IIGA officials to visit at end of the month

GUERNSEY will hope to take another big step towards hosting the 2021 NatWest Island Games when an official visit assesses the island’s suitability to host.

Giga bid_900
Guernsey anounced their intention to bid for the 2021 Island Games last year. Left to right: Brian Allen, Deputy Mike O'Hara, Deputy David Inglis and Jon Marley.

On 29-30 January, three executive members from the International Island Games Association will make the trip to the island.

And, as work begins to gather pace with just over five years until the Games, the Guernsey Island Games Association hopes to announce the chairman of the formal bid committee ‘very soon’.

‘We have the right man and everything is agreed, it is just now about when we decide to announce it to the public,’ said Giga president Brian Allen.

‘The main reason why we haven’t announced anything yet is because we don’t want to do it before the IIGA say we are suitable hosts for the Games.

‘Until that happens, nothing is confirmed and it would have been wrong if we came out weeks before saying we had a man in place for a bid that wasn’t confirmed.’

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