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Conflict between Aurigny and States must end

IT SEEMS that the CEO of the newly-named ‘Donkey Airways’ is unhappy with the recently completed report ‘Security of Strategic Air Links’ by the States of Guernsey’s Scrutiny Committee. His complaint is that the Government-appointed panel went ‘well beyond its terms of reference’ commenting as it did on the operational and aspirational objectives of the airline.

Air links report gets thumbs-up


ALDERNEY’S Policy and Finance Committee chairman Neil Harvey is pleased Scrutiny’s Strategic Air Links report recognised just how critical air links were to Alderney’s prosperity.

Air links panel rejects open skies policy


AURIGNY, the airport and Guernsey’s air licensing authority should be better used to improve Guernsey’s air service, Scrutiny Committee air links panel chairman Paul Le Pelley has said.

Scrap ‘open skies’

The smaller an island community, the more important good connectivity becomes – but the harder it is to achieve. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 9377293)

As the Scrutiny Committee looks at our air links, Peter Roffey suggests that sole operators are the way forward – but with agreements that would protect islanders

Auri-Islands would make more sense

A decision by Blue Islands to withdraw – as it termed it – its financial support for tourism in Alderney has re-ignited the uneasy relationship of two loss-making airlines slugging it out on restricted turf.

Profit comes with no guarantees

BOLD claims by Aurigny’s management that the airline will be back in profit within three years may yet come back to haunt the States.

Plymouth links up

A NEW air route between Guernsey and Plymouth took off for the first time yesterday.

Flybe climbs down on baggage charge

A FLYBE passenger has won his battle against ‘outrageous’ extra charges after the airline admitted it was wrong and reduced baggage costs for holders of its own credit card.