Raiders so close yet so far

MORE Siam Cup heartache for Guernsey as they fell just two points short of hosts Jersey Reds at a soggy St Peter.

The celebration that was shortlived: Guernsey Raiders players show their joy as Tom Ceillam dives in to score the try which put them within a conversion of a draw in Saturday’s rain-soaked Siam Cup clash at St Peter in Jersey. (Picture by Martin Gray)

Seeking their first victory since 2008, they have never come closer than in the past two years, leading until the closing stages last year and now just missing a last-kick-of-the-game conversion for a draw.

But Jordan Reynolds, the Raiders head coach, was reasonably happy with the performance, if not the 20-18 result.

‘We played some good rugby, but were just second best at the end of the day. Under the conditions I thought the boys played well.

‘Looking back we created how many opportunities but just couldn’t put them away. We should have scored by the posts twice, but made the wrong decisions. We then had to play catch-up in the second half, but I thought, overall, what we created in this weather was good.

‘But today’s result doesn’t take the shine off what’s been a great season for us.’

However, Guernsey Ladies had plenty to celebrate as they completed a league-and-cup double with a 43-0 win over Jersey in the Women's Siam.

  • Match reports in Monday’s Guernsey Press.

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You won't be crowing so much next year when we put a few of our ladies in the team


Isn't the jersey team pro? Ours is amateur so a bit different! To be fair we only let the beans win, they get all whiney otherwise! ;)


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