Godalming Town 3, Guernsey FC 0

‘IF THERE is anybody who should be bottom of the league, it is us after that’.

Guernsey FC manager Tony Vance. (Picture by ESA Photos)

That was Tony Vance’s frank assessment of his Guernsey FC side that suffered arguably their most embarrassing defeat ever on Saturday afternoon.

Even in a season of few highs and countless lows, the Green Lions manager tore into his side after their 3-0 reverse at basement boys Godalming Town.

Ryman South’s bottom side went into the game with just a dozen points to their name in 33 games this season, scoring just 33 goals and conceding 106, but it was they who romped to a big victory courtesy of a Graeme Purdy hat-trick.

‘It was woeful, I am not going to hide behind any-thing,’ said Vance.

‘We have had some tough times this season, we have had some times where we have been poor, times that I have said that is probably the worst we have ever played, but today ran that incredibly close and probably takes the biscuit.’

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For crying out loud, leave Vance. We need new ideas, and new tactics. You can keep blaming the players but how about actually learning from yr own mistakes.

Im more confident in myself running the US than you being the man to lead us out of this rubbish.


We shouldn't be too hard on the management and players of Guernsey FC. I am a Manelander and was at the game on Saturday. The team looked tired and lethargic and gave the ball away too easily, especially during a torrid first half.

But can we blame them? Once again the team was littered with inexperienced teenagers, all playing their first 'full' season and you could see that the pressure placed on their young shoulders is becoming too much to bear.

The most that they could have expected during a 'normal' season would be to make a handful of appearances and bed themselves in over a couple of seasons.

It is a massive step up in class to what they are used to on the island and they shouldn't have been expected to play 20 plus games this season.

I've been to many away games since the formation of GFC and when we were beating everyone easily Tony Vance and his team had many experienced players to choose from. We only struggled for a squad for the odd midweek away game - which with family and work commitments is fully understandable.

However, this season has seen a struggle for experienced players for the majority of away games and that can only spell relegation at this standard of football. We have lost our two most influential players in Tardy and Rosco - no team in the league could afford to lose players of that calibre.

I would go as far to say that if Vancey, Fal and Sharmo keep the team in Ryman South at the end of the season - which I believe they will - you can forget about all your Muratti and Island Games medals, this will be their greatest managerial achievement and should put Tony in line for Manager of the Season.

Unless you have been to an away game you wouldn't understand the effort put in by everyone, including the best away supporters in the league.

A Saturday away game can mean getting up at 5am for GFC and not getting home until 9pm at the earliest. Midweek away games mean unpaid time off work both on the day of the game and - after an overnight stay - a few hours the next day as well.

Home games mean a short trip for any supporter based on the Island but for away games Manelanders travel up to 2 hours each way by car or even longer by train or three trains as Gaz had to do on Saturday. However, at many away games there is more support for Guernsey than the home team and we always make a lot of noise and spend a lot of money in the bar!!

Saturday against Godalming was nowhere near good enough. However. instead of criticising these players we should be praising them for having to play sometimes when not 100% fit - due to carrying injuries - and with many playing out of position, due to other players being injured or not 'available'.

I have no doubt that if Tony had a full squad every week we would be in the Ryman Premier by now. My major concern is how many of these long term, experienced, injured players, will miraculously be fit for the Island Games in June!!!

Rupert Walthumstow

Why doesn't he have a full squad though, particularly for Saturday games? It can't all be down to injuries and work can it? Or is the squad just not big enough?


Some players cant make a weekend away game, work and family commitments come into play. Not helped when you don't get back to the Green land until 11pm after setting our before 6am!

Rupert Walthumstow

But the players / coaching staff surely knew of 90%+ of these commitments at the start of the season so should have prepared better?


Donald, if only people would have the guts to put their name. I have been a critic from the start of gfc, and the first thing i will say in tonys defence, the dedication he has shown is100%. you can only work with the players available, and a number are not going to get any better. I was under the impression that gfc was formed to improve the standard and showcase any players good enough to go further, that hasnt happened, it was said by a press reporter that guernsey would improve and would win murattis year in , that hasnt happened, im told that the standardof football at local level is poor, and that wasnt due to happen. It seems that there is lots of disagreement with factions in guernsey football, it needs people to get around the table and sort it out, football is a great sport, and its about football not people scoring points Laurie Carre

Rupert Walthumstow

Football is literally about scoring points, that is the entire point (pun intended) of the game.


No, its about scoring more goals than the other team to earn points. You get points in the odd-shaped ball game..


What a huge change in results these days. ? Remember the start, with the Green Lions, consistently 'punching well above their weight', successful Muratti wins at the same time.! now, ug.? why,? and who has the 'ability' to sort it all out again.?


The simple fact is.. Some players have given up/not available, some aren't the players they were a few years ago, commitment from some is not what it needs to be (most for very good reasons), teams have got better at this level with a number on dual contract forms or on loan from National league teams.

Very few of the critics haven't a clue what it takes and the level of commitment needed to manage this unique club.

