Guernsey FC 11, Crawley Down Gatwick 0

GUERNSEY FC romped to their biggest victory ever with a double-figure Ryman South hammering of Crawley Down Gatwick under the Footes Lane floodlights on New Year's Day.

GUERNSEY FC romped to their biggest victory ever with a double-figure Ryman South hammering of Crawley Down Gatwick under the Footes Lane floodlights on New Year's Day.

Playing a heavily-delayed match due to flight problems and against a team made up predominantly of new signings, the Green Lions were superb as they raced into a 5-0 half-time lead, Ross Allen completing his hat-trick by the break and Glyn Dyer grabbing the other two.

And after the restart, it got even better for GFC as Allen scored another treble to finish with a personal tally of six, a club record, while strikes from Nigel Hutton, Marc McGrath and Ryan-Zico Black compounded the misery for Crawley Down Gatwick.

The game was the only one that survived the weather on the day and as a result, GFC climb back up to fifth place and into the play-offs, ahead of their trip to Ramsgate on Saturday (4 January).

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Another cracking game then, I thought that there weren't any pub sides in this division?

Maybe the Crawley boys had a few pints in Gatwick whilst they were delayed?


Always having a pop eh?

If you had watched the game then you would know that every GFC player had that kind of game where they were on song and CDG had a bit of a nightmare. These things happen in any league. In the Ryman the bottom teams can also pull off a surprise victory and often do so. In terms of the teams involved in the Ryman it compares very well in competitive terms to what is happening in the Premiership or Championship.

mista joon


If Crawley were indeed a pub side, then those alleged few pints would have helped them play better.

It certainly helped me back along!


Let's see if Batiste condems GFC for being so ruthless like he did with those North nippers a few years back, doubt it though.

Maria Hills

Firstly CFFC is not a pub team..fact!!! They have had a very tough time of late due to Managers leaving and non committed player's. I take my hat of to the players expecially the U18's and U21's that had the balls to commit to the game at such short notice. We will take the criticisms and negative feedback given by all but will walk away from last nights game with our heads held high.


Islander - I remember being on the wrong end of a similar drubbing playing for the Grammar School D team against Elizabeth College. I remember during the game I kicked the ball, it hit a college player and went out of play - he gave College the throw in. When I complained it had hit the college player, his response was "yes but you kicked it." He was the Elizabeth College chaplain though....although I heard he changed career and became a Premier League ref.


Ex-Northern Whinger is there any result from any GFC game that would please you? If GFC wins you moan about weak competitors, if we lose it proves how useless we are, if we draw it shows how average we are, when it rains and attendance figure drop that is GFC's fault too. Why don't you give it a rest? If it bothers you so much why don't you simply ignore GFC matches and comment on topics where you have something worthwhile to say?



Interesting that you bring up the matter of crowd size, barely 750 last night I see, seems to be about average these days.


Bean jar, spot on, these posts are boring



I have given up on characters like Ex-Northerner, the only consolation is he is one of the fast diminishing whingers!



Things I have noticed this season.

Ex-Northerner comes on and has a pop at the ‘doomed’ GFC project. Johno then normally responds with his views that the GFC is the best thing ever and if we entered it, we would probably win the World Cup. In reality, the truth lays in between these two views. Guernsey FC are in a UK league, providing entertainment to around about 1,000 people each week. At present they are doing well in the league they are in, and will look to progress in the next few seasons.

Where GFC goes from there is anybody’s guess. You can look from the outside, saying its doomed from the start, or enjoy while it lasts, however long that may be (Couple of years or many decades). Should the GFC be rammed down our throat by the GEP on a daily basis? Possibly, possibly not. I just don’t understand all of the bickering. If you enjoy it, go and watch, if not stay away and do something else. It’s not as if, like the Jersey Rugby Club, that the Island States are pumping hundreds of thousands of pounds of Taxpayers money into the project. Presently, gate receipts, merchandise and sponsorship pay for the running of the club.

Just a small note – MarcyJ (Post 2), not quite as the same in Competitive terms are the Premiership / Championship. The last time a side scored 11 goals in a Football League game was on Boxing Day 1962 when Oldham beat Southport 11-0 in the old Division 4 (League 2 nowadays). The last time it happened in either of the top two leagues was 14 Nov 1959, where Aston Villa beat Charlton 11-1 in Division 2 (Championship nowadays).

Now those are great (some may say pointless) stats!


I take your point that the score is a little bit more than the six or seven nil scores that happen every now and again in the professional leagues. What you cannot deny though is that the Ryman is very competitive and teams from mid-table upwards have a chance of making the play-offs and some of those (including GFC) could catch up and take the title.


Ex-Northerner, do you just make stuff up as you see fit? The attendance for this match of 752 was GFC's 2nd lowest out of all 13 home league fixtures this season (the lowest being 724), and it was played on New Years Day! It was also one of only 4 attendances this season to drop below 1000. How did you get to 750 being the "average" attendance of recent times?


Joe makes some valid points, particularly the one about having GFC rammed down our throats virtually every day by the GEP.

The comparison with JRC isn't valid though, they play at a vastly superior level to where GFC will ever get to, that just wouldn't be possible in football.

Personally I think that it will be virtually impossible for GFC to go beyond one more promotion, unless of course off island players are used and players are paid. Originally we were told that would never happen, now Rob Batiste actually advocates it happening. I wonder how many people would support GFC if the majority of the squad were non-local?



Tell me Joe when have I ever mentioned any of the garbage you mention?

I am not naive enough to not realise how far GFC can go without bringing players in, paying them etc.

