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Staggered by airline’s attitude

I BOOKED an Aurigny flight from Guernsey to Gatwick on 25 August, after a family visit, to connect with a flight from Gatwick to my home in Spain. Unfortunately, we had an accident with a bird on take-off and for safety reasons, the flight returned to Guernsey and was delayed by nearly four hours.

Market plays its part in flight path

DESPITE recent revelations that the number of passengers this year travelling on the Gatwick route has slumped by almost 6,000, you still can’t help feeling it’s not all doom and gloom on the air travel front at present.

Same service but different demands...

PUBLIC opinion, as Aurigny is rapidly discovering, can be very fickle. But then, going from island hero to zero almost overnight takes some doing.

Aurigny is looking at jet option

Aurigny ATR

AURIGNY could invest tens of millions of pounds in jet aircraft to make up the 6,000 seats Flybe provides to Gatwick each week.

We thought we would die, says bride-to-be

This picture by Hayley Piriou, one of the 14 members of the hen party on board, shows the angle of the steps the passengers had to use to escape.

PASSENGERS on a Blue Islands ATR42 feared for their lives when the left landing gear collapsed on landing in Jersey and the plane veered down the runway on its wing.

Too many failures in this process

WELL, it’s pretty much official. If the cosy ‘kiss and sell’ deal between Treasury and Resources and Blue Islands goes ahead, Aurigny will disappear. A respected brand of 40 years’ standing and a source of island pride will be replaced by an airline that started life in 1999 running groceries to Alderney.