Maisonpilleverte@gmail.com, players of the calibre you managed would have loved the chance to play at this level. Imagine the damage the likes of Grant Chalmers, KLT etc. would have done. It's a real shame that someone that did so much for the local game is a bitter as you are of the chance afforded players today. You fail to see the chances the likes of Tom Dodds, Robbie Legg to name just two are getting. You fail to see playing in the UK helped James Hamon get his pro. contract with Exeter.


By the way, what is James Hamon doing these days?

I notice he has neither played nor been on the bench for Exeter in recent months


As if by magic, 24 hours after my question, Radio Guernsey get hold of him for an interview.

He had been out on loan but is now back at Exeter and hoping to progress, especially if Exeter get promoted.

Stick at it James, we are with you, albeit from armchairs!


There are some good local players that could play at this level, but they prefer to play at Priaulx level as they don't have or cant commit to GFC.


Whilst a few Muratti's have gone against us, perhaps the doom and gloom merchants are forgetting Guernsey won the Island Games in 2015? In Jersey.


insider ( no name) not bitter at all, just sad to see local football at the level it is we all say, it was better in my day, but i was involved for many years from a player (albiet not a great one ) to coaching minis up to muratti teams, and i can honestly say not one of the current island players would have been in our muratti teams, and you will come back witth russ allen, sorry but his father was a far better player. As for james hamon, he was involved with pro clubs before gfc, as an add on chris his father is in my opinion the best keeper guernsey has ever had, grant chalmers super player who played for us played pro, tony was involved at a higher level, lee another, so if you are good enough you will progress, but any today, i dont know, but i hope so. I know a little about rymans league, watched a fair bit of harlow town in premier and first div, but would say in my opinion the players in my muratti time would have been to good for that level then. so those who think im bitter ect, not at all, just sad to see the level not what it was Laurie Carre ps. reginald, if alan and i were in guernsey we would sort it, even at my age ha ha

Rupert Walthumstow

"Back in my day..."

Classic nonsense.

Next you'll be telling me Pele would still be scoring "1000" goals in his career if he was playing these days.


maisonpilleverte@gmail.com ) I am sure we all think football was better in my day.. Where have I said players today are better? If you read back I was saying how good players of yesteryear would have enjoyed and excelled at this level! Yes he was a being looked at by Pro clubs, but he was playing the away games in order to for Exeter to watch him more easily. Players now have the chance to be seen and scouted more regularly than players of before. So many players from years by gone COULD have made it but chose not to, their choice. Inc. Chris Hamon.


I don’t think this is Vance’s fault or necessarily the players as the commitment level week in week out is unsustainable. I think the architects of the project are unfortunately the ones to blame who whenever a negative view is expressed bang the comments down as bitterness etc. Unfortunately the predictions are coming true. I don’t think the press ever gave the concerned individuals air time.

We have abandoned a system that produced a golden generation (although im sure the press sports writers will push them down for people who played 50 years ago), that flourished at a young age, to replace it with something throwing players in at too young an age (and some who are simply not good enough). The danger now is we will have a lost generation who fall out of love with the game or lose confidence. People on these forums have said that the players weren’t committed enough when we had just a Priaulx league well now Priaulx opposition are regularly defeated by Manzur and the Captains who rarely train and particularly Manzur have an average age well over 30. With those facts I think you would argue that the majority are worse off, not through their own fault, but those who demolished the local set up.

Where are the recent very promising players of 2/3 years ago such as Rhys Jordan and Tom Martin as examples? I don’t know the situation and it may be down to injuries but if its not the system certainly didn’t help them.


I think those two no longer play football.

Ex Grammar boy

In a recent GP article Tony Vance said of Sam Cochrane "he is the sort of player I would take to war with me - we need that sort of attitude from everybody in the coming weeks" Well, GFC are certainly in a battle right now and they need their former skipper to install the drive, determination and leadership that is patently lacking in the troops.

Following the Ramsgate defeat, I wrote on TIG that I was mystified at his absence from the team, stating that I considered him superior to three of the four who formed the defence in a woeful first half display. He sat on the bench throughout that game, only to find himself completely discarded from the squad which faced Godalming.

I have great respect for what Tony Vance has achieved with GFC but strongly disagree with his decision to drop Sam from his current plans. With so many young players who are not quite up to the mark as yet, GFC need all the experience they can muster. Hopefully, Tony will reconsider and send Sam into combat on Wednesday night.


I think hes been injured?


a great deal of reality, thank you magoo Laurie Carre


The obvious solutions, ? bring back Les Collins, Harry Falla, Marshall Carre, Les Robilliard, Alan Hunter, etc, etc, when they were playing for Guernsey v. Cardiff City, (the professionals ) at The Track, the score was GUERNSEY. 2. CARDIFF CITY. 0. ! I saw the game.!! How many of the current players are good enough to be selected, in such company. ? The Cardiff City Manager was 'stunned' and said the best team won.!


I think its just football, its a funny old game. You can look at Leicester's form this year compared to last, the squad is pretty much the same, but sometimes one or two players can make all the difference. When they get injured form suffers.

To all the nay sayers, to me GFC went further than anyone expected them to go, so I say well done boys! The side is going through changes and bringing on the youngsters, all teams go through a period of adjustment. I think they will come good in the end.


Woeful. This mob of superstars are so far out of their depth it's not even funny anymore. Just turn it in.