island Games in his sights after being confirmed as the new Guernsey senior island representative coach for the next two seasons.

STEVE SHARMAN has Muratti Vase history and an Island Games in his sights after being confirmed as the new Guernsey senior island representative coach for the next two seasons.

As expected, the highly-respected GFA technical director, who is involved with Guernsey FC and also helps a number of Priaulx League clubs, has been named as Kevin Graham’s successor.

Having assisted Graham to the back-to-back triumphs over Jersey in 2012 and 2013, locally-born and based Sharman, 45, is confident of extending that winning run in the coming years.

‘Murattis are one-off games as everybody knows and anything can happen on the day, but with the group of players we have right now and also the group behind them, we have every reason to be confident,’ he said.

‘The same goes for the 2015 Island Games, so I am obviously delighted to come into this role, especially at this time, because the quality of players is so high at the moment.

‘From when I first got involved seven or eight years ago when I brought British Universities teams over to the island, the development of the senior side has been considerable.’

Sharman has confirmed that Colin Fallaize will be his assistant coach, while Chris Hamon will be the goalkeeping coach and a couple of other ‘auxiliary’ areas will be filled at a later date.

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Gordon Tostevin

So no change then as the GFC brigade continue with all of the representative football. How many coaches applied for the positon? I have no doubt that Sharman is a good coach but can it be healthy to keep having the same people involved with all representative football sides. Shame for those players not in the GFC clique, why couldn't they just appoint someone neutral and give every player a chance? There must be coaches in Guernsey who aspire to be involved with the Island sides but they also have no chance whilst the same people continually get appointed, be that as main coach, assistant or goalkeeping coach. Disappointed.


Yawn! So predictable. Perhaps he could find "auxiliary" roles for Vancey and Roary?!

One name for the Guernseyman rather than the business project:



According to the paper he was the only one who applied so you cant blame the GFA for giving it to him!

That aside, he is a very good and experienced coach. I imagine he will pick the GFC players plus craig young and dave rihoy but i dont think many people can argue against that.

brents nose


I would rather have Peter Vincentti...


Good coach or not is he the only coach we have here? I dont totally agree with Gordon Tostevin but I do think that the role should be for those successful Priaulx coaches who aspire to do the job, just as football managers in the UK aspire to be England coach. Only one applicant...... maybe it is because people are beginning to think that it is a closed shop, which it certainly looks to be. I think that dealing with the GFA and GFC as Guernsey coach is an impossible task unless you are involved with both entities. I dont think that this is right but I cant see anyone outside of the GFC set up being Guernsey coach for many years. Sharman may stay in the role for a while and will be replaced by another GFC individual, that being an ageing Cochrane, Mackay etc who will be too old to play. It is a shame for those not involved in GFC and those coaches who work week in week out in the Priaulx league to basically know that they will never get their chance


Vincenti over Budloe, Brent? Are you suggesting that Bud is closet Jerseyman.. even more so than Scottish/Italian/Crapaud?!

Maybe you could apply for the job next time?