Priaulx backs a new hill

THREE times World Touring car champion Andy Priaulx has welcomed the idea of a first hill climb at Pleinmont.

Picture by Drew Gibson Photography

Priaulx, who lives close by to the venue for the Guernsey Kart and Motor Club’s projected new course, expects it to provide fast and exhilarating entertainment if the MSA give the go ahead to the late summer event scheduled by the GK&MC.

‘I think it is absolutely great and it is going to be fast.

‘I had always liked the idea of that one. It will be a fast Bouley Bay. A nice spectacle and the only issue is maybe where to put the spectators.’

Priaulx, who won the British Hill Climb Championship before branching out into touring cars, said Guernsey would make a great venue for a major motor racing event.

‘It would be lovely to have an Isle of Man type of motorsport event here. It would be amazing for the economy,’ he added during a major interview to appear in Guernsey Press in the next edition of Full Time out in early January.

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i have driven up that hill many times and wonder where the spectators will go, does anyone know?.

Island Wide Voting

Rumour at The Mariners is that Belvoir will be setting out some chairs in her garden

Trevor Hockey


I presume it will be run on similar lines to Petit Bot, where spectators are not encouraged.


Used to love storming up that hill in my misspent youth, within the speed limit of course.


Tortevites use any excuse to have a party, i think people will have to get friendly with the Tortevites, to get invited to garden parties on route!;)


Why do boys always have to make a noise with their toys? What about all the other residents who have no choice but to suffer the disturbance? There are enough noisy pursuits in tiny Guernsey already - I say no to any more noisy vehicles or any further expansion of what is already far too many rowdy "sports" events.

There is a growing awareness in the world that a quiet environment is a rare treasure. The world is full of noise and getting noisier, we are forgetting the value of tranquillity and peace. Properties in quiet environments are actually worth more, because of rarity value. As are those in green environments.

Or do the boys insist on ruining things of real value to get their cheap thrills at the expense of others?