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I'm disappointed Heather didn't win but she is a joy to watch at Wimbledon - always smiling and genuinely seems to enjoy being out there on court.

It is a pleasure to remind my UK friends that she comes from Guernsey. A great representative of the island.

Hopefully back next year to take the win.


Yes, another Melrose/ Ladies College privately educated girl doing well. All congratulations to Mum and Dad for doing their very best for Heather.


Hear, hear, well said. Shame the BBC commentators said several times that she came from the Channel Islands rather than from Guernsey and rather showed their lack of knowledge of the Channel Islands with some of their other comments.

Still, they also said that Heather's backhand return of serve was one of the best in the women's game - which says something to the contributor to this forum who said in a previous post that she was a decidedly average player!


The commentary on this match was was quite insulting. Couldn't believe hearing the comment about the Channel Islands as being "not exactly tennis central" Thanks for the sniping comments regarding tennis down here Sam to insult everyone who promotes tennis here. I am sure young players and coaches really appreciate your sentiments.


Why insulting? We are a small island with a couple of privately run tennis clubs....hardly a highly competitive environment in which to improve if you want to move up the ladder, hence Heathers parents investing in a top notch Florida academy.

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@ Paul,

Unless you know the Watson family, you should not assume Heather was "privately educated" at Ladies College. Remember that the top echelon of female 11+ selections are offered places at Ladies College.


No assumptions here and am well aware of the ratios of Ladies College intakes and Melrose, which is purely parent funded ,thanks. Again well done to Michelle and Ian and of course, Heather.