2021 Island Games chief still a mystery

THE continued delay in naming a chief to spearhead the Guernsey 2021 bid to host the NatWest Island Games is becoming ‘very concerning’, admits Jon Marley.

Jon Marley of the Guernsey Island Games Association.

With the visit of International Island Games Association officials to the island this weekend to assess the suitability of Guernsey’s venues, it had been hoped they would be introduced to the person fronting the bid.

However, an appointment that the Guernsey Island Games Association had originally hoped to make back in the autumn is still rumbling on, admits Giga Games Director Marley.

‘It has been difficult finding the appropriate people or person to head up Guernsey 2021, certainly a lot more difficult than we had originally envisaged,’ he said.

‘We are still working very hard to find the right person and get them appointed, but I can’t deny that it is starting to get very concerning that we don’t have them in place yet.

‘Although the 2021 Games are still more than five years away, there is a lot of work to be done in the next few months if we are to make hosting those Games a reality.’

  • More in Wednesday's Guernsey Press.

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Perhaps they're waiting to see which sitting Deputies are looking for a new role come April?

Island Wide Voting

As the £47,394 Minister of Fun it must surely be O'Hara

Trevor Hockey

Island Wide Voting

Rather hoping he doesn't get in next time, haven't seen a lot of action from this submarine Deputy, apart from popping up when others have done the hard work.


In the best 'Chuckle brother' accent.

" It's for the community".