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Fare rise was inevitable

Last year I flew to Southampton with Blue Islands in May, September and in December and  on each occasion, I only paid £50 return. When I checked prices and availability a couple of days ago, surprise, surprise, the cheapest flight I could get was £49 each way.

Aurigny’s punctuality is nowhere near good enough

A reader’s message to Aurigny: I WAS on the 18.00 departure from Gatwick to Guernsey this evening (Friday 15 August). This eventually became airborne at 20.15. Last Sunday, 10 August, I was on the 19.30 departure from Gatwick to Guernsey. This eventually became airborne at 20.45. This equates to 100% late return flights for me this week.

Staggered by airline’s attitude

I BOOKED an Aurigny flight from Guernsey to Gatwick on 25 August, after a family visit, to connect with a flight from Gatwick to my home in Spain. Unfortunately, we had an accident with a bird on take-off and for safety reasons, the flight returned to Guernsey and was delayed by nearly four hours.

Market plays its part in flight path

DESPITE recent revelations that the number of passengers this year travelling on the Gatwick route has slumped by almost 6,000, you still can’t help feeling it’s not all doom and gloom on the air travel front at present.

Same service but different demands...

PUBLIC opinion, as Aurigny is rapidly discovering, can be very fickle. But then, going from island hero to zero almost overnight takes some doing.