What I do recognise is a fantastic community based team who bring great publicity to the island as well as giving young lads like Martin, Trebert, Hale, Creed etc an opportunity they could only have dreamed of before GFC came about.

If you don't take a risk Joe you'll never know what could have been achieved.

Ask our friends across the water if they look at us in envy!!


Neutral, apologies for the confusion, I wasnt trying to compare the level or ability of the JRC and GFC, my point was that people dont really have an entitlement to moan about GFC when it is an entirely self funded project.

I know of a number of people in Jersey that are unhappy that their taxpayers money is going towards JRC when they have no interest in the sport.

MarcyJ, my response was a bit tongue in cheek (and with the use of Google), and yes, you are correct, the league is of a competitive standard. The fact that CDG drew with GFC at the start of the season is evidence of this.

The playoffs are a very good idea in most leagues, as this gives almost all sides something to play for in the last 10 games (Automatic Promotion, chasing a Playoff spot or avoiding relegation).


Johno, I have to say I agree with all of your points about, good community spirit, good for youngsters, good publicity and good entertainment. I regularly watch and enjoy GFC games.

My point is that as soon as Ex-Northerner comes on with any negative comments, you response in a tit-for-tat battle about how great GFC is. If you look through the GFC comments on this website you will see this trend. Ex-Northerner seems to be an expert in getting a ‘bite’. Apologies if my above comments offended you. My World Cup comment was made tongue in cheek, even though we would still probably give England a game! The above post is a constructive post about GFC rather than an immediate reaction to someone’s negativity about GFC.

Just a thought though, could Ex-Northerner be partially right, are attendances on the way down? Is this a worry?, Or is this just down to the weather / holiday period? This is something that nobody can answer until the weather improves. I think GFC would be happy if attendances across the season were around the 1,000 average with the odd bumper game. I heard that attendances are not an issue for GFC unless they drop below an average of 600. I think this was in the initial details when setting up the GFC project. As such, this won’t be an issue for a long while yet, if at all.

I agree with you that Jersey are looking across at us with envy and I support the GFC project. The whole project was a great (and as you say, a little risky) idea. Just go onto the JEP website to see the comments about it!


I rather disagree with the point several people make about having GFC 'rammed down our throats'. Its true that their matches are always covered but there is not usually much other local news around - good or otherwise. Between 750 and 2500 people pay to watch GFC home games which is probably a lot more people than those who care about the latest daft idea or cock-up emanating from the States. Who's to say the coverage is disproportionate to the level of public interest?


Beanjar, 9 of the last 15 articles on the sport pages of this website are GFC stories. As soon as the season starts, its only GFC that seems to get reported. I think that that is what people get frustrated about.

There are so many smaller sports taking place on the island, that deserve coverage from the press, with so many dedicated sportpeople, it seems that the coverage given to GFC is OTT.

If the paper is based on the level of public interest, surely the TV guide would be about 10 pages long? :-)

mista joon


Good point about attendances which are unquestionably falling, albeit from a very high level for this league.

A general question - I was told over Christmas that GFC count all season ticket seats sold as 'attending' each game, whether or not that seat is occupied or not. Is this correct?

If so that would artificially inflate attendances for most games.


mista joon, it wouldn't surprise me if that is true. I wish GFC would have a better system for reselling seats on behalf of season ticket holders who will not be using their tickets. It is frustrating for fans to be standing in the rain looking at empty covered seats, even though they have been paid for by a company or individual with more money than sense. It can't be good for team morale when they look up and see so many empty seats.


Mista joon

That's what all clubs do. Season ticket holders have paid to watch that game whether they show up or not. It therefore counts as a sold seat for that game.

Even if only 10 people show up, the official attendance would be 500-plus.


mista joon, that's not the case. I am told that they count the amount of empty seats and deduct that off the attendance.


Beanjar, you can email the club if you cant attend and they will then resell your ticket. Quite a few prefer to stand out though.


I know a few spare seats are sold at the ticket booth and I have gone early, queued up and waited on the off-chance of getting some occasionally. But GFC have a website with online ticket sales which is semi-redundant now that all seats have gone to season ticket holders. It would be great if those seats could be re-allocated online with the original season ticket holder getting most of the re-sale price, the club getting an extra £ or two and the purchaser knowing he has got a seat in advance. Win, win, win situation, no?

Graham Johns

I must agree with Neutral. I am not pro or against GFC. I dont think it has been good for the game at local level, but that is a personal opinion. I watch/read about GFC when I wish to, but I do object to and am seriously considering cancelling my copy of the Press because of the - In your face virtually every day - coverage of the team. Other sports get limited or no coverage, wheras GFC are on the back page virtually every day and on at least 1 - usually more - of the others.

I can remember reading Mr Batiste's comments about using only local players and was at an IOD dinner at Moores Hotel, when Tony Vance stated that only local players will ever be used whilst he is coach. However, the pendulum is now swinging the other way due to some results and I dont think it will be long before we have a player from Jersey wearing green - again I have no great opinion of that either way, but please let's be honest about it.

But a number of facts should stop a lot of these needless bickering comments.

GFC are a good side

Crawley were an understrength poor side

Attendances are falling

But if you want to watch then you are entitled to.


The problem is that the season tickets have often been purchased by companies that wish to financially support the Green Lions. Money in the bank is fine and helps enormously but what the Lions really need is bums on seats, cheering them on. If all seats were sold to companies who failed to use the seats or even to give them to employees etc then we could see almost empty stands and that will help nobody. Time for a bit of creativity.